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Rochester Jazz Club Bookings - Local Artists - 1959

Date Venue Artist Comments
59/01/02,10 Jerry's El-Rancho Joe Romano Quartet with Matt Scherzi (p), Joe Caruso (b), Bob Livingston (d)
59/01 Di Pacific's Al Bruno
59/01/10 Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio
59/01 Sparky's Joe Romano Quartet Monday jam session
59/01/16,17,23,24 Cliff Street Grill Jamaica Jive plus 2
59/01/21- Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio with Joe Kloss (p)
59/02/14 Marti's Dixieland Ramblers
59/02/13- Ridge Crest Inn Noal Cohen Trio with Joyce McGrath (v) and Wolfgang Knittel (p) - "Fabulous Pianist"; Frank Pullara (b)
59/02/22 Treadway Inn, Canandaigua Dixieland Ramblers with Max McCarthy
59/03/08- New Club 414 Little Giants Quartet Ben Salzano (ts), Chuck Mangione (t), Frank Pullara (b), Noal Cohen (d) - pianoless quartet; Sunday afternoons
59/03/07,08 Quonset Inn Tom Monte Quartet
59/03/13,14- Ridge Crest Inn Noal Cohen Trio featuring Wolfgang (Knittel) on piano and Joyce McGrath (v); Frank Pullara (b)
59/03/20- Tiny's Bengal Inn Johnny Albert Band
59/03/30- J&L Lounge Matt Scherzi Trio with Joe Caruso (b), Bill Porter (d); Monday nights only
59/04/04 Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio with Joy Palmer
59/04/14- Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio with Carol Woods
59/04/21- Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio with Al Vino
59/04/21 Club Blue Chip Russ Rizzo Band featuring Ken Purtell (vib)
59/05/04 J&L Lounge Matt Scherzi with Joe Romano (ts), Joe Caruso (b), Pete Macaluso (d)
59/05 Mr. B's Bar Joe Romano Quartet every Thursday, Friday, Saturday
59/05/15- Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio with Judy Jordon
59/05/18 J&L Lounge Joe Romano & Matt Scherzi every Monday
59/05/21,28 Mr. B's Bar Joe Romano Quartet "Jam Session Tonight"; with Matt Scherzi (p), Pete Macaluso (d)
59/06/02- Show Boat Sara Amiger
59/06/02- Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio
59/06/16- Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio with Joy Palmer
59/06/19 Mr. B's Bar Joe Romano Quartet
59/06/20- Pittsford Inn Dixieland Ramblers
59/07/03,17 Pittsford Inn Dunlap Brothers Band with Don Stockton (d)
59/07/14- Swing Club Mike Romeo Quintet with Teddy Carlisle (p), Vince Rand (ts), Norm Cohen (b), Tony Corona or Pete Macaluso (d); nightly
59/07/17- Stage Coach Inn Johnny Albert Band Saturday nights
59/08/15 Ridge Crest Inn Bill Bennett with Sibby Brook (b)
59/08/28- Pittsford Inn Dunlap Brothers Band Friday nights
59/08/29- Pittsford Inn Dixieland Ramblers Saturday nights
59/08/30,09/13 Pittsford Inn Salt City Six Sunday nights
59/09/03- Hi-Fi 400 Ray Dunlap Monday-Thursday
59/10/02- Hi-Fi 400 Elmer Mongelli with Nick Zinni (b); Fridays & Saturdays
59/09/08 Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio with Cathy Tappan
59/09/12- Town & Country Paul Tardif Trio with Ed DeMatteo (b), Noal Cohen (d); Fridays and Saturdays
59/09/17- Hi-Fi 400 Dunlap Brothers Band with Al Tyler (d); Jam Session Sundays
59/09/18- Mr. B's Bar Matt Scherzi Trio Fridays & Saturdays
59/10/01- Hi-Fi 400 Ray Dunlap
59/10/29- Mardi Gras Don Manning Trio
59/10/30 Arch Hotel Bill Traikoff Quartet
59/11/14- Hi-Fi 400 Elmer Mongelli Trio with Nick Zinni (b), Jack Stevens (d)

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive. Many clubs did not advertise their bookings. The information is taken from microfilm of the Rochester Times-Union stored at the main library in Rochester, NY.

Note 2: Many engagements were extended. If no ending date is indicated, the artists may have appeared at the venue for several weeks or even longer.

Venue Locations:
Arch Hotel - 1288 Clinton Ave. No.
Club Blue Chip - 349 Brown St.
Di Pacific's Steakhouse - Junction Rtes. 96 & 232, Canandaigua, NY
Golden Grill = Mardi Gras - 4775 Lake Ave.
Hi-Fi 400 - 1363 N. Goodman St.
J&L Lounge - 881 Merchants Rd.
Jerry's El Rancho - 3015 W. Henrietta Rd.
Mr. B's Bar - 361 Child St.
New Club 414 - 414 Ridge Rd. W.
Pittsford Inn, Pittsford, NY
Ridge Crest Inn - 1982 Ridge Rd. E.
Show Boat - 750 Edgemere Dr.
Sparky's Avenue Restaurant - University Ave. at E. Main St.
Stage Coach Inn - Rt. 104, Webster, NY
Swing Club - 115 Buffalo Rd.
Tiny's Bengal Inn - 5389 St. Paul St.
Town & Country Restaurant - 11 Gibbs St.