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Rochester Jazz Club Bookings - Local Artists - 1957

Date Venue Artist Comments
57/01/04 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio Joe Kloess (p), Eddie DeMatteo (b)
57/01/04,11,18 Golden Grill Dixieland Ramblers Fridays and Saturdays; steady gig continued into February, March, April, May
57/01/?? Band Box Doug Duke Trio 4th smash week!
57/01/18,25 Paddock Lounge Frank Gillespie (p), Sam Musseri (ts), Tony Corona (d) 10th week; steady gig continued into February
57/01/25,26 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio Joe Kloess (p), Barney Mallon (b)
57/01/25,26 Pittsford Inn Johnny Albert Band
57/02/08 Band Box Doug Duke nightly
57/02/15 Cutler Union Eastman School Students Concert Al Regni Big Band, Syd Hodkinson, Joe Scianni Trio, Larry Crosley Sextet, Noel Stevens's Strings; Benefit for Heart Fund
57/02/21,22 Carioca John Dunlap
57/03/01,29,30 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio gig continued into April
57/03/08,29 Sparky's Avenue Restaurant Doug Duke Trio Al Bruno (b), Don Sheldon (d)
57/03/22,29 Mr. B's Bar and Restaurant Pops Gillespie All Stars Sam Musseri, Tony Corona; stady gig through April, May, June, July
57/03/24 Strong Auditorium Eastman School Students Concert Bill Motzing, Syd Hodkinson, Al Regni Big Band, Larry Crosley Sextet, Joe Scianni Trio, Lee Dougherty
57/04/04 Jerry's El Rancho Doug Duke Trio steady gig through April
57/04/21 Recreation Inn Dunlaps Band every Sunday
57/05/10,11 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio Joyce McGrath (v); steady through May, June, July
57/06/08,28,29, 07/12, 08/8,9 Golden Grill Battle of Music Salt City Five vs. Dixieland Ramblers
57/07/28, 08/02 Sparky's Avenue Restaurant Al Bruno Jam Session
57/08/16 Golden Grill Max McCarthy & Dixieland Ramblers every Friday & Saturday
57/08/16 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio Friday & Saturday
57/08/24,30 Kasbah Doug Duke steady gig through September
57/08/30 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio Joe Kloess, Al Bruno, Joyce McGrath; steady gig through September
57/09/05,13 Golden Grill Battle of Dixie Dixieland Ramblers vs. Tailgate Ramblers; Friday & Saturday
57/09/20, 10/04 J&L Lounge Dunlaps Band
57/09/27 Mr. B's Bar and Restaurant Pops Gillespie All Satrs Sam Musseri, Tony Corona
57/10/4,5,11 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio Joyce McGrath, Tommy Nichols (ts)
57/10/18,25 Manger Hotel Ballroom Mike Arena All Star Orchestra
57/11/1,2 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio
57/12/6,7,13,14,20,21 Golden Grill Dixieland Ramblers & Salt City Five
57/12/13,14,28 Ridge Crest Inn Don Manning Trio Sam Tomasino, Joyce McGrath

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive. Many clubs did not advertise their bookings. The information is taken from microfilm of the Rochester Times-Union stored at the main library in Rochester, NY.

Venue Locations:
Band Box - 420 State St.
Carioca - 2960 W. Henrietta Rd.
Cutler Union - University Ave. (Prince St. campus of University oif Rochester)
Golden Grill = Mardi Gras - 4775 Lake Ave.
J&L Lounge - 881 Merchants Rd.
Jerry's El Rancho - 3015 W. Henrietta Rd.
Kasbah, The = Rattlesnake Pete's - 8 Mill St.
Mr. B's Bar and Restaurant - 361 Child St.
Paddock Lounge - 2264 Clifford Ave.
Pittsford Inn - Pittsford, NY
Recreation Inn - West Lake Rd., Conesus Lake
Ridge Crest Inn - 1982 Ridge Rd. E.
Sparky's Avenue Restaurant - University Ave. at E. Main St.
Strong Auditorium - River Campus, University of Rochester