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Noal Cohen's Collection of Jazz Recordings (as of 27 June 2015)

Artist Title Label
A.K. Salim Blues Suite Savoy SV-0142 (CD-R)
Aaron Diehl The Bespoke Man's Narrative Mack Avenue MAC 1066 (AAC)
Abbey Lincoln Straight Ahead Candid CCD 79015
Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) Mindif Enja R1 79601 (5073-2) (CD-R)
Ack Van Rooyen & Jerry Van Rooyen Ack Van Rooyen Meets Jerry Van Rooyen - Didn't We RCA Victor (Ger.) LSP 10299 (CD-R)
Across 7 Street (Chris Byars) Made In New York Smalls Records SRCD 0002
Adam Brenner The Long Way Home self produced CD
Adrian Cohen Delphic Adrian Cohen unnumbered
Adrian Cohen Standardized WEPA 2349
Ahmad Jamal Sun Set Chess CH-2-9223 (CD-R)
Ahmad Jamal Trio Ahmad's Blues Chess GRD-803
Ahmad Jamal Trio The Awakening Impulse IMPD 226 (CD-R)
Al Belletto Sounds and Songs Capitol T 6514 (mp3)
Al Capps The Soundtrack Music From Burt Reynolds Sharky's Machine Warner Brothers BSK 3653
Al Cohn Al Cohn Quintet Featuring Bob Brookmeyer Coral B000393502 (CD-R)
Al Cohn Al Cohn's Tones Savoy SV-0187
Al Cohn Cohn On The Saxophone Dawn DCD 102
Al Cohn Mr. Music RCA BMG 74321495092
Al Cohn Overtones Concord CCD-4194
Al Cohn The Jazz Workshop - Four Brass One Tenor RCA BMG 74321495102
Al Cohn The Natural Seven RCA BMG 74321609922
Al Cohn No Problem Xanadu 179 (CD-R)
Al Cohn - Zoot Sims From A To Z And Beyond RCA Bluebird 6469-2-RB
Al Cohn - Bill Perkins - Richie Kamuca The Brothers - Complete Sessions RCA BMG 74321477922
Al Cohn - Dexter Gordon Silver Blue Xanadu 137 (CD-R)
Al Cohn - Shorty Rogers East Coast - West Coast Scene RCA ND 74404
Al Cohn - Zoot Sims Al And Zoot Chessmates GRD-827
Al Cohn - Zoot Sims Body And Soul Muse MCD 5356
Al Cohn - Zoot Sims Either Way Evidence ECD 22007-2
Al Cohn - Zoot Sims You 'N' Me Verve 314 589 318-2
Al Cohn - Zoot Sims - Phil Woods Jazz Alive - A Night At The Half Note Blue Note CDP 7243 4 94105 2 7
Al Grey Snap Your Fingers Verve B0000603-02
Al Grey The Last Of The Big Plungers - The Thinking Man's Trombone Argo 653, 677 (CD-R TB-4)
Al Haig Al Haig Trio Fresh Sound FSR-CD 38
Al Porcino Al Porcino Big Band & Herb Geller ABB (Ger.) 003
Alan Broadbent Trio Pacific Standard Time Concord Jazz CCD-4664
Alan Jones The Leroy Vinnegar Suite AJM 002 (mp3)
Albert Ammons - Meade Lux Lewis The First Day - Blue Note's First Recording Session Blue Note CDP 7 98450 2
Albert Tootie Heath Tootie's Tempo Sunnyside SSC 1370 (AAC)
Alec Wilder - Mundell Lowe New Music Of Alec Wilder Riverside RLP 12-219 (CD-R)
Alexander 'Sandy' Courage Hot Rod Rumble Liberty LRP 3048 (mp3)
Alice Day A Time For All Things Daybreak 1001 (mp3)
Allen Eager In The Land Of Oo-Bla-Dee Uptown UPCD 27.49
Allen Farnham 5th House Concord Jazz CCD-4413 (CD-R)
Allen Youngblood New Life Griot 7773 (CD-R)
Alonzo Levister Manhattan Monodrama Debut DEB 125 (CD-R)
Alvin Queen - Dusko Goykovich A Day In Holland Nilva NQ 3407 (CD-R)
Amos Milburn Blues & Boogie - His Greatest Hits Sequel Nex CD 132 (mp3)
Amy London Bridges Five Cat 002CD
Anat Cohen Clarinetwork - Live At The Village Vanguard Anzic 1203 (CD-R)
Andrew Hill Grass Roots Blue Note 7243 5 22672 2 4
Andrew Hill So In Love Warwick W 2002 (CD-R)
Andrew Hill The Complete Blue Note Andrew Hill Sessions (1963-66) Mosaic MD7-161
Andy Bey Shades Of Bey Evidence ECD 22215-2 (mp3)
Andy McKee One World CAP 965 (mp3)
Andy Simpkins Quintet Summer Strut Discovery DS-892 (CD-R)
Anita Ellis A Legend Sings Orion Master Recordings ORS 79358 (CD-R)
Anita O'Day Tea For Two Moon MCD 023-2 (mp3)
Anita O'Day The Complete Anita O'Day Verve/Clef Sessions Mosaic MD9-188
Ann Marie Moss Don't You Know Me Stash ST 211 (CD-R)
Anne Phillips Ballet Time Conawago 1013 (mp3)
Annie Ross A Gasser Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46854 2
Annie Ross Gypsy Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 8 33574 2 0
Annie Ross Music Is Forever DRG 91446 (mp3)
Annie Ross Sings A Handful Of Songs Fresh Sound FSR-CD 61
Annie Ross Sings A Song With Mulligan Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46852 2
Annie Ross & Pony Poindexter With The Berlin All Stars At The 10th German Jazz Festival MPS SB 15082 (CD-R)
Anthony Ortega California Collective Tensor EJCD 903 (mp3)
Antonio Carlos Jobim The Composer Of Desafinado Plays - Wave CD-R Lat-2 (Verve 314 521 431-2, A & M 0812)
Antonio Hart Don't You Know I Care RCA Novus 63142-2
Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin: Atlantic 1968 Recordings Atlantic, Rhino (CD-R Voc-16)
Aretha Franklin Aretha's Jazz Atlantic 7 81230-2
Aretha Franklin Soul '69 Atlantic 71523 (CD-R)
Aretha Franklin Unforgettable - A Tribute to Dinah Washington Columbia Legacy CK 66201
Art Blakey A Jazz Message Impulse 314 547 964-2 (CD-R)
Art Blakey Africaine Blue Note 7243 4 97507 2 2
Art Blakey Album Of The Year Timeless SJP-155 (CD-R)
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers - Moanin' Blue Note 7243 4 95324 2 7
Art Blakey Blakey Verve 314 538 634-2
Art Blakey Buhaina's Delight Blue Note CDP 7 84104 2
Art Blakey Complete Blue Note Recordings of 1960 Jazz Messengers Mosaic MD6-141
Art Blakey Hard Drive Bethlehem Archives R2 75783
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Live In France 1959 Mosaic/Jazz Icons MDVD 2003
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers!!!!! Impulse IMPD-175
Art Blakey Mosaic Blue Note CDP 7 46523 2
Art Blakey New York Scene Concord Jazz CCD-4256 (CD-R)
Art Blakey The Finest Of Art Blakey Big Band Bethlehem BCP-6015 (CD-R)
Art Blakey The Jazz Messengers Columbia CK 65265
Art Blakey Theory of Art RCA Victor 09026-68730-2
Art Blakey Tracks From Drum Suite - Paris Concert Columbia 480988 2; Collectables COL-5675 (CD-R AB-2)
Art Blakey & The All Star Jazz Messengers Baystate R32J-1004 (mp3)
Art Blakey - James Moody New Sounds Blue Note CDP 7 84436 2
Art Blakey - Thelonious Monk Jazz Messengers With Thelonious Monk Atlantic 1278-2
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Three Blind Mice Vol. 1 Blue Note CDP 7 84451 2
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers At The Cafe Bohemia Volume 1
Blue Note CDP 7 46521 2
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers At The Cafe Bohemia Volume 2 Blue Note CDP 7 46522 2
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers At The Club St. Germain - Stop Driving Us Crazy CD-R AB-1 (French RCA Camden 900.070, Bluebird CD 61097-2 - GRC 5748)
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers At The Jazz Corner Of The World Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28888 2 6
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Buttercorn Lady Emarcy 822 471-2 (mp3)
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Caravan Riverside OJCCD-038-2 (CD-R)
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Free For All Blue Note CDP 7 84170 2
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Hard Bop Mosaic MCD-1005
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Indestructible Blue Note 7243 5 80915 2 6
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Kyoto Riverside OJCCD-145-2
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Live At Kimball's Concord CCD-4307 (mp3)
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Live At Ronnie Scott's MVD DJ-860
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Live In '58 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JIAB
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Live In Stockholm 1959 DIW 344 (Dragon)
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Midnight Session Savoy CV-0145
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Ritual Blue Note CDP 7 46858 2
Art Blakey Jazz Messengers Ugetsu Riverside OJCCD-090-2
Art Blakey Quintet A Night At Birdland Vol. 1 Blue Note CDP 7 46519 2
Art Blakey Quintet A Night At Birdland Vol. 2 Blue Note 7243 5 32147 2 2
Art Farmer A Work Of Art Concord Jazz CJ-179 (CD-R)
Art Farmer Central Avenue Reunion Contemporary CCD-14057-2 (mp3)
Art Farmer Early Art Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-880-2 (CD-R)
Art Farmer Farmer's Market Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-398-2
Art Farmer Interaction - Sing Me Softly Of The Blues Collectables COL-CD-6235
Art Farmer Maiden Voyage Denon Interface (Jpn.) 38C38-7071
Art Farmer Modern Art Blue Note CDP 7 84459 2
Art Farmer Ph. D. Contemporary CCD-14055-2 (mp3)
Art Farmer Portrait Of Art Farmer Contemporary OJCCD-166-2
Art Farmer Septet Prestige OJCCD-054-2
Art Farmer The Brass Sessions: Brass Shout - The Aztec Suite Gambit 69254
Art Farmer The Time And The Place - The Lost Concert Mosaic MCD-1010
Art Farmer To Duke With Love Inner City IC 6014 (CD-R)
Art Farmer When Farmer Met Gryce Prestige OJCCD-072-2
Art Farmer - Benny Golson - Jazztet The Complete Argo - Mercury Art Farmer - Benny Golson - Jazztet Sessions Mosaic MD7-225
Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet Back To The City Contemporary (Jpn.) VDJ-1043 (mp3)
Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet Moment To Moment Soul Note SN 1066 (CD-R)
Art Farmer - Donald Byrd 2 Trumpets Prestige OJCCD-018-2 (AAC)
Art Farmer - Phil Woods What Happens - Art Farmer & Phil Woods Together CAM Jazz CAMJ 7745-2 (CD-R)
Art Farmer Quintet Featuring Gigi Gryce Prestige OJCCD-241-2
Art Farmer Quintet Live At Sweet Basil Featuring Clifford Jordan Evidence ECD 22104-2 (mp3)
Art Farmer Quintet Mirage Soul Note 1046 CD (mp3)
Art Farmer Septet Art Worker Moon MCD 014-2 (mp3)
Art Lillard Reasons To Be Thankful Summit DCD-440 (CD-R)
Art Pepper Art Pepper Quartet - Complete TV Studio Recordings Lonehill Jazz LHJ 10204
Art Pepper + Eleven - Modern Jazz Classics Contemporary OJCCD-341-2
Art Pepper Gettin' Together Contemporary OJCCD-169-2
Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section Contemporary OJCCD-338-2
Art Pepper Modern Art - The Complete Aladdin Recordings Volume 2 Blue Note CDP 7 46848 2
Art Pepper Quartet Tampa OJCCD-816-2
Art Pepper Quintet Fresh Sound FSR-5001 (CD-R)
Art Pepper Smack Up + Contemporary OJCCD-176-2 (CD-R)
Art Pepper Surf Ride Savoy SV-0115
Art Pepper The Art of Pepper - The Complete Aladdin Recordings Vol. 3 Blue Note CDP 7 46853 2
Art Pepper The Artistry of Pepper Pacific Jazz CDP 7 97194 2
Art Pepper The Return Of Art Pepper - The Complete Aladdin Recordings Vol. 1 Blue Note CDP 7 46863 2
Art Pepper - Zoot Sims Art 'N' Zoot - Their Only Concert Together Pablo PACD-2310-957-2
Art Tatum Art Tatum Pablo Group Masterpieces Mix Pablo 6PACD-4401-2 (partial) (CD-R)
Art Tatum Art Tatum Pablo Solo Masterpieces Mix Pablo 7PACD-4404-2 (partial) (CD-R)
Art Tatum Pieces Of Eight Smithsonian Collection R029 (CD-R)
Art Tatum The Art Of Tatum Jazz Life 2673754 (CD-R)
Art Tatum The Complete Capitol Recordings Capitol CDP 7243 8 21325 2 3
Art Taylor A.T.'s Delight Blue Note TOCJ-4047
Art Taylor Taylor's Wailers Prestige OJCCD-094-2 (mp3)
Art Van Damme Cocktail Capers Capitol T178 (CD-R)
Art Van Damme - Jo Stafford Once Over Lightly - Manhattan Time: Two Classic Albums From Art Van Damme Collector's Choice A 28851 CCM048-2 (mp3)
Arthur Taylor - Taylor's Wailers Mr. A.T. Enja R2 79677
Artie Shaw Orchestra 1949 Musicmasters CIJD6 0234M
Artie Shaw Self Portrait Bluebird 09026-63808-2
Artie Shaw The Complete Gramercy Five Sessions RCA Bluebird 7637-2-RB
Artie Shaw The Last Recordings - Rare And Unreleased Musicmasters 01612-65071-2
Artie Shaw Gramercy Five - More Last Recordings CD-R AS-1
Ashley Alexander Big Band Power Slide Pausa PR 7178 (CD-R)
Australian Jazz Quintet Free Style Bethlehem BCP 6029 (CD-R)
Australian Jazz Quintet Modern Jazz Performance Of Kurt Weill's Three Penny Opera Bethlehem BCP 6030 (CD-R)
B.B. King There Is Always One More Time MCA 10295
Babs Gonzales Voila Fresh Sound FSR-CD 340
Baby Face Willette Face To Face Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59382 2 1
Baby Face Willette Stop And Listen Blue Note 0999 2 65143 2 1 (CD-R)
Baden Powell Grandezza On Guitar CBS (Du.) 80 141 (mp3)
Barbara Carroll Barbara Carroll Trio RCA Victor LJM-1001 (mp3)
Barbara Dennerlein Take Off! Verve 314 527 664-2 (mp3)
Barbara Long Soul Savoy SV 0216 (mp3)
Barbra Streisand One Night Only At The Village Vanguard Columbia 88697 68411 9
Barney Kessel And Friends Concord CCD-6009
Barney Kessel Let's Cook Contemporary OJCCD-1010-2
Barney Kessel Modern Jazz Performances From Bizet's Carmen Contemporary OJCCD-269-2 (CD-R)
Barney Kessel Red Hot And Blues Contemporary CCD-14044-2 (CD-R)
Barney Kessel The Poll Winners Contemporary OJCCD-156-2
Barney Kessel Vol. 1 Easy Like Contemporary OJCCD-153-2
Barney Kessel Vol. 2, Kessel Plays Standards Contemporary OJCCD-238-2
Barney Kessel Vol. 3 - To Swing Or Not To Swing Contemporary OJCCD-317-2
Barney McClure Debut Album - Transition Bam J 1001 (CD-R)
Barney Wilen New York Romance Sunnyside SSC 1067D
Barney Wilen Newport '59 Fresh Sound FSR CD-165
Barrett Deems Big Band Groovin' Hard Lydia DE 505 (mp3)
Barry Harris At The Jazz Workshop Riverside OJCCD-208-2
Barry Harris Bull's Eye Prestige OJCCD-1082-2
Barry Harris For The Moment Uptown UP27.20 (CD-R)
Barry Harris Magnificent! Prestige OJCCD-1026-2
Barry Harris Newer Than New Riverside OJCCD-1062-2
Barry Harris Tokyo: 1976 Prevue CD PR 24
Barry Harris Sextet Luminescence Prestige OJCCD-924-2
Barry Kiener Introducing The Barry Kiener Trio Phoenix Jazz 1002 (CD-R)
Barry Kiener Live At The Strathallan Strathallan SR-1 (CD-R)
Basin Street Boys Satchelmouth Baby Night Train 7028 (CD-R)
Bebop & Beyond Plays Dizzy Gillespie Blue Moon R2 79170
Ben Webster And Associates Verve 835 254-2
Ben Webster At The Renaissance Contemporary OJCCD-390-2
Ben Webster Ben Webster In Europe: 100 Years - The Brute And The Beautiful, Tenor Titans Storyville 1038407, STCD 8288 (CD-R)
Ben Webster Birdland 1952 Jazz Anthology 550242
Ben Webster Black Lion Presents Ben Webster: The Jeep Is Jumping Black Lion BL7607-2 (BLCD760147) (mp3)
Ben Webster Black Lion Presents Ben Webster: There Is No Greater love Black Lion BL7607-2 (BLCD760151) (mp3)
Ben Webster King Of The Tenors Verve 314 519 806-2
Ben Webster Soulville Verve 833 551-2
Ben Webster The Complete On EmArcy EmArcy 824 836-2
Ben Webster The Soul Of Ben Webster Verve 314 527 475-2
Ben Webster - Don Byas Ben Webster Meets Don Byas MPS 827920-2
Ben Webster & Bill Coleman Black Lion Presents Ben Webster: Ben Webster Meets Bill Coleman Black Lion BL7607-2 (BLCD760141) (mp3)
Bennie Green Back On The Scene Blue Note TOCJ-1587
Bennie Green Glidin' Along Jazzland OJCCD-1869-2
Bennie Green Soul Stirrin' Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59381 2 2
Bennie Green The 45 Session Blue Note TOCJ-1619
Bennie Green - Gene Ammons The Swingin'est Vee Jay NVJ2-905
Bennie Green - Horace Parlan Walkin' And Talkin' Plus Alternate Takes From Speakin' My Piece and Up And Down Blue Note BST 84010, 84043, 84082 (CD-R)
Bennie Wallace Someone To Watch Over Me Enja ENJ-9356 2
Bennie Wallace The Art Of The Saxophone Denon 33CY-1648
Bennie Wallace The Free Will Inner City IC 3035 (CD-R)
Benny Aronov Shadow Box Choice CRS 1021 (CD-R)
Benny Bailey For Heaven's Sake Hothouse HHCD 1006
Benny Bailey Grand Slam Storyville STCD 8271
Benny Bailey The Satchmo Legacy Enja ENJ-9407 2
Benny Carter A Gentleman And His Music Concord Jazz CJ-285-C (CD-R)
Benny Carter Aspects Capitol CDP 7243 8 52677 2 7
Benny Carter Cosmopolite - The Oscar Peterson Verve Sessions Verve 314 521 673-2
Benny Carter Elegy In Blue MusicMasters 01612-65115
Benny Carter Further Definitions Impulse IMPD-229 (CD-R)
Benny Carter I'm In The Mood For Swing Musicmasters CIJD 60144T
Benny Carter Jazz Giant Contemporary OJCCD-167-2
Benny Carter New Jazz Sounds: The Urbane Sessions Verve 314 531 637-2
Benny Carter Sax A La Carter Capitol Jazz 7243 5 93513 2 2
Benny Carter Summer Serenade Storyville SLP 4047 (CD-R)
Benny Carter The Complete Benny Carter - The Essential Keynote Collection 7 Mercury 840 819-2
Benny Carter The King Pablo OJCCD-883-2
Benny Carter Tickle Toe Vee Jay VJ-024
Benny Carter - Dizzy Gillespie Carter, Gillespie, Inc. Pablo OJCCD-682-2 (CD-R)
Benny Carter - Oscar Peterson Benny Carter Meets Oscar Peterson Pablo PACD-2310-926-2
Benny Carter - Phil Woods Another Time Another Place Evening Star ES-104
Benny Carter All-Star Sax Ensemble Over The Rainbow Musicmasters CIJD 60196Y
Benny Golson And The Philadelphians Blue Note CDP 7243 4 94104 2 8
Benny Golson Benny Golson's New York Scene Contemporary OJCCD-164-2
Benny Golson Gettin' With It Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1873-2
Benny Golson Gone With Golson Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1850-2
Benny Golson Groovin' With Golson Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-226-2
Benny Golson I Remember Miles Evidence ECD 22141-2 (mp3)
Benny Golson One More Mem'ry Timeless SJP 180 (CD-R copy)
Benny Golson The Other Side Of Benny Golson Riverside OJCCD-1750-2
Benny Golson Up Jumped Benny Arkadia Jazz 70741 (mp3)
Benny Golson Up Jumped Spring LRC 20040 (CD-R)
Benny Golson Walkin' Fresh Sound FSR-CD 302 (mp3)
Benny Golson Sextet The Modern Touch Riverside OJCCD-1797-2
Benny Goodman 1945 Columbia Small Group Recordings CD-R BG-1
Benny Goodman An Album Of Swing Classics BOMC SRL 7673 (CD-R copy)
Benny Goodman B.G. In Hi-Fi Capitol CDP 7 92864 2
Benny Goodman Classic Columbia And Okeh Orchestra Sessions (1939-1958) Mosaic MD7-240
Benny Goodman Happy Session Essential Jazz Classics EJC 55472
Benny Goodman Live At Carnegie Hall Columbia G2K 40244
Benny Goodman Santiago De Chile 1961 TCB 4301-2 (CD-R)
Benny Goodman The Complete Capitol Small Group Recordings 1944-1955 Mosaic MD4-148
Benny Goodman The Complete RCA Victor Small Group Recordings RCA Victor 09026-68764-2
Benny Goodman Tracks From Giants Of Jazz: Benny Goodman Time-Life STL J05 (CD-R)
Benny Goodman Vol. 4: Big Band Recordings Musicmasters CIJ6 0201 Y
Benny Goodman Vol. 6 - Live At The Rainbow Grill Musicmasters 5047-2-C
Benny Goodman Volume 2 - Live At Basin Street Musicmasters CIJ 60156Z
Benny Green Lineage Blue Note CDP 7 93670 2
Benny Green Quintet Prelude Criss Cross Jazz 1036 (CD-R)
Benny Green Trio Greens Blue Note CDP 7 96485 2
Benny Powell Coast To Coast Trident TRS 507 (CD-R)
Benny Powell Nextep Origin 82517
Benny Powell The Gift Of Love Faith 003
Benny Powell Why Don't You Say Yes Sometime Inspire IPCD 0002
Bernard Peiffer Bernie's Tunes Emarcy (Jpn.) UCCM 9112 (CD-R)
Bert Kaempfert Live In London Polydor (Ger.) 981 157-0 (CD-R)
Bert Kaempfert Swing Taragon 1073 (mp3)
Bert Kaempfert Swing (2) Taragon 1073 (mp3)
Bertha Hope Nothin' But Love Reservoir RSR CD 161 (mp3)
Bessie Smith The Empress Of The Blues Membran/Blues Archive 222057 (CD-R)
Bessie Smith The World's Greatest Blues Singer Columbia GP 33 (CD-R)
Betty Carter Betty Carter Bet-Car MK 1002 (CD-R)
Betty Carter I Can't Help It Impulse GRD-114
Betty Carter Inside Betty Carter Capitol CDP 0777 7 89702 2 4
Betty Carter - Ray Bryant Meet Betty Carter And Ray Bryant Columbia Legacy CK 64936
Big John Patton Blue John Blue Note CDP 7 84143 2
Big Maybelle Candy! Savoy 93018-2
Bill Berry Bill Berry And The L.A. Big Band Beez 1 (CD-R)
Bill Charlap All Through The Night Criss Cross Jazz 1153
Bill Charlap Stardust - The Bill Charlap Trio Plays The Music of Hoagy Carmichael Blue Note 7243 5 35985 2 5
Bill Dobbins - Red Mitchell Where One Relaxes Omnisound N 1041 (CD-R)
Bill Dobbins Trio Paradise - Music Of Ellington And Strayhorn Mark MJS-57634
Bill Evans Bill Evans Mix CD-R BE-1
Bill Evans Conversations With Myself Verve 314 521 409-2 (CD-R)
Bill Evans Empathy + A Simple Matter Of Conviction Verve 837 757-2
Bill Evans Everybody Digs Riverside OJCCD-068-2
Bill Evans Explorations Riverside OJCCD-037-2
Bill Evans How My Heart Sings Riverside OJCCD-369-2 (CD-R)
Bill Evans Interplay Riverside OJCCD-308-2
Bill Evans Loose Blues Milestone MCD-9200-2
Bill Evans New Jazz Conceptions Riverside OJCCD-025-2 (CD-R)
Bill Evans On Green Dolphin Street Milestone MCD-9235-2 (CD-R)
Bill Evans Piano Player Columbia Legacy CK 65361
Bill Evans Portrait In Jazz Riverside OJCCD-088-2
Bill Evans Quintessence Fantasy FCD-611-9529
Bill Evans Sunday At The Village Vanguard Riverside OJCCD-140-2 (CD-R)
Bill Evans Symbiosis MPS MC 22094 (CD-R)
Bill Evans Waltz For Debby Riverside OJCCD-210-2 (CD-R)
Bill Evans - Don Elliott Tenderly - An Informal Session Milestone MCD-9317-2
Bill Evans - Jim Hall Undercurrent Blue Note CDP 7 90583 2
Bill Evans - Tony Bennett The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album Fantasy FCD-9489-2
Bill Evans - Tony Bennett Together Again Rhino R2 75837
Bill Hardman Politely Muse MR 5184 (CD-R)
Bill Harris Live At Birdland 1952 Baldwin Street Music BJG-501
Bill Henderson His Complete Vee Jay Recordings Volume 1 Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8548
Bill Henderson Live At the Times Discovery DSCD-779 (CD-R)
Bill Henderson With The Oscar Peterson Trio Verve 837 937-2
Bill Holman The Fabulous Bill Holman Coral CRL 57188 (CD-R)
Bill Holman - Mel Lewis Quintet Jive For Five V.S.O.P. 19CD (mp3)
Bill Holman Big Band In A Jazz Orbit V.S.O.P. 25CD
Bill Jennings & Leo Parker Billy In The Lion's Den King 395-527 (Swingtime ST 1025) (CD-R)
Bill Kirchner Everything I Love Evening Star ES-111
Bill Kirchner Lifeline Jazzheads JH 1208 (mp3)
Bill Kirchner Nonet Infant Eyes Sea Breeze SB 2017 (CD-R)
Bill Mays Out In PA No Blooze Music 01 (mp3)
Bill Mays Quintet Tha's Delight Trend TR-532 (CD-R)
Bill McBirnie Find Your Place Extreme Flute EF06 (mp3)
Bill Perkins - Frank Strazzeri Two As One Interplay IPCD 8611
Bill Perkins - Pepper Adams The Front Line Storyville STCD 4166
Bill Perkins Big Band Our Man Woody Jazz Mark 110 (mp3)
Bill Perkins Octet On Stage Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 93163 2 4
Bill Perkins Quintet Quietly There Riverside OJCCD-1776-2
Bill Potts Porgy & Bess - Bye Bye Birdie Lonehill Jazz LHJ 10170
Bill Stewart Snide Remarks Blue Note CDP 8 32489-2 (CD-R)
Bill Watrous Manhattan Wildlife Refuge Columbia KC 33090 (CD-R)
Billie Holiday Banned From New York City, Live 1948-1957 Uptown UPCD 27.81 & 27.82
Billie Holiday Lady Day - The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933 -1944 Columbia CXK 85470
Billie Holiday Lady In Satin Columbia/Legacy CK 65144
Billie Holiday The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959 Verve 314 517 658-2
Billie Holiday The Complete Commodore Recordings Commodore CMD-2-401
Billie Holiday The Complete Decca Recordings Decca GRD2-601
Billy Bauer Plectrist Verve 314 517 060-2
Billy Byers Sextet Byers' Guide Fresh Sound FSCD-2004
Billy Childs Portrait Of A Player Windham Hill Jazz 01934 10144-2
Billy Drummond Quintet Native Colours Criss Cross Jazz 1057
Billy Eckstine Everything I Have Is Yours - The Best Of The M-G-M Years Verve 819 442-2
Billy Eckstine The Legendary Big Band Savoy Jazz 17125 (CD-R)
Billy Higgins Billy Higgins Quintet Evidence ECD 22189-2
Billy May Best Of Billy May Aero Space RACD 1013
Billy May Big Band On Capitol: Tracks from Big Band Bash, A Band Is Born, Bacchanalia Capitol H 329, H 349, H 374 (not complete albums) mp3 playlist
Billy Mitchell The Colossus of Detroit Xanadu 158 (CD-R)
Billy Mitchell This Is Billy Mitchell Verve 440 065 507-2
Billy Taylor Billy Taylor Trio With Earl May And Percy Brice Prestige PRCD-24285-2
Billy Taylor It's A Matter of Pride GRP GRD-9753
Bing Crosby - Buddy Bregman Bing Sings Whilst Bregman Swings Verve 314 549 367-2 (mp3)
Bix Beiderbecke - Frank Trumbauer - Jack Teagarden The Complete OKeh and Brunswick Sessions 1924-36 Mosaic MD7-211
Blood, Sweat & Tears Blood, Sweat & Tears Columbia Legacy CK 63986
Blossom Dearie Blossom Dearie Verve 837 934-2
Blossom Dearie Blossom Dearie Sings Comden And Green Verve 314 589 102-2
Blossom Dearie Blossom Dearie Soubrette Sings Broadway Hit Songs Verve B0002687-02
Blossom Dearie Give Him The Ooh-la-la Verve 314 517 067-2
Blossom Dearie May I Come In? Capitol CDP 7243 4 95449 2 5
Blossom Dearie My Gentleman Friend Verve 314 519 905-2
Blossom Dearie Once Upon A Summertime Verve 314 517 223-2
Blossom Dearie Sings Vol. 1 - Simply Volume VI Daffodil BMD 101 & 106 (CD-R Voc-11)
Blossom Dearie Tweedledum and Tweedledee Daffodil 32441-0115-2
Blue Mitchell A Sure Thing Riverside OJCCD-837-2
Blue Mitchell Blue Mitchell Live JustJazz JJCD 1007 (CD-R)
Blue Mitchell Blue Soul Riverside RCD-30508 (CD-R)
Blue Mitchell Last Dance Jam 5002 (CD-R)
Blue Mitchell The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions (1963-67) Mosaic MD4-178
Blue Mitchell The Cup Bearers Riverside OJCCD-797-2
Blue Mitchell Quintet Out Of The Blue Riverside OJCCD-667-2
Bob Brookmeyer Back Again Gazell ( Sonet ) GJCD 1015
Bob Brookmeyer Bob Brookmeyer Mosaic Select MS-009 (7243 5 95063 2 6)
Bob Brookmeyer Jazz Is A Kick Mercury SR 60600 (CD-R)
Bob Brookmeyer Quartet - Plays Bob Brookmeyer And Some Others CD-R Brook-1 (Pacific Jazz PJLP 16, Clef MGC 644)
Bob Brookmeyer Small Band Live At Sandy's Jazz Revival Gryphon G-2-785 (CD-R)
Bob Brookmeyer The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer Prestige OJCCD-1729-2
Bob Brookmeyer - Jimmy Giuffre Portrait Of The Artist Atlantic SD 1320 (CD-R)
Bob Cooper - Bill Holman - Frank Rosolino Kenton Presents Bob Cooper, Bill Holman & Frank Rosolino Mosaic MD4-185
Bob Cooper - Snooky Young In A Mellotone Contemporary C-14017 (CD-R)
Bob De Vos Breaking The Ice Savant SCD 2017 (mp3)
Bob Dorough Devil May Care Bethlehem 20-4004-2
Bob Dorough Sunday At Iridium Arbors ARCD 19305
Bob Florence Name Band 1959 Fresh Sound FSCD 2008 (CD-R)
Bob Mover Bob Mover Vanguard VSD 79408 (CD-R)
Bob Mover In The True Tradition Xanadu 187 (CD-R)
Bob Mover It Amazes Me Zoho ZM 200809
Bob Mover My Heart Tells Me Motema MTM 117 (AAC)
Bob Mover On The Move Choice 1015 (CD-R)
Bob Mover Television DSM 3010 (AAC)
Bob Mover The Night Bathers Justin Time JUST 14-2 (CD-R)
Bob Mover Things Unseen Xanadu 194 (CD-R)
Bob Mover You Go To My Head Pony Canyon/Jazz City D22Y 0324 (CD-R)
Bob Prince Saxes, Inc. Lonehill Jazz LHJ10270 (CD-R)
Bob Rockwell Reconstruction SteepleChase SCCD 31270 (mp3)
Bob Stewart - The 4 Most Sings With The Mat Mathews Quintet - Sing The Arrangements of Joe Derise Dawn DCD 112 (mp3)
Bobby Gutesha Rockin' Bach Dimensions MPS (Ger.) 21 21658-6 (mp3)
Bobby Hackett The Complete Capitol Bobby Hackett Solo Sessions Mosaic MD5-210
Bobby Hutcherson Bobby Hutcherson Mosaic Select MS-026
Bobby Hutcherson Components Blue Note CDP 7243 8 29027 2 0
Bobby Hutcherson Dialogue Blue Note 7243 5 35586 2 8
Bobby Hutcherson Happenings Blue Note CDP 7 46530 2
Bobby Hutcherson Medina Blue Note 7243 4 97508 2 1
Bobby Hutcherson Oblique Blue Note CDP 7 84444 2
Bobby Hutcherson Patterns Blue Note CDP 7243 8 33583 2 8
Bobby Hutcherson Stick-Up Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59378 2 8
Bobby Hutcherson The Kicker Blue Note 7243 5 21437 2 6
Bobby Hutcherson Total Eclipse Blue Note CDP 7 84291 2 (CD-R)
Bobby Jaspar Bobby Jaspar With George Wallington And Idrees Sulieman Riverside OJCCD-1788-2
Bobby Jaspar - Henri Renaud Bobby Jaspar - Henri Renaud Vogue (BMG) 74321409372
Bobby Pierce New York Muse MR 5030 (CD-R)
Bobby Shew One In A Million TTM CD 7010
Bobby Shew Salsa Caliente MAMA Foundation MMF 1023
Bobby Shew Tribute To The Masters Double-Time Records DTRCD-101
Bobby Shew Quintet Heavyweights MAMA Foundation MMF 1013
Bobby Shew Quintet Playing With Fire MAMA MMF 1017 (mp3)
Bobby Short Celebrating 30 Years At The Cafe Carlyle Telarc CD-83428 (mp3)
Bobby Timmons From The Bottom Riverside OJCCD-1032-2
Bobby Timmons Sweet And Soulful Sounds Riverside OJCCD-928-2
Bobby Timmons Trio Born To Be Blue Riverside OJCCD-873-2
Bobby Troup Bobby Troup! (Route 66: The Best of Bobby Troup) Capitol T484 (Vintage Masters Digital Download; mp3)
Bobby Troup Sings Johnny Mercer Bethlehem BR-5010/BCP-19
Bobby Watson The Year Of The Rabbit New Note NN 1008CD (mp3)
Bola Sete The Bola Sete Trios - Tour De Force Fantasy FCD-24766-2
Bonnie Strickman Wonders Never Cease Companion 71118-2 (CD-R)
Booker Ervin Booker 'N' Brass Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 94509 2 9
Booker Ervin Exultation Prestige OJCCD-835-2
Booker Ervin Groovin' High Prestige PR 7417 (CD-R)
Booker Ervin Heavy!!! Prestige OJCCD-981-2
Booker Ervin Setting The Pace Prestige PRCD-24123-2
Booker Ervin Structurally Sound Blue Note 7243 5 27545 2 6
Booker Ervin Texbook Tenor Blue Note 0946 3 11439 2 (CD-R)
Booker Ervin That's It Candid CCD 79014
Booker Ervin The Blues Book Prestige OJCCD-780-2
Booker Ervin The Book Cooks Bethlehem Archives R2 76691
Booker Ervin The Freedom Book Prestige OJCCD-845-2
Booker Ervin The In Between Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59379 2 7
Booker Ervin The Song Book Prestige OJCCD-779-2
Booker Ervin Quintet Cookin' Savoy SV-0150 (CD-R)
Booker Little 4 & Max Roach Blue Note CDP 7 84457 2
Booker Little Booker Little Bainbridge BCD 1041
Booker Little Out Front Candid CCD 79027 (CD-R)
Booker Little Victory And Sorrow Bethlehem BR-5009/BCP-6034
Booker Little - Teddy Charles Live - The Complete Concert Jazz View 032
Boots Mussulli Kenton Presents Boots Mussulli Capitol TOCJ-5372
Bopsicle Bopsicle Why Not WNCD 1002
Boyd Raeburn AFRS Jubilee Transcriptions 163 & 169 CD-R BB-6 (RST JUBCD 1007-2, 1011-2)
Boyd Raeburn Jewells Savoy SV-0273
Boyd Raeburn Standard Transcriptions CD-R BB-3 (Hep CD 1, 22 & 42)
Branford Marsalis Renaissance Columbia FC 40711 (CD-R)
Brave New World Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley Vertigo 6303 606 (mp3)
Brew Moore Svinget 14 Black Lion BLCD 760164
Brian Lynch Unsung Heroes, Vol. 1 Holistic Music Works 1 (CD-R)
Bruce Barth Quintet In Focus Enja CD 8010-2
Buck Clayton The Complete CBS Jam Sessions Mosaic MD6-144
Buck Hill The Buck Stops Here Muse MCD 5416
Bud Powell A Portrait Of Thelonious Columbia COL 472351 2
Bud Powell Bud In Paris Xanadu XCD 1222
Bud Powell Bud Plays Bird Roulette CDP 7243 8 37137 2 1
Bud Powell Early Buds Topaz TPZ 1059 (CD-R copy)
Bud Powell Live In Lausanne 1962 Stretch SDC-9038-2
Bud Powell Paris Sessions Pablo PACD-2310-972-2
Bud Powell Strictly Powell RCA Victor 7863 51423-2 (CD-R)
Bud Powell Swingin' With Bud RCA 07863 51507-2
Bud Powell The Complete Blue Note And Roost Recordings Blue Note CDP 7243 8 30083 2 2
Bud Powell The Complete Bud Powell On Verve Verve 314 521 669-2
Bud Shank At Jazz Alley Contemporary 5C-14027 (CD-R)
Bud Shank Plays Tales Of The Pilot Capri 74025-2 (mp3)
Bud Shank The Pacific Jazz Studio Sessions Mosaic MD5-180
Bud Shank - Bill Perkins Bud Shank/Bill Perkins Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 93159 2 1
Bud Shank - Bill Perkins Quintet Serious Swingers Contemporary 5C-14031 (CD-R)
Bud Shank - Bob Cooper Blowin' Country Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 94846 2 7
Bud Shank Sextet Plays Harold Arlen Jimco JICL-89579 (mp3)
Bud Shank Sextet Silver Storm Raw 067384302010 (mp3)
Budd Johnson - Phil Woods The Ole Dude And The Fundance Kid Uptown UP 27.19 (CD-R)
Buddy Bregman Swinging Kicks Verve 314 559 514-2 (mp3)
Buddy Collette In Concert - The Music Of William Buddy Collette Bridge 9096 (mp3)
Buddy Collette Nice Day Contemporary OJCCD-747-2
Buddy Collette Quintet With Guest Vocalist Irene Kral Studio West 104CD
Buddy Collette Soft Touch Fresh Sound FSR-CD 214
Buddy Collette Tasty Dish Fresh Sound FSR-CD 213
Buddy Collette - Chico Hamilton Tanganyika V.S.O.P. 20 CD
Buddy DeFranco 1949-52 Studio Performances Hep CD 77
Buddy DeFranco Buddy DeFranco Verve POCJ-2608
Buddy DeFranco Complete Verve Recordings With Sonny Clark Mosaic MD4-117
Buddy DeFranco Like Someone In Love Progressive 7014 (CD-R)
Buddy DeFranco Mr. Clarinet Verve 422 847 408-2 (with 2 additional AAC tracks)
Buddy DeFranco Octet Recordings 1957 With Carl Perkins CD-R BD-1 (Verve MGV-2089, 2108, 8375, 8382)
Buddy DeFranco Plays Nelson Riddle's Cross Country Suite Dot DLP 9006 (CD-R)
Buddy DeFranco - Louis Hayes Blues Bag - Louis Hayes Quintet Vee Jay VJ-010
Buddy DeFranco - Oscar Peterson Play George Gershwin Verve 314 557 099-2
Buddy DeFranco - Rolf Kuhn - Eddie Daniels The Three Sopranos HR HRMJ 001-01
Buddy Rich Argo, Emarcy And Verve Small Group Buddy Rich Sessions Mosaic MD7-232
Buddy Rich Buddy Rich Sings Johnny Mercer Universal (Jpn.) UCCU 9153 (CD-R)
Buddy Rich Legendary '47-'48 Orchestra Hep CD 12
Buddy Rich Live In '78 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JIBR
Buddy Rich Richcraft Mercury MG 20451 (mp3)
Buddy Rich Sing And Swing With Buddy Rich - Richcraft CD-R BR-1 (Norgran MGN-1031, Mercury MG 20451)
Buddy Rich Swingin' New Big Band Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 8 35232 2 1
Buddy Rich Big Band The New One Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 94507 2 (CD-R)
Buddy Tate - Al Grey Just Jazz Uptown UP 27.21 (CD-R)
Bull Moose Jackson Bull Moose Jackson 1950-1953 Classics (Fr.) 5156 (mp3)
Bunky Green Healing The Pain Delos DE-4020 (mp3)
Cal Tjader Amazonas Fantasy OJCCD-840-2
Cal Tjader Good Vibes Concord Picante CCD-4247 (CD-R)
Cal Tjader Soul Burst Verve 314 557 446-2
Cal Tjader Tjader Plays Mambo Fantasy OJCCD-274-2
Cal Tjader - Stan Getz Sextet Stan Getz With Cal Tjader Fantasy OJCCD-275-2
Cal Tjader - Terry Gibbs Good Vibes Savoy ZDS 1207
Calvin Hill I Can't Give You Anything But Love Arichi 001 (CD-R)
Cannonball Adderley Cannonball Takes Charge Capitol 7243 5 34071 2 4
Cannonball Adderley Cannonball's Bossa Nova Capitol 7243 5 22667 2 2
Cannonball Adderley Jazz Workshop Revisited Capitol 7243 5 29441 2 5
Cannonball Adderley Quintet At The Lighthouse Capitol 7243 5 31572 2 7
Cannonball Adderley Quintet In Chicago Mercury PHCE 3065
Cannonball Adderley Somethin' Else Blue Note 7243 4 95329 2 2
Cannonball Adderley Sophisticated Swing: The EmArcy Small Group Sessions Verve 314 528 408-2
Cannonball Adderley Them Dirty Blues Capitol 7243 4 95447 2 7
Cannonball Adderley Things Are Getting Better Riverside OJCCD-032-2
Cannonball Adderley - Ernie Andrews Live Session! Capitol 7243 5 93090 2 6 (CD-R)
Cannonball Adderley - Nat Adderley What Is This Thing Called Soul Pablo OJCCD-801-2 (CD-R)
Carl Fontana The Great Fontana Uptown UP27.28 (CD-R)
Carl Fontana (Jimmy Cook, Stan Kenton) The Fifties Uptown UPCD 27.61
Carl Perkins Carl Perkins Memorial Fresh Sound FSR-CD 99
Carl Perkins Introducing Fresh Sound FSR-CD 10
Carla White - Manny Duran Band Andruline Stash ST 237 (CD-R)
Carmell Jones Carmell Jones Mosaic Select MS-002 (7243 5 80404 2 5)
Carmell Jones Jay Hawk Talk Prestige OJCCD-1938-2
Carmen Lundy Something To Believe In Justin Time JUST 198-2 (mp3)
Carmen McRae Any Old Time Denon 33CY-1216
Carmen McRae Carmen McRae Mainstream MRL 309 (CD-R)
Carmen McRae Carmen Sings Monk RCA Novus 3086-2-N
Carmen McRae The Great American Songbook Atlantic SD2-904 (CD-R)
Carmen McRae The Sound Of Silence - Portrait Of Carmen Collectables COL CD 6835
Carol Sloane Cottontail Choice CRS 1025 (CD-R)
Carol Sloane Heart's Desire Concord Jazz CCD-4503
Carol Sloane I Never Went Away HighNote HCD 7085
Carol Sloane Live At 30th Street Columbia CL 1923, CS 8723 (CD-R)
Carol Sloane Love You Madly Contemporary 5C-14049 (CD-R)
Carol Sloane Out Of The Blue Koch Jazz KOC 3-7810-2
Carol Sloane Romantic Ellington DRG 8480
Carol Sloane The Real Thing Contemporary CCD-14060-2
Carol Sloane The Songs Carmen Sang Concord Jazz CCD-4663
Carrie Smith Do Your Duty Classic Jazz 139 (CD-R)
Catherine Russell Bring It Back Jazz Village JV 579001 (AAC)
Cecil Brooks III Smokin' Jazz Muse MCD 5521 (CD-R)
Cecil Brooks III The Collective Muse MCD 5377 (mp3)
Cecil Payne Cerupa Delmark DE-478
Cecil Payne Stop And Listen To ... Fresh Sound FSR CD 193
Cecil Payne The Very Best Of Cecil Payne (Patterns of Jazz - East and West of Jazz) Savoy SV 0135, Charlie Parker PLP 805 (CD-R)
Cecile McLorin Salvant Womanchild Mack Avenue MAC 1072 (AAC)
Cedar Walton Among Friends Evidence ECD 22023-2
Cedar Walton Cedar Walton - Ron Carter - Jack DeJohnette Limetree MLP 0021 (CD-R)
Cedar Walton Cedar! Prestige PR 7519 (CD-R)
Cedar Walton Composer Astor Place TCD-4001
Cedar Walton Eastern Rebellion 3 Timeless SJP 143 (CD-R)
Cedar Walton Latin Tinge HighNote HCD 7099
Cedar Walton Soul Cycle Prestige OJCCD-847-2
Cedar Walton Spectrum Prestige PR 7591 (CD-R)
Cedar Walton - George Coleman Eastern Rebellion Impulse MCAD 33102
Cedar Walton - Hank Mobley Breakthrough Savoy Jazz SVY 17278 (mp3)
Champian Fulton The Breeze And I Gut String GSR 002 (CD-R)
Chantale GagnŽ Wisdom Of The Water self produced
Charene Dawn Dark Angel Sirocco Jazz SJL 1020 (CD-R)
Charles Bell Another Dimension Atlantic 1400 (CD-R)
Charles Brown Honey Dripper Verve 314 529 848-2
Charles Brown So Goes Love Verve 314 539 967-2
Charles Davis Sextet Dedicated To Tadd West 54 WLW 8006 (CD-R)
Charles Earland Front Burner Milestone MCD-9165-2
Charles McPherson Beautiful! Xanadu XCD 1230
Charles McPherson Bebop Revisited Prestige OJCCD-710-2
Charles McPherson Come Play With Me Arabesque AJ0117
Charles McPherson Con Alma! Prestige PR 7427 (CD-R)
Charles McPherson First Flight Out Arabesque AJ0113
Charles McPherson From This Moment On! Prestige OJCCD-1899-2
Charles McPherson Horizons Prestige PR 7603 (CD-R)
Charles McPherson Sextet The Prophet Discovery DS-882 (CD-R)
Charles Mingus Changes One Rhino Atlantic R2 71403
Charles Mingus Changes Two Rhino Atlantic R2 71404
Charles Mingus Charles Baron Mingus - West Coast 1945-49 Uptown UPCD 27.48
Charles Mingus Cumbia And Jazz Fusion Atlantic SD 8801 (CD-R)
Charles Mingus Duo & Trio - Debut Rarities Volume 2 Debut OJCCD-1808-2
Charles Mingus East Coasting Bethlehem BR-5002/BCP-6019
Charles Mingus Jazz Composers Workshop Savoy 92981-2
Charles Mingus Jazz Portraits - Mingus In Wonderland Blue Note CDP 7243 8 27325 2 5
Charles Mingus Jazzical Moods Fresh Sound FSR-CD 62
Charles Mingus Let My Children Hear Music Columbia CK 48910 (CD-R)
Charles Mingus Mingus At Carnegie Hall Atlantic CS 1667 (CD-R)
Charles Mingus Mingus Moves Collectables COL-CD-6363
Charles Mingus Mingus Three Roulette CDP 7243 8 57155 2 5
Charles Mingus Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus Impulse IMPD 170 (CD-R)
Charles Mingus Oh Yeah Atlantic 7 90667-2
Charles Mingus Pithecanthropus Erectus Atlantic 8809-2
Charles Mingus Pre-Bird Verve 314 538 636-2
Charles Mingus The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady Impulse IMPD 174 (CD-R)
Charles Mingus The Clown Atlantic 7 90142-2
Charles Mingus The Complete 1959 Columbia Recordings - Alternate Takes Columbia C3K 65145 - CK 65514
Charles Mingus The Complete 1959 Columbia Recordings - Mingus Ah Um Columbia C3K 65145 - CK 65512
Charles Mingus The Complete 1959 Columbia Recordings - Mingus Dynasty Columbia C3K 65145 - CK 65513
Charles Mingus The Complete Candid Recordings Of Mosaic MD3-111
Charles Mingus Tijuana Moods RCA Bluebird 09206 63840-2 (CD-R)
Charles Persip And The Jazz Statesmen Bethlehem Archives R2 79850
Charles Tolliver Charles Tolliver Mosaic Select MS-020
Charles Tolliver The Charles Tolliver Big Band Mosaic Select MS-037
Charli Persip Superband Natasha NI-4028 (mp3)
Charlie Barnet Live At Basin Street East Hep 2005 (CD-R)
Charlie Barnet More Charlie Barnet Evidence ECD 22112-2
Charlie Barnet Swell & Super Drive Archive DE2-42446 (CD-R)
Charlie Barnet The Capitol Big Band Sessions Capitol CDP 7243 8 21258 2 2
Charlie Christian Electric Uptown UPCD 27.63
Charlie Christian Live Sessions At Minton's Playhouse - New York - 1941 Jazz Anthology 550012
Charlie Christian The Genius Of The Electric Guitar Columbia C4K 65564
Charlie Earland Smokin' Muse MR 5126 (CD-R)
Charlie Haden Quartet West - Always Say Goodbye Gitanes Jazz Verve 314 521 501-2
Charlie Haden Quartet West-Haunted Heart Gitanes Jazz Verve 314 513 078-2
Charlie Mariano Charlie Mariano Plays Fresh Sound FSR-CD 115
Charlie Mariano Swingin' With Mariano Affinity CD AFF 767
Charlie Mariano - Ron Crotty - Vince Guaraldi - Jerry Dodgion The Jazz Scene: San Francisco Fantasy FCD-24760-2
Charlie Parker Bird At St. Nick's & Bird On 52nd Street Prestige OJCCD-114-2, OJCCD-041-2 (CD-R)
Charlie Parker Bird At The Hi-Hat Blue Note CDP 0777 7 99787 2 4
Charlie Parker Charlie Parker At Storyville Blue Note 7 85108-2 (CD-R)
Charlie Parker First Recordings Onyx ORI 221 (CD-R)
Charlie Parker Montreal 1953 Uptown UPCD 27.36
Charlie Parker Summit Meeting At Birdland Columbia JC 34831 (CD-R)
Charlie Parker The Bird You Never Heard Stash ST-280 (CD-R)
Charlie Parker The Charlie Parker Story In Words And Music Black Label BLCD10-1 (CD-R)
Charlie Parker The Complete Charlie Parker With Strings (Disc 2) Universal B002259602 (mp3)
Charlie Parker The Complete Legendary Rockland Palace Concert Jazz Classics CD-JZCL-5014
Charlie Parker The Complete Live Performances On Savoy Savoy Jazz SVY-17021-24
Charlie Parker The Complete On Verve Verve 837 142-2
Charlie Parker The Complete Savoy And Dial Studio Recordings 1944-1948 Savoy 92911-2
Charlie Parker Washington, D.C., 1948 Uptown UPCD 27.55
Charlie Parker With Quartet And The Orchestra - The Washington Concerts Blue Note 7243 5 22626 2 5
Charlie Parker Yardbird In Lotus Land Spotlite SPJ 123 (CD-R)
Charlie Parker - Chet Baker Bird And Chet Live At The Trade Winds - Inglewood Jam Fresh Sound FSR-CD 17
Charlie Parker - The Quintet Jazz At Massey Hall Debut OJCCD-044-2
Charlie Parker - Woody Herman Bird With The Herd Drive Archive DE2-42442
Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie Diz 'N' Bird At Carnegie Hall Roost CDP 7243 8 57061 2 7
Charlie Rouse Bossa Nova Bacchanal Blue Note 7243 5 90416 2 9
Charlie Rouse Epistrophy - The Last Concert Landmark LCD-1521-2
Charlie Rouse Moment's Notice Storyville STCD 8268
Charlie Rouse Soul Mates Uptown UPCD 27.34
Charlie Rouse Unsung Hero CBS Epic EK 46181 (Columbia Jazz Masterpieces Series)
Charlie Rouse Upper Manhattan Jazz Society Enja 4090 (CD-R)
Charlie Rouse - Julius Watkins (Jazz Modes) Les Jazz Modes Biograph BCD 134-135
Charlie Rouse - Julius Watkins (Jazz Modes) The Jazz Modes Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8503
Charlie Rouse - Paul Quinichette The Chase Is On Bethlehem TOCJ-62012
Charlie Rouse - Red Rodney Social Call Uptown UPCD 27.50
Charlie Shavers The Complete Charlie Shavers With Maxine Sullivan Bethlehem Archives R2 75819
Charlie Ventura Gene Norman Presents A Charlie Ventura Concert MCA MCAD-42330
Charlie Ventura It's All Bop To Me RCA 74321611142
Charlie Ventura - Flip Phillips The Complete Verve/Clef Charlie Ventura & Flip Phillips Studio Sessions Mosaic MD6-182
Charnett Moffett Net Man Blue Note B4J-46993 (CD-R)
Chase Chase Epic E 30472 (CD-R)
Chet Baker Alternate And Rare Takes From Pacific Jazz CD-R CB-1
Chet Baker Baby Breeze Verve 314 538 328-2 (CD-R)
Chet Baker Chet Riverside OJCCD-087-2 (CD-R)
Chet Baker Chet Baker & Crew Pacific Jazz CDP 0777 7 81205 2 0
Chet Baker Comin' On With The Chet Baker Quintet Prestige PR 7478 (CD-R)
Chet Baker Ensemble And Sextet Fresh Sound FSR-CD175
Chet Baker Groovin' With The Chet Baker Quintet Prestige PR 7460 (CD-R)
Chet Baker I Remember You - Live At The Salt Peanuts Club Circle (Ger.) RK 23581/28
Chet Baker In New York Riverside OJCCD-207-2
Chet Baker Live In '64 & '79 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JICHB
Chet Baker My Favourite Songs - The Last Great Concert, Vol. I Justin Time JTR 8425/6 (mp3)
Chet Baker My Funny Valentine - Live At The Salt Peanuts Club Circle (Ger.) RK 23581/24 (CD-R)
Chet Baker On A Misty Night Prestige PRCD-24174-2
Chet Baker Quartet Live Vol. 1 - This Time The Dream's On Me Pacific Jazz 7243 5 25248 2 2
Chet Baker Quartet Live Vol. 2 - Out Of Nowhere Pacific Jazz 7243 5 27693 2 2
Chet Baker Quartet Live Vol. 3 - My Old Flame Pacific Jazz 7243 5 31573 2 6
Chet Baker 'Round Midnight - Live At The Salt Peanuts Club Circle (Ger.) RK 23581/25 (CD-R)
Chet Baker Sextet Live, New York City, July 1,1975 Private Recording (mp3)
Chet Baker Smokin' With The Chet Baker Quintet Prestige PR 7449 (CD-R)
Chet Baker Straight From The Heart - The Last Great Concert, Vol. II Enja R1 79624 (CD-R)
Chet Baker The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings Of The Chet Baker Quartet With Russ Freeman Mosaic MD3-122
Chet Baker The Incredible Chet Baker Plays And Sings Carosell (It.) CDOR 9022 (CD-R)
Chet Baker With Strings Columbia CK 46174
Chet Baker - Art Pepper Playboys Pacific Jazz CDP 7 94474 2
Chet Baker & NDR BigBand Chet Baker: The Legacy Vol. 1 Enja 9021-2 (CD-R)
Chet Baker & Stan Getz West Coast Live Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 8 35634 2 5
Chet Baker Quintet At The Forum Theatre Fresh Sound FSR-CD168
Chick Corea Return To Forever ECM 1022 (CD-R)
Chick Webb The Immortal Chick Webb - Stompin' At The Savoy Columbia JCL-2639 (CD-R)
Chico Hamilton The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of the Chico Hamilton Quintet Mosaic MD6-175
Chico O'Farrill Nine Flags Impulse A-9135 (CD-R)
Chico O'Farrill The Complete Norman Granz Recordings (Mambo/Latino Dances) (CD-R) Lone Hill Jazz LHJ 10172
Chris Byars Blue Lights - The Music Of Gigi Gryce Steeplechase SCCD 31662
Chris Byars Bop-ography SteepleChase SCCD 31686
Chris Byars Jasmine Flower SteepleChase SCCD 31773
Chris Byars Lucky Strikes Again: The Chris Byars Octet Plays The Music of Lucky Thompson SteepleChase SCCD 31713
Chris Byars Music Is Forever Steeplechase SCCD 31743 (mp3)
Chris Byars Music Of Duke Jordan Steeplechase SCCD 31787 (mp3)
Chris Byars Night Owls Smalls Records SRCD-0013
Chris Byars Photos In Black, White and Gray Smalls Records SRCD-0021.07
Chris Connor A Jazz Date With Chris Connor - Chris Craft Rhino Atlantic R2 71747
Chris Connor This Is Chris Bethlehem COCY-75723
Chris McNulty I Remember You MopTop MC 4546 (CD-R)
Chris Potter Quintet Presenting Chris Potter Criss Cross Jazz 1067
Chubby Jackson Big Band Live 1949 Mopaque CJR 300 (CD-R)
Chubby Jackson Big Band New York City 1949: Ooh, What An Outfit Uptown UPCD 27.75 & 27.76
Chubby Jackson The New York Scene In The 40s: From Bebop To Cool - Chubby's Back CD-R BB-1 (CBS 65392, Argo 614)
Chuck Deardorf - Dave Peterson Portal Origin 82425 (mp3)
Chuck Israels - National Jazz Ensemble Volume 1 & 2 Chiaroscuro CR 140, 151 (CD-R)
Chuck Mangione Friends And Love Mercury SRM 2-800 (CD-R)
Chuck Mangione Recuerdo Jazzland OJCCD-495-2
Chuck Mangione The Chuck Mangione Quartet Mercury SRM 1-631 (CD-R)
Chuck Mangione Together Mercury SRM 2-7501 (CD-R)
Chuck Metcalf Octet Help Is Coming BopWare BW 102 (mp3)
Chuck Metcalf Quintet Elsie Street BopWare BW 101 (mp3)
Chuck Wayne The Jazz Guitarist Savoy SV-0189
Clark Terry Ain't Misbehavin' Musical Heritage Society MHS 7197X (mp3)
Clark Terry Clark Terry Verve 314 537 754-2
Clark Terry Daylight Express Chess 0007 GRD 819
Clark Terry Funk Dumplin's Matrix MTX 1002 (CD-R)
Clark Terry Live At The Village Gate Chesky JD49
Clark Terry The Happy Horns Of Impulse GRD-148
Clark Terry Top And Bottom Brass Riverside OJCCD-764-2
Clark Terry Big Bad Band Etoile CPR 1A (CD-R)
Clark Terry - Bob Brookmeyer Clark Terry - Bobby Brookmeyer Quintet Mainstream MDCD 728 (CD-R)
Clark Terry - Bob Brookmeyer The Power Of Positive Swinging Mainstream MDCD 723
Clark Terry - Bob Brookmeyer Quintet Gingerbread Mainstream MDCD711
Claude Thornhill And His Orchestra Play The Great Jazz Arrangements of Gil Evans, Gerry Mulligan And Ralph Aldridge Fresh Sound FSR-CD 365
Claude Thornhill The Memorable Claude Thornhill Columbia PG 32906 (KG 32906) (CD-R)
Claude Williamson 'Round Midnight Bethlehem Archives R2 79852
Claude Williamson The Fabulous Trio Fresh Sound FSR-CD 51
Claudio Roditi Claudio! Uptown UP 27.27 (CD-R)
Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra Groove Shop Capri 74021-2
Cleo Laine Jazz RCA Victor 60548-2-RC (mp3)
Clifford Brown Jazz Immortal Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46850 2
Clifford Brown Memorial Album Blue Note CDP 7 81526 2
Clifford Brown Sextet In Paris Prestige OJCCD-358-2
Clifford Brown The Beginning And The End Columbia CK 66491
Clifford Brown The Complete Paris Sessions Vol. I Vogue 74321154612
Clifford Brown The Complete Paris Sessions Vol. II Vogue 74321154622
Clifford Brown The Complete Paris Sessions Vol. III Vogue 74321154632
Clifford Brown The Lost Rehearsals 1953-1956 RLR 88651
Clifford Brown Memorial Prestige OJCCD-017-2
Clifford Brown - Max Roach Brownie - The Complete EmArcy Recordings of Clifford Brown EmArcy 838 306-2
Clifford Brown - Max Roach The Best Of Clifford Brown And Max Roach In Concert GNP Crescendo GNPD 18 (CD-R)
Clifford Jordan Cliff Craft Blue Note CDP 7243 8 56584 2 6
Clifford Jordan Cliff Jordan Blue Note TOCJ-1565
Clifford Jordan Dr. Chicago Bee Hive BH 7018 (CD-R)
Clifford Jordan Hello Hank Jones East World EWLF-98003 (CD-R)
Clifford Jordan Mosaic Milestone MCD-47092-2
Clifford Jordan Play What You Feel Mapleshade 3232 (CD-R)
Clifford Jordan Spellbound Riverside OJCCD-766-2 (CD-R)
Clifford Jordan Starting Time Jazzland JLP 52 (CD-R)
Clifford Jordan The Adventurer Muse MR 5163 (CD-R)
Clifford Jordan - John Gilmore Blowing In From Chicago Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28977 2 9
Clifford Jordan Big Band Down Through The Years-Live At Condon's, New York Milestone MCD-9197-2
Clora Bryant Gal With A Horn V.S.O.P. 42 CD
Coleman Hawkins Body And Soul RCA Bluebird 09026 68515-2 (CD-R CH-1)
Coleman Hawkins Centerpiece Phoenix Jazz 13 (CD-R)
Coleman Hawkins Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster Verve 314 521 427-2
Coleman Hawkins Hollywood Stampede Capitol CDP 7 92596 2
Coleman Hawkins Jazz Tones Xanadu 195 (CD-R)
Coleman Hawkins Rainbow Mist Delmark DD-459
Coleman Hawkins Sirius Pablo OJCCD-861-2
Coleman Hawkins The Genius Of Coleman Hawkins Verve 314 539 065-2
Coleman Hawkins The Hawk Flies High (Think Deep) Riverside OJCCD-027-2 (CD-R)
Coleman Hawkins Today And Now Impulse IMPD-184
Coleman Hawkins - Billy Byers The Hawk In Hi Fi RCA Bluebird 09026-63842-2
Coleman Hawkins - Pee Wee Russell Jazz Reunion Candid CCD 79020
Coleman Hawkins - Roy Eldridge At The Opera House Verve 314 521 641-2 (CD-R)
Conrad Herwig Osteology Criss Cross Jazz 1176 CD
Conte Candoli Little Band Big Jazz Fresh Sound FSR 1629
Conte Candoli Modern Sounds From The West Lonehill Jazz LHJ 10166
Conte Candoli Powerhouse Trumpet Bethlehem Archives R2 75826
Conte Candoli Sweet Simon Best BR 92101-2
Conte Candoli - Lee Morgan Howard Rumsey Presents - Double Or Nothin' Fresh Sound FSR-CD 197
Continuum Mad About Tadd Palo Alto Jazz 8029-N (CD-R)
Cory Weeds Everything's Coming Up Weeds Cellar Live CLF 11909 (CD-R)
Count Basie 88 Basie Street Pablo OJCCD-808-2 (CD-R)
Count Basie America's #1 Band! Columbia Legacy C4K 87110
Count Basie And The Kansas City 7 Impulse IMPD-202
Count Basie Basie Jam Pablo PACD-2310-718-2 (CD-R)
Count Basie Basie Jam #2 Original Jazz Classics (Pablo) OJCCD-631-2 (CD-R)
Count Basie Basie Jam #3 Pablo OJCCD-687-2 (CD-R)
Count Basie Live In '62 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JICOB
Count Basie Long Live The Chief Denon 33CY-1018
Count Basie More Hits Of The '50's And '60's Verve V6-8563 (CD-R)
Count Basie On My Way And Shoutin' Again Verve V-8511 (CD-R)
Count Basie Recordings With Lucky Thompson Volume 1 CD-R BB-9
Count Basie Recordings With Lucky Thompson Volume 2 CD-R BB-10
Count Basie Recordings With Lucky Thompson Volume 3 CD-R BB-11
Count Basie Recordings With Lucky Thompson Volume 4 CD-R BB-12
Count Basie Recordings With Lucky Thompson Volume 5 CD-R BB-13
Count Basie The Complete Clef/Verve Count Basie Fifties Recordings Mosaic MD8-229
Count Basie The Complete Decca Recordings Decca GRD-3-611
Count Basie The Complete Roulette Live Recordings Of (1959-1962) Mosaic MD8-135
Count Basie The Complete Roulette Studio Recordings Mosaic MD10-149
Count Basie - Billy Eckstine Basie/Eckstine Incorporated Roulette CDP 7243 8 28636 2 5
Count Basie - Tony Bennett Basie/Bennett - Count Basie And His Orchestra Swings Tony Bennett Sings Roulette CDP 7 93899 2
Curtis Amy Curtis Amy Mosaic Select MS-007 (7243 5 93419 2 7)
Curtis Counce Carl's Blues Contemporary OJCCD-423-2
Curtis Counce Exploring The Future Boplicity CDBOP 007
Curtis Counce Sonority Contemporary CCD-7655-2
Curtis Counce Vol.1 - Landslide Contemporary OJCCD-606-2
Curtis Counce You Get More Bounce With Contemporary OJCCD-159-2
Curtis Fuller Images Of Savoy SV-0129
Curtis Fuller With Red Garland New Jazz OJCCD-1862-2
Curtis Fuller Fire And Filigree Bee Hive BH 7007 (CD-R)
Curtis Fuller Jazz...It's Magic Savoy SV-0153
Curtis Fuller South American Cookin' - The Magnificent Trombone of Curtis Fuller Collectables COL-CD-6879
Curtis Fuller The Complete Blue Note/UA Sessions Mosaic MD3-166
Curtis Fuller The Curtis Fuller Jazztet Savoy SV-0134
Curtis Fuller - Hampton Hawes Curtis Fuller And Hampton Hawes With French Horns New Jazz OJCCD-1942-2
Curtis Fuller Quintet Blues-ette Part II Savoy CY-75624
Cy Touff His Octet And Quintet Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 93162 2 5
Cyrille Aimee Cyrille Aimee & Friends Live At Smalls Smalls Live SL 0018 (AAC)
Cyrus Chestnut Soul Borther Cool WJ3 1013 (AAC)
Dado Moroni Five For John Via Veneto Jazz/Jando Music (It.) VVJ 089
Dameronia Liva At The Theatre Boulogne Soul Note 121202-2 (CD-R)
Dan Diamant Dandi Works Double Black Diamond Unnumbered (mp3)
Dan Terry Teen Age Dance Party - Birth Of A Band Harmony HL 7002 (CD-R)
Dane Maxim Richeson Maxim Confit 7Maxim Productions 884501966504 (AAC)
Daniel Humair - Eddy Louiss - Jean-Luc Ponty Trio HLP Dreyfus Jazz FDM 36515-2 (mp3)
Daniel Smith Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues Summit DCD 622
Daniel Vitale The Daniel Vitale Quartet Private Production
Darrell Grant Smokin' Java Lair Hill LHR 001 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman A Hundred Million Miracles Arbors ARCD 19279 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman A Lady Must Live After 9 TWCD 2019 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman Guess Who's In Town Arbors ARCD 19341 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman Johnny Mercer: A Centennial Tribute Arbors ARCD 19388 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman Look What I Found Arbors ARCD 19154 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman New O'Leans Audiophile ACD 321 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman & Dave McKenna Jubilee Arbors ARCD 19224 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman & James Chirillo Born To Swing Audiophile ACD 316 (mp3)
Daryl Sherman & John Cocuzzi Celebrating Mildred Bailey and Red Norvo Audiophile ACD 295 (mp3)
Dave Bailey One Foot In The Gutter Koch Jazz KOC CD-8583
Dave Burns Dave Burns Vanguard VRS 9111 (CD-R)
Dave Burns Warming Up! Vanguard VRS 9143 (CD-R)
Dave D'Angelo & Section 8 In A Minute Double-Time DTRCD-160
Dave Douglas Soul On Soul RCA Victor 09026 63603-2
Dave Frishberg Songbook Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Omnisound Jazz N-1040 N-1051 (CD-R Voc-12)
Dave Glasser Begin Again Chiaroscuro CR(D) 373
Dave Glasser - Clark Terry - Barry Harris Uh! Oh! - The Dave Glasser - Clark Terry - Barry Harris Project Nagel Heyer 2003
Dave Peck Trio 3 And 1 Let's Play Stella LPS 2000-01 (mp3)
Dave Pell Octet A Pell Of A Time BMG RCA ND 74408
Dave Pike It's Time For Dave Pike Riverside OJCCD-1951-2
Dave Pike Pike's Groove Criss Cross 1021 (CD-R)
Dave Schnitter Glowing Muse MR 5222 (CD-R)
Dave Tull I Just Want To Get Paid! Toy Car Records TCR 0110
David Allyn (Jack Teagarden, Boyd Raeburn, Lyle Griffin, Ike Carpenter) Where You At? - '41-'63 Hep CD 95 (mp3)
David Fathead Newman Bigger & Better, The Many Facets of David Newman Atlantic SD 1505, 1524 (CD-R DN-1)
David Fathead Newman Cityscape HighNote HCD 7150 (CD-R)
David Fathead Newman Fire! Atlantic 7 81965-2
David Fathead Newman Heads Up Atlantic 81725-1 (CD-R)
David Fathead Newman It's Mister Fathead 32 Jazz 32053
David Fathead Newman Still Hard Times Muse MCD 5283
David Fathead Newman - James Clay The Sound Of The Wide Open Spaces Riverside OJCCD-1075-2
David Finck Future Day Soundbrush SR 1012 (mp3)
David Hazeltine The Classic Trio Sharp Nine CD 1005-2
David Matthews Trio Manhattan Sunset Projazz CDJ 647
David Murray Morning Song Black Saint BSR 0075 (CD-R)
David White Flashpoint Mister Shepherd Records MSR 10614 (CD-R)
Dawn Clement Hush Conduit CR 1303 (mp3)
Dee Daniels Feels So Good! Three X D Music 503-3
Dee Daniels State Of The Art Criss Cross 1362 (mp3)
Dee Dee Bridgewater This Is New Verve 440 016 884-2
Delfeayo Marsalis The Last Southern Gentleman Troubadour Jazz TJRO 81814 (AAC)
Dena DeRose Another World Sharp Nine CD 1016-2
Dena DeRose Love's Holiday Sharp Nine CD 1024-2
Dennis Raffelock So Many Ways The Heart Of Jazz V-1001 (mp3)
Dewa Budjana Hasta Karma MoonJune Records MJR 063 (mp3)
Dexter Gordon A Swingin' Affair Blue Note CDP 7 84133 2
Dexter Gordon Biting The Apple SteepleChase SCCD-31080
Dexter Gordon Blues A La Suisse Prestige P-10079 (CD-R)
Dexter Gordon Ca'Purange Prestige OJCCD-1005-2
Dexter Gordon Clubhouse Blue Note CDP 7 84445 2
Dexter Gordon Daddy Plays The Horn Bethlehem 20-30132
Dexter Gordon Dexter Blows Hot And Cool Fresh Sound FSR-CD 26
Dexter Gordon Dexter Calling Blue Note CDP 7 46544 2
Dexter Gordon Dexter Gordon Mosaic Select MS-014 (7243 5 70985 2 6)
Dexter Gordon Dexter's Mood (1945-1947) Cool & Blue CD 114
Dexter Gordon Doin' Allright Blue Note CDP 7 84077 2
Dexter Gordon Featuring Joe Newman Monad MOA 806
Dexter Gordon Generation Prestige OJCCD-836-2
Dexter Gordon Gettin' Around Blue Note CDP 7 46681 2
Dexter Gordon Go! Blue Note CDP 7 46094 2
Dexter Gordon Heartaches SteepleChase SCCD 36034 (CD-R)
Dexter Gordon Homecoming Columbia CK 46824 (CD-R)
Dexter Gordon Landslide Blue Note LT 1051 (CD-R)
Dexter Gordon Live At Carnegie Hall Columbia Legacy CK 65312
Dexter Gordon Manhattan Symphonie Columbia Legacy CK 93581
Dexter Gordon More Power! Prestige OJCCD-815-2
Dexter Gordon Night Ballads - Montreal 1977 Uptown UPCD 27.65
Dexter Gordon One Flight Up Blue Note CDP 7 84176 2
Dexter Gordon Our Man In Paris Blue Note CDP 7 46394 2
Dexter Gordon Sophisticated Giant Columbia Legacy CK 65295 (CD-R)
Dexter Gordon Tangerine Prestige OJCCD-1041-2
Dexter Gordon The Complete Hamburg Concert 1974 Gambit 69304
Dexter Gordon The Resurgence of Dexter Gordon Jazzland OJCCD-929-2
Dexter Gordon The Squirrel Blue Note CDP 7243 8 57302 2 1
Dexter Gordon The Tower Of Power Prestige OJCCD-299-2
Dexter Gordon True Blue Xanadu XCD 1221
Dexter Gordon XXL Prestige PRCD-11023-2 (CD-R)
Dexter Gordon - Slide Hampton A Day In Copenhagen Pausa PR 7058 (CD-R)
Diana Krall From This Moment On Verve VERW344940 (B000732302)
Diana Krall Live In Paris Verve 440 065 109-2
Diana Krall Love Scenes Impulse IMPD-233
Diane Reeves A Little Moonlight Blue Note 7243 5 80252 2 4
Dick Berk & The Jazz Adoption Agency The Rare One Discovery DS 877 (CD-R)
Dick Berk & The Jazz Adoption Society East Coast Stroll Reservoir RSR CD 128
Dick Collins King Richard The Swing Hearted RCA BMG 74321611082 (mp3)
Dick Garcia A Message From Garcia Dawn DCD 108 (mp3)
Dick Katz 3way Play Reservoir RSR CD 127
Dick Katz In High Profile Bee Hive 7016 (CD-R)
Dick Katz The Line Forms Here Reservoir RSR CD 141
Dick Mitchell East Meets West Pacific St Records PSD 0014
Dick Sudhalter And His Friends: With Pleasure Audiophile ACD 159 (mp3)
Dick Whittington Trio In New York Concord Jazz CCD-4498
Dicky Wells Lonesome Road Uptown UP 27.07 (mp3)
Dina Blade S'Wonderful Pony Boy PB50129-2 (mp3)
Dinah Washington Anthology Stardust/Cleopatra 0959 2 (CD-R)
Dinah Washington Dinah! Mercury 834 683-2 (CD-R)
Dinah Washington For Those In Love Emarcy 314 514 073-2
Dinah Washington The Complete Dinah Washington On Mercury, Vol. 2 (1950-1952) (Disc 1) Mercury 832 448-2 (mp3)
Dinah Washington The Swingin' Miss "D" Verve 314 558 074-2
Diva Leave It To Diva Diva Ltd. CD 079602 (mp3)
Dizzy Gillespie A Portrait Of Duke Ellington Verve 817 107-2
Dizzy Gillespie Afro - Big Band Sound of Dizzy Gillespie CD-R DG-4 (Verve 314 517 052-2)
Dizzy Gillespie And His Big Band in Concert - Diz Big Band CD-R DG-5 (GNP Crescendo GNPD-23, Verve MGV-8178)
Dizzy Gillespie At Newport Verve 314 513 754-2
Dizzy Gillespie Big Band Recordings 1949-1962 CD-R DG-2
Dizzy Gillespie Big Band: Melodic Revolution & Good Bait Alto AL 703 & Spotlite SPJ 122 (mp3) (partial albums)
Dizzy Gillespie Birks Works - The Verve Big-Band Sessions Verve 314 527 900-2
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy In Paris Vogue 655619
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy's Dream Band Fox Lorber FLV5134
Dizzy Gillespie Duets Verve 835 253-2
Dizzy Gillespie Gillespiana & Carnegie Hall Concert Verve 314 519 809-2 (CD-R)
Dizzy Gillespie Groovin' High Savoy SV-0152 (mp3)
Dizzy Gillespie Jambo Caribe Verve 314 557 492-2
Dizzy Gillespie Live in '58 & '70 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JIDG
Dizzy Gillespie Live With The Mitchell-Ruff Duo BOMC 31-6515 (CD-R)
Dizzy Gillespie New Faces GRP-A 1012 (CD-R)
Dizzy Gillespie Odyssey 1945-1952 Savoy Jazz SVY 17109
Dizzy Gillespie Pablo Quartets: Dizzy Gillespie's Big 4 - The Gifted Ones Pablo OJCCD-443-2, OJCCD-886-2 (CD-R DG-3)
Dizzy Gillespie Showtime At The Spotlite Uptown UPCD 27.53 & 27.54
Dizzy Gillespie Sittin' In Verve B000393702 (CD-R)
Dizzy Gillespie The Complete RCA Victor Recordings RCA Bluebird 07863 66528-2
Dizzy Gillespie The Development Of An American Artist, 1940-1946 Smithsonian Collection - Columbia Special Products R004 P2 13445 (CD-R)
Dizzy Gillespie The Real Thing Perception PLP-2 (CD-R)
Dizzy Gillespie The Verve & Philips Dizzy Gillespie Small Group Sessions Mosaic MD7-234
Dizzy Gillespie To Diz With Love - Diamond Jubilee Recordings Telarc CD-83307 (mp3)
Dizzy Gillespie - Bobby Hackett - Mary Lou Williams Giants - Portrait of Jenny Collectables COL-5616 (mp3)
Dizzy Gillespie - Charlie Parker Town Hall, New York City, June 22, 1945 Uptown UPCD 27.51
Dizzy Gillespie - Jimmy McPartland Hot vs. Cool - Shades of Bix MGM E194, MCA 2-4110 (CD-R DG-6)
Dizzy Gillespie - Max Roach In Paris Disques Vogue 09026-68213-2
Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt Sonny Side Up Verve 314 521 426-2
Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Stitt The Bop Session Gazell GJCD-1005
Dizzy Gillespie - Stan Getz Diz And Getz Verve 833 559-2
Dizzy Gillespie - Stan Getz - Sonny Stitt For Musicians Only Verve 837 435-2
Dizzy Reece Blues In Trinity Blue Note TOCJ-4006
Dizzy Reece Comin' On Blue Note 7243 5 22019 2 1
Dizzy Reece Soundin' Off Blue Note BST 84033 (CD-R)
Dizzy Reece Star Bright Blue Note TOCJ-4023
Django Reinhardt Djangology RCA Bluebird 09026 63957-2
Django Reinhardt Nuages Arkadia Jazz 71431
Doc Cheatham - Nicholas Payton Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton Verve 314 537 062-2
Doc Cheatham - Sammy Price Black Beauty Sackville 3029 (CD-R)
Dodo Marmarosa Pittsburgh 1958 Uptown UPCD 27.44
Dodo Marmarosa - Lorraine Geller West Coast Piano Touch Norma/Vantage 5011 (CD-R)
Dolo Coker California Hard Xanadu 142 (CD-R)
Don Byas A Night In Tunisia Black Lion 760136 (AAC)
Don Byas Don Byas 1944-1945 CD-R DB-1
Don Byas Lover Man Vogue 74321154702 (CD-R)
Don Byas Walkin' Black Lion 760167 (AAC)
Don Byas - Bud Powell A Tribute To Cannonball Columbia CK 65186 (CD-R)
Don Elliott Double Trumpet Doings Jazzland OJCCD-1925-2
Don Elliott Quintet RCA LJM-1007 (CD-R)
Don Ellis Essence Mighty Quinn MQP 1101
Don Fagerquist Eight By Eight: Music To Fill A Void V.S.O.P. 4 (CD-R)
Don Friedman Hot Knepper And Pepper Progressive PCD-7036
Don Lanphere - Bud Shank - Denney Goodhew Lopin' Hep CD 2058 (mp3)
Don Lanphere - Larry Coryell Don Lanphere - Larry Coryell Hep CD 2048 (mp3)
Don Lanphere - Pete Christlieb Get Happy Origin 82363 (mp3)
Don Lanphere Sextet Go Again Hep 2040 (mp3)
Don Menza Hip Pocket Palo Alto PA 8010 (CD-R)
Don Menza Big Band Burnin' Realtime RT-3001
Don Patterson Boppin' & Burnin' Prestige PR 7563 (CD-R)
Don Patterson Funk You! Prestige PR 7613 (CD-R)
Don Pullen - George Adams Breakthrough Blue Note BT 85122 (CD-R)
Don Sickler Night Watch Uptown UPCD 27.39
Don Sickler Reflections HighNote HCD 7062
Don Sickler The Music Of Kenny Dorham Uptown UP 27.17 (CD-R)
Don Sleet All Members Jazzland OJCCD-1949-2 (CD-R)
Don Specht An Afternoon With Don Specht Soundtrax ANX 138/139 (mp3)
Don Wilkerson The Complete Blue Note Sessions Blue Note 7243 5 24555 2 2
Donald Byrd A New Perspective Blue Note 7243 4 99006 2 2
Donald Byrd At The Half Note Vol. 1 Blue Note CDP 7 46539 2
Donald Byrd At The Half Note Vol. 2 Blue Note CDP 7 46540 2
Donald Byrd Blackjack Blue Note CDP 7243 8 21286 2 5
Donald Byrd Byrd In Flight Blue Note TOCJ-4048
Donald Byrd Byrd's Word Savoy SV-0132
Donald Byrd Free Form Blue Note CDP 7 84118 2
Donald Byrd Fuego Blue Note CDP 7 46534 2
Donald Byrd Groovin' For Nat 1201 Music 9030-2
Donald Byrd I'm Tryin' To Get Home Blue Note TOCJ-6661
Donald Byrd Mustang Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59963 2 0
Donald Byrd Off To The Races Blue Note TOCJ-4007
Donald Byrd Royal Flush Blue Note TOCJ-4101
Donald Byrd Slow Drag Blue Note 7243 5 35560 2 0
Donald Byrd The Cat Walk Blue Note TOCJ-4075
Donald Byrd Byrd In Hand Blue Note TOCJ-4019
Donald Byrd Chant Blue Note LT-991 (CD-R)
Donald Byrd The Creeper Blue Note LT-1096 (CD-R)
Donald Byrd - Booker Little The Third World Collectables COL-6132 (mp3)
Donald Byrd - Doug Watkins The Transition Sessions Blue Note 7243 5 40528 2 8
Donald Byrd - Gigi Gryce Jazz Lab - Modern Jazz Perspective Collectables COL-5674
Donald Byrd - Pepper Adams Motor City Scene Bethlehem 20-30182
Donald Byrd - Pepper Adams Quintet Out Of This World - The Complete Warwick Sessions Fresh Sound FSR-CD 137
Doris Drew Delightful Doris Drew V.S.O.P. 69 (CD-R)
Dory Previn On My Way To Where Mediarts 41-1 (CD-R)
Doug Lawrence Soul Carnival Fable FRDL01
Doug MacDonald Doug MacDonald Quartet Cexton CR 5678 (mp3)
Doug MacDonald New York Session Sharp Eleven SE-0101 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington And His Mother Called Him Bill RCA Bluebird 6287-2-RB
Duke Ellington Black Brown And Beige Columbia CK 65566 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington Concert Of Sacred Music RCA LSP-3582 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington Dance To Duke At The Bal Masque Columbia CS 8098 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington Duke Ellington 1938 - 1940 Smithsonian Collection P6 15079 R 018 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington Ellington At Newport Columbia CK 40587
Duke Ellington Ellington At Newport Columbia Legacy C2K 64932
Duke Ellington Ellington Uptown Columbia CK 40836
Duke Ellington Giants Of Jazz Tracks From Time-Life STL J02 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington Live! Emarcy 842071-2
Duke Ellington Money Jungle Blue Note 7243 5 38227 2 9 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington Never No Lament - The Blanton-Webster band RCA Bluebird 82876-50857-2
Duke Ellington Newport 1958 Mosaic MCD-1014
Duke Ellington Spacemen - The Cosmic Scene CBS 467179 2
Duke Ellington The Bethlehem Years Vol. 1 Bethlehem BCP-6013 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington The Complete Capitol Recordings Mosaic MD5-160
Duke Ellington The Popular Duke Ellington RCA BMG 0902 663880 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington The Reprise Studio Recordings Mosaic MD5-193
Duke Ellington - Billy Strayhorn Great Times! - Piano Duets Riverside OJCCD-108-2 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington - Coleman Hawkins Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins Impulse IMPD-162 (CD-R)
Duke Ellington - Count Basie The Count Meets The Duke Columbia Legacy CK 65571
Duke Ellington - John Coltrane Duke Ellington And John Coltrane Impulse MCAD-39103
Duke Ellington - Rosemary Clooney Blue Rose Columbia Legacy CK 65506
Duke Ellington Orchestra Digital Duke GRP GRD-9548
Duke Jordan Duke's Artistry SteepleChase SCCD 31103 (CD-R)
Duke Jordan Duke's Delight SteepleChase SCCD 31046 (CD-R)
Duke Jordan Flight To Jordan Blue Note CDP 7 46824 2
Duke Jordan Music Of The Original Soundtrack Of The Motion Picture Les Liaisons Dangereuses Collectables COL 5795
Duke Jordan - Bud Powell New York - Paris Vogue 74321-45727-2
Duke Jordan - Hall Overton Jazz Laboratory Series - Do It Yourself Jazz Vol. 1,2 Savoy SV-0130
Duke Jordan - Sadik Hakim East And West Of Jazz Charlie Parker PLP-805S (CD-R)
Duke Pearson Dedication Prestige OJCCD-1939-2
Duke Pearson Duke Pearson Mosaic Select MS-008 (7243 5 92822 2 0)
Duke Pearson Introducing Duke Pearson's Band
Blue Note CDP 7243 4 94508 2 0
Duke Pearson Prairie Dog Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8532
Duke Pearson Profile Blue Note TOCJ 9072 (CD-R copy)
Duke Pearson Sweet Honey Bee Blue Note 7243 5 90834 2 1
Duke Pearson Tender Feelin's Blue Note TOCJ-4035 (CD-R)
Duke Pearson The Duke Pearson Big Band - Baltimore, April 1969 Uptown UPCD 27.72
Duke Pearson The Right Touch Blue Note 0946 3 74220 2 1
Duke Pearson Wahoo Blue Note CDP 7 84191 2
Dupree Bolton Fireball Uptown UPCD 27.56
Dusko Goykovich Soul Connection Enja ENJ-80442
Earl Anderza Outa Sight Pacific JazzCDP 7243 4 94849 2 4
Earl Bostic For You King KCD-503 (mp3)
Earl Bostic Let's Dance King KCD-529 (mp3)
Earl Bostic The Chronological Earl Bostic 1954-1955 Classics 5179
Earl Bostic The EP Collection Vol. 2 See For Miles SEECD 720
Earl Coleman Earl Coleman Returns Prestige OJCCD-187-2
Earl Coleman Stardust Stash ST 243 (CD-R)
Earl Hines Earl Hines 1953-1954 Classics (Fr.) 1440 (mp3)
Earl King (Connelly King) Big Blue Diamonds Gusto GUS 2303 (AAC)
Ears (Jazz Of All Eras) By Request AFI 82 P 1023 (CD-R)
Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz ITM (Ger.) 1477 (CD-R)
Ed Bennett Blues For Hamp Saphu SCD-0015
Ed Bennett Ed Bennett Trio Vision VR 2001 (CD-R)
Ed Bennett In Season Saphu SCD-0016
Ed Bennett Tourology Saphu SCD-0018
Eddie Barclay Et Voila! Fresh Sound FSR 515 (CD-R)
Eddie Bert I Hear Music Modern Music Fresh Sound FSR 1611 (CD-R)
Eddie Bert Like Cool: The Contemporary Artistry Of Eddie Bert Somerset P-5200 (mp3)
Eddie Bert The Human Factor Fresh Sound FSR 5005 CD
Eddie Bert - J. R. Monterose Live At Birdland Fresh Sound CD-198
Eddie Bonnemere Mass For Every Season CSS 698 XSV 143495 (mp3)
Eddie Bonnemere Missa Laetare Fortress CSS 795 XSV 743383 (mp3)
Eddie Cleanhead Vinson - Julian Cannonball Adderley Cleanhead & Cannonball Milestone MCD-9324-2
Eddie Condon The Complete CBS Recordings Of His All Stars Mosaic MD5-152
Eddie Costa Eddie Costa Quintet V.S.O.P. 7 (CD-R)
Eddie Costa Guys And Dolls Like Vibes Verve 314 549 366-2
Eddie Daniels Homecoming - Live At The Iridium IPO 1012 (CD-R)
Eddie Harris Eddie Who? Timeless CDSJP 244
Eddie Harris Exodus To Jazz + Mighty Like A Rose Vee Jay VJ-019
Eddie Harris Greater Than The Sum Of His Parts 32 Jazz 32067
Eddie Harris There Was A Time - Echo Of Harlem Enja R2 79663
Eddie Hazell Another Side of Eddie Hazell Eden LP 2 (CD-R)
Eddie Henderson Dark Shadows Milestone MCD-9254-2 (CD-R)
Eddie Henderson Dreams Of Gershwin Keystone VACY 1023 (CD-R)
Eddie Henderson Inspiration Milestone MCD-9240-2
Eddie Henderson Oasis Sirocco Jazz SJL 1015 (CD-R)
Eddie Henderson Reemergence Sharp Nine CD 1012-2
Eddie Henderson Quintet Phantoms SteepleChase SCCD 31250
Eddie Henderson Quintet Think On Me SteepleChase SCCD 31264
Eddie Higgins Eddie Higgins Collectables COL-CD-7173
Eddie Higgins Moonlight Becomes You Venus TKGV 1003 (CD-R)
Eddie Jefferson Things Are Getting Better Muse 5043 (CD-R)
Eddie Locke And His Friends - AFS And All That Global Jazz AFS 9999 (CD-R)
Eddie Lockjaw Davis Cookbook Prestige OJCCD-652-2
Eddie Lockjaw Davis Eddie Lockjaw Davis Enja 3097 (CD-R)
Eddie Lockjaw Davis Trane Whistle Prestige OJCCD-429-2
Eddie Lockjaw Davis Very Saxy Prestige OJCCD-458-2 (CD-R)
Eddie Lockjaw Davis - Harry Edison - Al Grey Jazz At The Philharmonic 1983 Original Jazz Classics (Pablo) OJCCD-859-2 (CD-R)
Eddie Marshall And Holy Mischief Ruddy Duck RD 1000-2 (mp3)
Edmar Castaneda Entre Cuerdas Artists Share 0095 (CD-R)
Elin (Kathleen Clelia Elin Melgarejo) Lazy Afternoon Blue Toucan Music BT0118052 (mp3)
Elina Vasiltchikova I Never Felt This Way Before Private Production (mp3)
Ella Fitzgerald Live In '57 & '63 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JIEF
Ella Fitzgerald The Cole Porter Songbook Verve 314 519 832/833/834-2 (CD-R)
Ella Fitzgerald Ella Sings Gershwin BOMC 80-5571 (Verve 314 519 832-2) (CD-R)
Ella Fitzgerald Rhythm Is My Business Verve 314 559 513-2
Ella Fitzgerald - Billie Holiday - Carmen McRae At Newport Verve 314 559 809-2
Ella Fitzgerald - Count Basie A Perfect Match Pablo Today (Jpn.) 3112-53
Ella Fitzgerald - Louis Armstrong Ella And Louis Verve 825 373-2
Ella Fitzgerald - Louis Armstrong Ella and Louis Again Verve 825 374-2, 440 065 390-2 (AAC)
Ella Fitzgerald - Peter Herbolzheimer Ella Fitzgerald In Koln 1974: The First Lady Of Jazz Jazz VIP 136 (DVD-R)
Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington Cote D'Azur Concerts Verve 314 539 033-2
Elliott Lawrence The Elliott Lawrence Big Band Swings Cohn And Kahn Fantasy FCD-24761-2
Elliott Lawrence Band Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements Fantasy OJCCD-117-2
Ellis Larkins Blue And Sentimental Decca DL-9211 (CD-R)
Elmer Bernstein Sweet Smell Of Success Sound Track Decca DL 8610 (CD-R)
Elmo Hope Elmo Hope Trio Contemporary OJCCD-477-2
Elmo Hope Hope Meets Foster Prestige OJCCD-1703-2
Elmo Hope Hope-Full Riverside OJCCD-1872-2
Elmo Hope Sounds From Rikers Island Audio Fidelity AFLP 2119 (CD-R copy)
Elmo Hope The Beacon & Celebrity Trio Recordings Prevue CD PR 15
Elmo Hope The Final Sessions Evidence ECD 22147-2
Elmo Hope Trio And Quintet Blue Note CDP 7 84438 2
Elmo Hope Sextet And Trio Homecoming! Riverside OJCCD-1810-2
Elmo Hope Trio Meditations Prestige OJCCD-1751-2
Elvin Jones Elvin! Riverside OJCCD-259-2
Elvin Jones Puttin' It Together Blue Note 84282 (CD-R)
Eric Alexander One For All - Too Soon To Tell Sharp Nine CD 1006-2
Eric Alexander Straight Up Delmark DE 461
Eric Alexander Two Of A Kind Criss Cross 1133 CD
Eric Alexander - Lin Halliday Stablemates Delmark DE-488
Eric Alexander Quintet New York Calling Criss Cross Jazz 1077 CD
Eric Alexander Sextet Full Range Criss Cross 1098 CD
Eric Dolphy Candid Dolphy Candid CCD 79033
Eric Dolphy Far Cry Prestige PRCD-8270-2
Eric Dolphy Out To Lunch Blue Note CDP 7 46524 2
Eric Dolphy Quintet Outward Bound Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-022-2
Eric Felten Eric Felten Meets The Dek-Tette V.S.O.P. 113 (CD-R)
Eric Reed Manhattan Melodies Verve IMPD-294
Eric Reed Musicale Impulse IMPD-196
Ernestine Anderson Sunshine Concord Jazz CJ-109 (CD-R)
Ernestine Anderson - Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra Boogie Down Concord Jazz CCD-4407
Ernie Andrews The Great City Muse MCD 5543 (mp3)
Ernie Henry Last Chorus Riverside OJCCD-1906-2
Ernie Henry Presenting Ernie Henry Riverside OJCCD-1920-2
Ernie Henry Seven Standards And A Blues Riverside OJCCD-1722-2
Ernie Watts Reaching Up JVC 2031-2
Ernie Watts - Pete Christlieb - Rickey Woodard The Tenor Trio JMI 7501-2
Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band Storyville SLP-4051 (CD-R)
Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band Live Matrix MTX 29203 (CD-R)
Ernie Wilkins Hard Mother Blues Mainstream MRL 305 (CD-R)
Ernie Wilkins Top Brass Savoy 93007-2
Ernie Wilkins - Kenny Clarke Septet Kenny Clarke & Ernie Wilkens Savoy SV-0222
Erroll Garner Concert By The Sea Columbia CK 40859
Erroll Garner Contrasts Verve 314 558 077-2
Erroll Garner Long Ago And Far Away Columbia CK 40863
Erroll Garner The Complete Savoy Master Takes Savoy Jazz SVY-17025-26
Etta Jones If You Could See Me Now Muse MR 5175 (CD-R)
Evans Bradshaw - Roosevelt Wardell Essential Jazz Masters: Evans Bradshaw Trio - Roosevelt Wardell Trio Fresh Sound FSR-CD 665_2 (Vintage Masters Digital Download; mp3)
Fats Navarro Goin' To Minton's Savoy Jazz 92861-2
Fats Navarro The Fats Navarro Story Proper Box 11 (CD-R)
Fats Navarro - Tadd Dameron The Complete Blue Note And Capitol Recordings of Fats Navarro And Tadd Dameron Blue Note CDP 7243 8 33373 2 3
Fats Waller The Indispensable Fats Waller Vol. 9/10 (1940-1943) - Jazz Tribune No. 71 RCA 66466-2 (CD-R copy)
Fay Claassen Rhythms & Rhymes Jazz 'N Pulz (Du.) BMCD 380 (CD-R)
Fletcher Henderson Rarest Fletcher MCA 1346 (CD-R)
Fletcher Henderson Sextet Live Cafe Society 1950 CD-R FH-1
Flip Phillips Swing Is The Thing Verve 314 543 477-2
Flip Phillips - Scott Hamilton A Sound Investment Concord Jazz CCD-4334
Frank Basile Modern Inventions + Demo Disc Frank Basile FBMCD 002
Frank Basile Pepper Adams: The Complete Compositions, Volume 4 Gary Carner Production (CD-R)
Frank Basile Thursday The 12th Frank Basile Music FBMCD001 (mp3)
Frank Capp - Nat Pierce Juggernaut - Ernestine Anderson Live At The Alley Cat Concord Jazz CCD-4336
Frank Capp Trio Presents Rickey Woodard Concord Jazz CCD-4469
Frank Foster Fearless Frank Foster Prestige OJCCD-923-2
Frank Foster Leo Rising Arabesque Jazz AJ0124
Frank Foster Manhattan Fever Blue Note 0946 3 85191 2 6 (CD-R)
Frank Foster No Count Savoy SV-0114
Frank Foster - George Wallington Here Comes Frank Foster - George Wallington Showcase Blue Note 7243 4 95750 2 8
Frank Hewitt We Loved You Smalls Records SRCD 0001
Frank Mantooth Per-se-vere Optimism OP CD-3229 (mp3)
Frank Mantooth Suite Tooth Optimism OP-CD-3217 (mp3)
Frank Minion The Soft Land Of Make Believe Bethlehem BCP 6052 (CD-R)
Frank Morgan A Lovesome Thing Antilles 422-848 213-2
Frank Morgan Frank Morgan GNP Crescendo GNPD 9041 (CD-R)
Frank Morgan Lament Contemporary C-14021 (CD-R)
Frank Morgan Mood Indigo Antilles 91320-2
Frank Morgan With The Cedar Walton Trio - Easy Living Contemporary OJCCD-833-2 (CD-R)
Frank Morgan - Bud Shank Quiet Fire Contemporary CCD-14064-2 (mp3)
Frank Rosolino Frank Rosolino Quintet V.S.O.P. 16 CD
Frank Rosolino Free For All Specialty OJCCD-1763-2
Frank Rosolino I Play Trombone Bethlehem TOCJ-62051 (CD-R copy)
Frank Senior Let Me Be Frank Private Production (CD-R)
Frank Sinatra Come Swing With Me Capitol CDP 7 94520 2
Frank Sinatra Strangers In The Night Reprise 1017-2
Frank Sinatra That's Life Reprise FS 1020 (CD-R)
Frank Sinatra The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings Disc 20 Warner Brothers/Reprise 46013 (CD-R)-2
Frank Sinatra - Antonio Carlos Jobim Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim Reprise 9 46948-2
Frank Sinatra - Count Basie Sinatra - Basie - An Historic Musical First Reprise 9 47241-2
Frank Sinatra - Duke Ellington Francis A. & Edward K. Reprise 9 47243-2
Frank Sinatra - Red Norvo Quintet Live In Australia, 1959 Blue Note CDP 7243 8 37513 2 7
Frank Socolow Sounds By Socolow Bethlehem TOCJ-62024 (CD-R)
Frank Strazzeri Kat Dancin' Discovery DS-933 (CD-R)
Frank Strozier Cool, Calm And Collected Koch KOC-CD-8552
Frank Strozier Dance Dance - Frank Strozier And The Rhythm Machine Trident TRS 502 (CD-R)
Frank Strozier Long Night Milestone MCD-47095-2
Frank Strozier Remember Me Steeplechase SCCD 31066
Frank Strozier What's Goin' On Steeplechase SCCD 31420
Frank Tate Thanks For The Memory: Frank Tate's Musical Tribute To Bobby Short Arbors ARCD 19421 (mp3)
Frank Wess Going Wess Town Crier TCD 518
Frank Wess North, South, East...Wess Savoy MG 12072 (CD-R)
Frank Wess Trombones & Flute Savoy SV-0190 (CD-R)
Frank Wess Tryin' To Make My Blues Turn Green Concord Jazz CCD-4592
Frank Wess Wess Point - The Commodore Recordings Fresh Sound FSR-CD 469 (CD-R)
Frank Wess Yo Ho! Poor You, Little Me Prestige PRLP 7266
Frank Wess - Harry Edison Dear Mr. Basie Concord Jazz CCD-4420
Frank Wess - Johnny Coles Two At The Top Uptown UP 27.14 (CD-R)
Frank Wess - Johnny Coles Two At The Top Uptown UPCD 27.69 & 27.70
Frank Wess Quintet Surprise! Surprise! Gemini GMCD 84
Frankie Laine - Buck Clayton Jazz Spectacular Columbia Legacy CK 65507 (mp3)
Fraser MacPherson Quintet In The Tradition Concord Jazz CCD-4506 (mp3)
Fred Jackson Hootin' And Tootin' Blue Note CDP 7243 8 21819 2 7
Freddie Green Mr. Rhythm RCA LPM-1210 (CD-R)
Freddie Hubbard Blue Spirits Blue Note CDP 7 46545 2
Freddie Hubbard Born To Be Blue Original Jazz Classics (Pablo) OJCCD-734-2 (CD-R)
Freddie Hubbard Breaking Point Blue Note CDP 7 84172 2
Freddie Hubbard Freddie Hubbard Live JustJazz JJCD 1006 (CD-R)
Freddie Hubbard Goin' Up Blue Note TOCJ-4056
Freddie Hubbard Here To Stay Blue Note BST 84135 (CD-R copy)
Freddie Hubbard Hub Cap Blue Note TOCJ-4073
Freddie Hubbard Hub-Tones Blue Note CDP 7 84115 2
Freddie Hubbard Live In France 1973 Mosaic/Jazz Icons MDVD 2005
Freddie Hubbard Minor Mishap Black Lion BLCD 760122
Freddie Hubbard Open Sesame Blue Note CDP 7 84040 2
Freddie Hubbard Ready For Freddie Blue Note TOCJ-4085
Freddie Hubbard Sweet Return Collectables COL 6182 (CD-R)
Freddie Hubbard The Artistry Of Impulse IMPD-179
Freddie Hubbard The Body And The Soul Impulse IMPD-183
Freddie Hubbard - Woody Shaw The Eternal Triangle Blue Note CDP 7 48017 2
Freddie Redd Lonely City Uptown UPCD 27.30
Freddie Redd Music from The Connection Boplicity CDBOP 019
Freddie Redd The Complete Blue Note Recordings Of Freddie Redd Mosaic MD2-124
Freddie Roach Brown Sugar Water 148 (EMI 7243 5 81555 2 5)
Freddie Roach Down To Earth Blue Note TOCJ 4113 (CD-R copy)
Freddie Roach Good Move Blue Note TOCJ-4158
Freddie Roach Mo' Greens Please Blue Note TOCJ-4128
Freddy Cole I Want A Smile For Christmas Fantasy FCD-9672-2 (CD-R)
Freddy Cole Recordings With Joe Locke CD-R Voc-14
Friederich Gulda Musician Of Our Time: Midlife Harvest MPS (Ger.) 06024 9828945 (part - CD-R)
Friedrich Gulda At Birdland RCA (BMG) 74321125872
Friedrich Gulda Friedrich Gulda Und Sein Orchester Preiser (Austrian) PR 90667 (mp3)
Friedrich Gulda Music For 4 Soloists and Band No. 1 Saba (Ger.) 15097 ST (CD-R)
Full Faith And Credit Big Band Debut Palo Alto Jazz PA 8001 (CD-R)
Full Faith And Credit Big Band Jazzfaire Palo Alto Jazz PA 8003 (CD-R)
Gale Robbins & Eddie Cano Orchestra I'm A Dreamer RCA BMG (Sp.) 74321 89830-2 (CD-R)
Gap Mangione Family Holidays Josh Music JM 2005 (mp3)
Gap Mangione The Big Band - Planet Gap Cafe Josh JM-2024 (mp3)
Gary Smulyan The Real Deal Reservoir RSR CD 172
Gary Smulyan Nonet Saxophone Mosaic Criss Cross Jazz 1092
Gene Ammons Boss Tenor Prestige OJCCD-297-2
Gene Ammons Free Again Prestige PR 10040 (CD-R)
Gene Ammons Hi-Fi Jam Session Prestige OJCCD-013-2
Gene Ammons Jammin' In Hi Fi With Gene Ammons Prestige OJCCD-129-2
Gene Ammons - Sonny Stitt Boss Tenors In Orbit! Verve 314 549 371-2
Gene Harris Trio Plus One Concord Jazz CCD-4303 (CD-R)
Gene Harris - Philip Morris Superband Live At Town Hall, N.Y.C. Concord Jazz CCD-4397
Gene Krupa Gene Krupa Plays The Arrangements Of Gerry Mulligan Verve 06024 98617670 (mp3)
Gene Krupa - Anita O'Day Let Me Off Uptown Columbia Legacy CK 65625
Gene Krupa - Harry James The Complete Capitol Recordings of Gene Krupa & Harry James Mosaic MD7-192
Gene Krupa Big Band Drummer Man Verve 827 843-2
Gene Stone - Vince Wallace - Kent Glenn Vintage Stonejazz Rhombus RHO 7041
Geoffrey Keezer & Joe Locke Signing Motema MTM-85
Geoffrey Keezer, Joe Locke, Tim Garland (Storms/Nocturnes) VIA Origin 82591
George Benson The New Boss Guitar Of George Benson Prestige OJCCD-461-2 (CD-R)
George Braith The Complete Blue Note Sessions Blue Note 7243 5 24558 2 9
George Cables Beyond Forever SteepleChase SCCD 31305 (CD-R)
George Cables Phantom Of The City Contemporary C-14014 (CD-R)
George Coleman Septet Live, New York City, June 27, 1976 Private Recording (mp3)
George Coleman Octet Big George Affinity Charly 83
George Coleman Octet Straight Ahead Hard Bop Individual Voices (DVD-R)
George Gruntz Radio Days: Dance - Romance - Relevance TCB (Swi.) 27802-10 (CD-R)
George Gruntz - NDR BigBand Radio Days: Totally Bemonked TCB (Swi.) 27802-6 (CD-R)
George Gruntz & The Alpine Power Plant The Alpine Power Plant MPS (Ger.) 33 21460-5 (mp3)
George Handy Handyland U.S.A. RCA BMG 74321611122
George Handy Pensive Fresh Sound FSR-CD 438 (CD-R)
George Kelly Jazz Sultans Live At The West End Vanacore VR-440 (CD-R)
George Russell Jazz In The Space Age Chessmates GRD-826
George Russell New York, N.Y. Decca MCAD 31371
George Russell Outer Thoughts Milestone M-47027 (CD-R)
George Russell The Jazz Workshop Koch KOC-CD-7850
George Shearing George Meets The Lion - The Original Quintet And The Solos Jasmine JASCD 363
George Shearing Jazz Masters 57 Verve 314 529 900-2
George Shearing Lullaby Of Birdland Verve 827 977-1 (CD-R)
George Shearing The Complete Capitol Live Recordings Of Mosaic MD5-157
George Shearing - Julian Cannonball Adderley Quintets At Newport Pablo PACD-5315-2
George Shearing - Nancy Wilson The Swingin's Mutual Capitol Jazz 7243 5 93093 2 3
George Shearing Trio Jazz Moments Capitol 7243 8 32085 2 4
George Wallington Jazz At Hotchkiss Savoy SV 0119
George Wallington Knight Music Koch Jazz KOC CD-8543
George Wallington The Trios Prestige OJCCD-1754-2
George Wallington The Workshop Of George Wallington (George Wallington: Essential Jazz Masters) Norgran MGN 24 (mp3)
George Wallington Quintet Jazz For The Carriage Trade Prestige OJCCD-1704-2
George Wein The Newport Jazz Festival All Stars Concord CJ-260 (CD-R)
Georgie Auld Homage Xanadu XCD 1226
Georgie Auld In The Middle Musicraft Trend MVSCD 56
Georgie Auld That's Auld Brunswick BL 54034 (mp3)
Gerald Wiggins Reminiscin' With Wig Fresh Sound FSR-CD 47
Gerald Wiggins The Gerald Wiggins Trio V.S.O.P. 28
Gerald Wiggins The King And I - Modern Jazz Renditions Fresh Sound FSR-CD 53
Gerald Wiggins Wiggin' Out Hifijazz OJCCD-1034-2
Gerald Wilson In My Time Mack Avenue MAC 1025 (CD-R)
Gerald Wilson New York, New Sound Mack Avenue MAC 1009
Gerald Wilson State Street Sweet MAMA Foundation MMF 1010
Gerald Wilson The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of Gerald Wilson And His Orchestra Mosaic MD5-198
GŽraldine Laurent Around Gigi Dreyfus Jazz FDM 36956-2 (CD-R)
Geri Allen Trio Twenty One Blue Note CDP 7243 8 30028 2 5
Gerry Gibbs Sextet The Thrasher Qwest/Warner Bros. 9 46228-2
Gerry Mulligan Mullenium Columbia Legacy CK 65678
Gerry Mulligan Presenting The Gerry Mulligan Sextet Emarcy MG-36056 (CD-R)
Gerry Mulligan Quartet Featuring Chet Baker Plus Chubby Jackson Band Fantasy OJCCD-711-2
Gerry Mulligan Re-Birth Of The Cool GRP GRD-9679 (mp3)
Gerry Mulligan The Complete Verve Gerry Mulligan Concert Band Sessions Mosaic MD4-221
Gerry Mulligan The Gerry Mulligan Songbook Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 8 33575 2 9
Gerry Mulligan What Is There To Say Columbia Legacy CK 52978
Gerry Mulligan The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings Of The Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet Baker Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 8 38263 2 2
Gerry Mulligan - Ben Webster Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster Verve 841 661-2
Gerry Mulligan - Paul Desmond Quartet Verve 314 519 850-2
Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band In Concert - Featuring Zoot Sims Europe1 RTE 1505-2
Gerry Mulligan Tentette - Shorty Rogers Giants - Metronome All Stars Birth Of The Cool Volume 2 Capitol CDP 7 98935 2
Gerry Niewood And Timepiece A&M Horizon SP-719 (CD-R)
Gerry Niewood Share My Dream DMP CD-450
Gigi Gryce And The Jazz Lab Quintet Riverside OJCCD-1774-2
Gigi Gryce Doin' The Gigi Uptown UPCD 27.64
Gigi Gryce Gigi Gryce Fresh Sound FSR-CD 1637 (CD-R)
Gigi Gryce Nica's Tempo Savoy SV-0126
Gigi Gryce Saying Somethin' Prestige New Jazz OJCCD-1851-2
Gigi Gryce The Complete Paris Collection Vol. 5 Vogue (J.) DY5903-3 (mp3)
Gigi Gryce The Hap'nin's Prestige New Jazz OJCCD-1868-2
Gigi Gryce The Rat Race Blues Prestige New Jazz OJCCD-081-2
Gigi Gryce - Donald Byrd Jazz Lab Fresh Sound FSR-CD 82
Gigi Gryce - Donald Byrd - Cecil Taylor The Gigi Gryce - Donald Byrd Jazz Laboratory & The Cecil Taylor Quartet At Newport Verve 314 589 764-2
Gigi Gryce - Donald Byrd Jazz Lab New Formulas From The Jazz Lab RCA (Fr.) PL 43698 (CD-R)
Gigi Gryce Quartet - Orch-Tette Gigi Gryce - Reminiscin' CD-R GG-1 (Metrojazz E1006 - Mercury MG 20628)
Gil Evans Gil Evans & Ten Prestige OJCCD-346-2
Gil Evans Gil Evans And His Orchestra View Video 1301 (DVD-R)
Gil Evans Great Jazz Standards Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46856 2
Gil Evans New Bottle Old Wine Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46855 2 8
Gil Evans Out Of The Cool Impulse IMPD-186 (CD-R)
Gil Fuller - Dizzy Gillespie And The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Pacific Jazz ST 93 (CD-R)
Gil Melle Gil's Guests Prestige OJCCD-1753-2
Gil Melle The Complete Blue Note Fifties Sessions Blue Note 7243 4 95718 2 2
Gloria Lynne Miss Gloria Lynne Fresh Sound FSR-CD 172 (CD-R)
Gordon Brisker Quintet About Charlie Discovery DSCD-923 (mp3)
Grachan Moncur III Grachan Moncur III Mosaic Select MS-001 (7243 5 80379 2 0)
Grand Funk Selection & Herb Geller Pick Up The Saxes Telefunken (Ger.) 6.22380 AS (mp3)
Grant Green Am I Blue Blue Note 7243 5 35564 2 6
Grant Green Blues For Lou Blue Note 7243 5 21438 2 5
Grant Green Born To Be Blue Blue Note CDP 7 84432 2
Grant Green Feelin' The Spirit Blue Note CDP 7 46822 2
Grant Green First Session Blue Note 7243 5 27548 2 3
Grant Green Goin' West Blue Note 7243 5 90843 2 9
Grant Green Grant's First Stand Blue Note 7243 5 21959 2 3
Grant Green Grantstand Blue Note CDP 7 46430 2
Grant Green Green Street Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32088 2 1
Grant Green Idle Moments Blue Note CDP 7 84154 2
Grant Green Iron City Savoy SVY 17227
Grant Green Matador Blue Note CDP 7 84442 2
Grant Green Reaching Out Black Lion BLCD760129
Grant Green Solid Blue Note CDP 7243 8 33580 2 1
Grant Green Standards Blue Note CDP 7243 8 21284 2 7
Grant Green Sunday Mornin' Blue Note TOCJ-4099
Grant Green The Complete Quartets With Sonny Clark Blue Note CDP 7243 8 57194 2 4
Grant Green The Holy Barbarian, St. Louis, 1959 Uptown UPCD 27.68
Grant Green The Latin Bit Blue Note CDP 7243 8 37645 2 5
Great Jazz Trio At The Village Vanguard Test Of Time 02 (CD-R)
Great Jazz Trio (Hank Jones) Love For Sale East Wind (Jpn.) 35JD-4
Greetje Kauffeld And Let The Music Play Sonorama (Ger.) C 07 (mp3)
Greg Abate Straight Ahead Candid CCD 79530
Greg Gisbert Quintet Harcology Criss Cross 1084 CD
Greg Marvin Taking Off! Timeless SJP 348 (CD-R)
Gregory Porter Liquid Spirit Blue Note B001880002, 0602537410538 (AAC)
Greta Matassa Got A Song That I Sing Mark Likes Jazz (mp3)
Grover Mitchell Hip Shakin' Ken-005
Grover Mitchell Big Band Live At The Red Parrot Hemisphere HR 1006 (CD-R)
Gus Mancuso Gus Mancuso & Special Friends Fantasy FCD-24762-2
Hadley Caliman Gratitude Origin 82499 (CD-R)
Hal Galper - Jerry Bergonzi Just Us Enja 80582
Hal McKusick East Coast Jazz Series No. 8 Fresh Sound FSR-CD 41
Hal McKusick Now's The Time (1957-58) Decca GRD-651
Hampton Hawes All Night Session, Vol. 2 Contemporary OJCCD-639-2
Hampton Hawes At The Piano Contemporary OJCCD-877-2
Hampton Hawes Bird Song Contemporary OJCCD-1035-2
Hampton Hawes Blues For Bud Black Lion BLCD760126
Hampton Hawes Everybody Likes Hampton Hawes Contemporary CCD-3523-2
Hampton Hawes For Real Contemporary OJCCD-713-2
Hampton Hawes Four! Contemporary OJCCD-165-2
Hampton Hawes I'm All Smiles Contemporary OJCCD-796-2
Hampton Hawes The Sermon Contemporary OJCCD-1067-2
Hampton Hawes Vol. 1: The Trio Contemporary OJCCD-316-2
Hampton Hawes Vol. 2: The Trio Contemporary OJCCD-318-2
Hampton Hawes Trio High In The Sky Fresh Sound FSR-CD 59
Hank Crawford - Jimmy McGriff On The Blue Side Milestone MCD-9177-2 (CD-R)
Hank Crawford - Jimmy McGriff Soul Survivors Milestone MCD-9142-2 (CD-R)
Hank Crawford - Leo Wright The Soul Clinic - Blues Shout Collectables COL-CD-6281
Hank Jones I Remember You Classic Jazz 115 (CD-R)
Hank Jones Lazy Afternoon Concord Jazz CCD-4391
Hank Jones The Jazz Trio Of Hank Jones Savoy SV-0184
Hank Jones Trio Plus The Flute Of Bobby Jaspar Savoy SV-0236
Hank Jones Urbanity Verve 314 537 749-2
Hank Jones - Frank Wess Hank & Frank Lineage LIN 103 (AAC)
Hank Jones - Ray Brown - Jimmie Smith Jones-Brown-Smith Concord Jazz CJ-32 (CD-R)
Hank Mobley A Caddy For Daddy Blue Note CDP 7 84230 2
Hank Mobley A Slice Of The Top Blue Note CDP 7243 8 33582 2 9
Hank Mobley And His All Stars Blue Note CDP 7243 8 37668 2 6
Hank Mobley Another Workout Blue Note CDP 0777 7 84431 2 4
Hank Mobley Curtain Call Blue Note TOCJ-1611
Hank Mobley Dippin' Blue Note CDP 7 46511 2
Hank Mobley Far Away Lands Blue Note CDP 7 84425 2
Hank Mobley Hank Blue Note TOCJ-1560
Hank Mobley Hank Mobley Blue Note TOCJ-1568
Hank Mobley Hi Voltage Blue Note CDP 7 84273 2
Hank Mobley Jazz Message Vol. 2 Savoy SV-0158
Hank Mobley Messages Prestige PCD-24063-2
Hank Mobley Newark 1953 Uptown UPCD 27.66 & 27.67
Hank Mobley No Room For Squares Blue Note CDP 7 84149 2
Hank Mobley Peckin' Time Blue Note CDP 7 81574 2
Hank Mobley Poppin' Blue Note TOCJ-1620
Hank Mobley Quintet Blue Note TOCJ-1550
Hank Mobley Reach Out! Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59964 2 9
Hank Mobley Roll Call Blue Note CDP 7 46823 2
Hank Mobley Soul Station Blue Note CDP 7 46528 2
Hank Mobley Straight No Filter Blue Note 7243 5 27549 2 2
Hank Mobley The Flip Blue Note 7243 5 90412 2 3
Hank Mobley The Turnaround Blue Note CDP 7 84186 2
Hank Mobley Thinking Of Home Blue Note 7243 5 40531 2 2
Hank Mobley Third Season Blue Note 7243 4 97506 2 3
Hank Mobley With Donald Byrd And Lee Morgan Blue Note TOCJ-1540
Hank Mobley Workout Blue Note CDP 7 84080 2
Hans Koller Jazz Workshop - Ruhr Festival 1962 Columbia (Ger.) 33SX 1540 (CD-R)
Harold Ashby I'm Old Fashioned Stash ST-CD-545
Harold Land Harold In The Land Of Jazz Contemporary OJCCD-162-2
Harold Land Take Aim Mighty Quinn MQP1104
Harold Land The Fox Contemporary OJCCD-343-2
Harold Mabern A Few Miles From Memphis Prestige PR 7568 (CD-R)
Harold Mabern Rakin' and Scrapin' Prestige PR 7624 (CD-R)
Harold Mabern Trio Straight Street DIW Columbia CK 48961
Harold Nicholas - June Richmond - Andy Bey Jazz In Paris - Harold Nicholas, June Richmond, Andy Bey Verve Gitanes 013 036-2
Harold Ousley Grit-Gittin' Feelin' Delmark DE-520
Harold Vick Steppin' Out Blue Note CDP 7243 8 52433 2 5
Harold Vick Watch What Happens RCA Victor LSP 3902 (CD-R)
Harper Brothers Harper Brothers Verve 837 033-2
Harper Brothers Remembrance Verve 841 723-2
Harry Babasin - Bob Enevoldsen Jazz In Hollywood Nocturne OJCCD-1888-2
Harry Edison Edison's Lights Pablo OJCCD-804-2 (CD-R)
Harry Edison Sweets Clef MGC 717 (CD-R)
Harry Edison - Eddie Lockjaw Davis Sweets And Jaws Black And Blue 233106
Harry James Trumpet Blues First Heard FH 41 (CD-R)
Harry Leahey
Unaccompanied Guitar C. Macey Productions
Harry Lookofsky Stringsville Collectables COL-CD-7792
Harry Sweets Edison Mr. Swing - The Swinger Verve 314 559 868-2
Harry Sweets Edison Patented By Edison Roulette R 52041 (CD-R)
Haywood Henry The Gentle Monster Uptown UP27.13 (CD-R)
Helen Forrest Now And Forever Stash ST225 (CD-R)
Helen Merrill Brownie - A Homage To Clifford Brown Verve 314 522 363-2 (mp3)
Helen Merrill Music Makers Owl 044 (CD-R)
Helen Merrill Something Special Inner City 1060 (CD-R)
Helen Merrill The Complete On Mercury Mercury 826 340-2
Helen Merrill & Gil Evans Collaboration Emarcy 834 205-2 (CD-R)
Helen Sung (re)Conception SteepleChase SCCD 31708 (CD-R)
Helyne Stewart Love Moods Contemporary OJCCD-1020-2 (mp3)
Hemispheres Crossroads Sunnyside SSC 1235 (mp3)
Henry Grimes The Call ESP-DISK 1026 (mp3)
Henry Jerome The Henry Jerome Orchestra 1944-45 - The First Big Band Ever To Play bebop Love L 1002
Henry Pucho Brown Mucho Pucho Timeless (Du.) SJP 444 (mp3)
Herb Ellis Nothing But The Blues Verve 314 521 674-2
Herb Ellis - Jimmy Giuffre Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre Verve 314 559 826-2
Herb Ellis & Stuff Smith Together! Koch Jazz 3-7805-2
Herb Geller A Jazz Song Book Enja R2 79655 (CD-R)
Herb Geller An American In Hamburg Nova 6.28332 DX (CD-R)
Herb Geller At The Movies Hep 2092
Herb Geller Birdland Stomp Enja 2162 (AAC)
Herb Geller Birdland Stomp Fresh Sound FSR-CD 174
Herb Geller Fungi Mama Circle (Ger.) 241184/34 (CD-R)
Herb Geller Gypsy ATCO SD 33-109 (CD-R)
Herb Geller Herb Geller Plays EmArcy PHCE-3069
Herb Geller Herb Geller Plays The Al Cohn Songbook Hep 2066 (CD-R)
Herb Geller Herb Geller Plays The Arthur Schwartz Songbook Hep 2089 (CD-R)
Herb Geller Herb Geller Quartet V.S.O.P. 89 - Mode 203
Herb Geller Herb Geller's 80th Birthday Party Klaus Scholz Archives (Ger.) KSCD 0900 (private CD-R)
Herb Geller Hot House Circle (Ger.) 241184/30 (CD-R)
Herb Geller I'll Be Back Hep 2074 (CD-R)
Herb Geller Playing Jazz Fresh Sound FSR 5011 (CD-R)
Herb Geller Stax Of Sax Fresh Sound FSR-CD 75
Herb Geller That Geller Feller Fresh Sound FSR-CD 91
Herb Geller The Gellers EmArcy MG 36024; Imperial IMP 121 (CD-R copy)
Herb Geller The Herb Geller Sextet EmArcy MG 36040 (CD-R copy)
Herb Geller To Benny & Johnny With Love From Herb Geller Hep CD 2084
Herb Geller You're Looking At Me Fresh Sound FSR 5018 (CD-R)
Herb Geller - Brian Kellock Hollywood Portraits Hep 2078 (CD-R)
Herb Geller - Charlie Mariano Halle Opera House 2002 Hep 2096 (CD-R)
Herb Geller - Rein de Graaff Delightful Duets 2 Blue Jack BJJR 022 (CD-R)
Herb Geller - Wolfgang Kšhler Moon Mist Phonector unnumbered
Herb Geller & Jacques Dieval JACE All Stars & Early Bird Jam Session INA Downloads (mp3)
Herb Pomeroy Band In Boston United Artists UAL 4015 (CD-R)
Herb Pomeroy Life Is A Many Splendored Gig Fresh Sound FSR-CD84
Herb Pomeroy - Billy Novick This Is Always Daring CD 3021 (mp3)
Herbie Fields Septet Live At The Flame Club, St. Paul, 1949 IAJRC CD 1014 (CD-R)
Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles Blue Note CDP 7 84175 2
Herbie Hancock Head Hunters Columbia CK 47478
Herbie Hancock Inventions & Dimensions Blue Note 7243 5 63799 2 3 (CD-R)
Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage Blue Note 7243 4 95331 2 7
Herbie Hancock My Point Of View Blue Note CDP 7 84126 2
Herbie Hancock Takin' Off Blue Note CDP 7 46506 2
Herbie Harper Jazz In Hollywood Nocturne OJCCD-1887-2
Herbie Harper Sextet V.S.O.P. 49
Herbie Harper Quintet Five Brothers V.S.O.P. 9CD
Herbie Mann At The Village Gate Atlantic SD 1380, 1407 (CD-R)
Herbie Mann Herbie Mann Plays Bethlehem 30012
Herbie Nichols The Complete Blue Note Recordings Of Mosaic MD3-118
Herbie Nichols Trio Love, Gloom, Cash, Love Bethlehem 20-30112
Hi-Lo's Broadway Playbill Columbia CL 1416/CS 8213 (CD
Hi-Lo's Now Pausa 7093 (CD-R)
Hi-Lo's The Hi-Lo's And All That Jazz Columbia CL 1259 (CD-R)
Hidehiko Sleepy Matsumoto Eternal Dreams Meldac Jazz MECJ-2017 (mp3)
Hilton Ruiz Cross Currents Stash ST 248 (CD-R)
Hilton Ruiz Enchantment Arabesque Jazz AJ 0157
Hod O'Brien Ridin' High Reservoir RSR CD 116
Hod O'Brien So That's How It Is Reservoir RSR CD 155
Hod O'Brien Quintet Opalessence Criss Cross 1012 (CD-R)
Horace Parlan Frank-ly Speaking SteepleChase SCCD 31076 (CD-R)
Horace Parlan Happy Frame Of Mind Blue Note CDP 7 84134 2
Horace Parlan Headin' South Blue Note TOCJ 4062
Horace Parlan Movin' And Groovin' Blue Note TOCJ-4028
Horace Parlan On The Spur Of The Moment Blue Note CDP 7243 8 21735 2 6
Horace Parlan Up And Down Blue Note TOCJ-4082
Horace Parlan Us Three Blue Note CDP 7243 8 56581 2 9
Horace Parlan Quintet Speakin' My Piece Blue Note TOCJ-4043
Horace Silver A Prescription For The Blues Impulse IMPD-238 (mp3)
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers Blue Note CDP 7 46140 2
Horace Silver In Pursuit Of The 27th Man Blue Note 7243 5 35758 2 3
Horace Silver Live At Newport '58 Blue Note 0946 3 98069 5 9 (0946 3 98070 2 4) (CD-R)
Horace Silver Paris Blues Pablo PACD-5316-2
Horace Silver Song For My Father Blue Note 7243 4 99002 2 6
Horace Silver Spiritualizing The Senses Silveto SPR-102 (CD-R copy)
Horace Silver The Cape Verdean Blues Blue Note CDP 7 84220 2
Horace Silver The Hardbop Grandpop Impulse IMPD-192
Horace Silver Quintet Doin' The Thing At The Village Gate Blue Note CDP 7 84076 2
Horace Silver Quintet Finger Poppin' With Blue Note CDP 7 84008 2
Horace Silver Quintet Further Explorations By Blue Note CDP 7243 8 56583 2 7
Horace Silver Quintet Horace-Scope Blue Note CDP 7 84042 2
Horace Silver Quintet Silver's Blue CBS Portrait Masters RK 45138
Horace Silver Quintet Silver's Serenade Blue Note TOCJ-4131
Horace Silver Quintet Six Pieces Of Silver Blue Note TOCJ-1539
Horace Silver Quintet The Stylings Of Silver Blue Note TOCJ-1562
Horace Silver Quintet The Tokyo Blues Blue Note TOCJ-4110
Horace Silver Quintet & Trio Blowin' The Blues Away Blue Note CDP 7 46526 2
Horace Silver Trio And Spotlight On Drums Blue Note CDP 7 81520 2
Horace Tapscott Thoughts of Dar Es Salaam Arabesque AJ0128 (mp3)
Houston Person Social Call HighNote HCD 7115
Howard Brofsky 73 Down: Drbebop Private Production (mp3)
Howard McGhee Dusty Blue Bethlehem Archives R2 75818
Howard McGhee Jazz Brothers Storyville STCD 8266
Howard McGhee Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries Bethlehem TOCJ-62032 (CD-R)
Howard McGhee Maggie - The Savoy Sessions Savoy SV-0269 (CD-R)
Howard McGhee Maggie's Back In Town Contemporary OJCCD-693-2
Howard McGhee Sharp Edge Black Lion BLCD760110
Howard McGhee The Return Of Howard McGhee Bethlehem COCY-78649
Howard McGhee Trumpet At Tempo - The Complete Dial Sessions, 1946-1947 Jazz Classics CD-JZCL-6009
Howard McGhee West Coast, 1945-47 Uptown UPCD 27.74
Howard McGhee - Kenny Drew Howard McGhee - Introducing The Kenny Drew Trio Blue Note 7243 4 95747 2 4
Howard McGhee - Tal Farlow Howard McGhee Vol. 2 - Tal Farlow Quartet Blue Note 7243 4 95748 2 3
Howard Roberts Mr. Roberts Plays Guitar Fresh Sound FSR-CD 478 (CD-R)
Howard Roberts The Real Howard Roberts Concord Jazz CCD-4053
Howard Rumsey Lighthouse All Stars Volume 4 - Oboe/Flute Contemporary OJCCD-154-2
Howard Rumsey Lighthouse All-Stars Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All Stars, Vol. 3 Contemporary OJCCD-266-2 (CD-R)
Howard Rumsey Lighthouse All-Stars - Hampton Hawes Lighthouse At Laguna Contemporary OJCCD-406-2
Idrees Sulieman Now Is The Time Steeplechase SCCD 31052
Ike Carpenter Dancers In Love Jazz Band EBCD 2171-2 (CD-R)
Ike Quebec Blue And Sentimental Blue Note CDP 7 84098 2
Ike Quebec Easy Living Blue Note CDP 7 46846 2
Ike Quebec Heavy Soul Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32090 2 6
Ike Quebec It Might As Well Be Spring Blue Note TOCJ-4105
Ike Quebec Soul Samba Blue Note CDP 7243 8 52443 2 2
Ike Quebec The Complete Blue Note 45 Sessions Of Mosaic MD2-121
Ike Quebec - John Hardee The Complete Blue Note Forties Recordings Of Mosaic MD3-107
Illinois Jacquet Collates - Flying Home: The Best Of The Verve Years CD-R IJ-1 (Clef MGC-112; Verve 314 521 644-2)
Illinois Jacquet Desert Winds Verve B0002026-02
Illinois Jacquet On Prestige - Bottoms Up Prestige OJCCD-417-2 (CD-R)
Illinois Jacquet The Complete Illinois Jacquet Sessions 1945-50 Mosaic MD4-165
Illinois Jacquet - Ben Webster The Kid And The Brute Verve 314 557 096-2
Illinois Jacquet - Leo Parker Toronto 1947 Uptown UPCD 27.73
Illinois Jacquet Big Band Jacquet's Got It Atlantic 7 81816-2
Inga Rumpf Radio Love Edel/NDR Digital Download (AAC)
Inge Brandenburg Sing! Inge, Sing Silver Spot (Ger.) 1036002SSR (mp3)
Ira Sullivan Bird Lives Vee Jay NVJ2-950
Ira Sullivan Blue Stroll With Johnny Griffin Delmark DE-402
Ira Sullivan The Incredible Plays Stash ST 208 (CD-R)
Ira Sullivan Quintet Nicky's Tune Delmark DD-422
Irene Kral Better Than Anything Fresh Sound FSR CD 69
Irene Kral Irene Kral Live JustJazz JJCD 1002 (CD-R)
Irene Kral Where Is Love? Choice CRS 1012 (CD-R)
Irene Kral - Herb Pomeroy The Band And I United Artists UAL 4016 (CD-R)
Irv Cottler Salutes The Chairman Of The Board - I've Got You Under My Skins Alfred Publishing 173 (CD-R)
Irving Ashby Memoirs Audiophile AP-133 (CD-R)
J. R. Monterose J. R. Monterose Blue Note CDP 7243 8 29102 2 0
J. R. Monterose Live In Albany 1979 Uptown UPCD 27.80
J. R. Monterose The Message Fresh Sound FSR-CD 201
J.C. Heard This Is Me, J.C. Heard Argo LP 633 (CD-R)
J.J. Johnson Concepts In Blue Pablo OJCCD-735-2 (CD-R)
J.J. Johnson Heroes Verve 314 528 864-2
J.J. Johnson J.J. - The Dynamic Sound of J.J. With Big Band Mosaic MCD-1004
J.J. Johnson J.J.'s Broadway Verve B000060402 (CD-R)
J.J. Johnson Let's Hang Out Verve Gitanes 314 514 454-2
J.J. Johnson Origins - The Savoy Sessions Savoy Jazz SVY 17127
J.J. Johnson Proof Positive Impulse GRD-145
J.J. Johnson Quintergy Antilles 422-848 214-2
J.J. Johnson Standards Antilles 314-510 059-2
J.J. Johnson Tangence Verve Gitanes 314 526 588-2
J.J. Johnson The Complete Columbia J.J. Johnson Small Group Sessions Mosaic MD7-169
J.J. Johnson The Eminent Vol. 1 Blue Note CDP 7 81505 2
J.J. Johnson The Eminent Vol. 2 Blue Note CDP 7 81506 2
J.J. Johnson The Total J.J. Johnson RCA 74321 93843-2
J.J. Johnson Vivian Concord Jazz CCD-4523
J.J. Johnson - Al Grey Things Are Getting Better All The Time Pablo OJCCD-745-2 (CD-R)
J.J. Johnson - Kai Winding Jay & Kai Savoy SV 0163
J.J. Johnson - Kai Winding Jay & Kai + 6; J.J. In Person Collectables COL-5677
J.J. Johnson - Kai Winding The Great Kai And J.J. Impulse IMPD-225
J.J. Johnson - Kai Winding Trombone For Two Mosaic MCD-1015
J.J. Johnson - Kai Winding - Bennie Green Kai And Jay Bennie Green With Strings Prestige OJCCD-1727-2
J.J. Johnson - Kai Winding - Bennie Green - Willie Dennis Four Trombones - The Debut Recordings Prestige PRCD-24097-2
Jack Donahue A Small Blue Thing Two Maples Music 12169
Jack McDuff The Honeydripper Prestige OJCCD-222-2
Jack McDuff - Gene Ammons Brother Jack Meets The Boss Prestige OJCCD-326-2
Jack Millman Jack Millman And His All Stars Fresh Sound FSR-CD 502 (CD-R)
Jack Montrose Arranged/Played/Composed By Jack Montrose With Bob Gordon Koch Jazz KOC CD-8571
Jack Montrose Blues And Vanilla RCA ND 74400
Jack Montrose Sextet Pacific Jazz CDP 7143 4 93161 2 6
Jack Prather Shades Displaced Hip unnumbered (CD-R)
Jack Sheldon Jack's Groove Fresh Sound FSR-CD 70
Jack Sheldon Live At Don Mupo's Gold Nugget V.S.O.P. 101 CD
Jack Sheldon Playing For Change Uptown UPCD 27.43
Jack Sheldon The Quartet & The Quintet Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 93160 2 7
Jack Teagarden Accent On Trombone Fresh Sound FSR-CD 138
Jack Teagarden The Complete Capitol Fifties Sessions Mosaic MD4-168
Jack Wilson Easterly Winds Blue Note 7243 4 73161 2 8 (mp3)
Jack Wilson The Two Sides Of Jack Wilson Collectables COL-CD-6177
Jackie Cain - Roy Kral Double Take Sony SRCS 7149
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral A Stephen Sondheim Collection Finesse FW 38324 (CD-R)
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral An Alec Wilder Collection Audiophile ACD-257
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral East Of Suez Concord Jazz CJ-149 (CCD-4149) (CD-R)
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral High Standards Concord Jazz CJ-186 (CD-R)
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral In the Spotlight - Sweet and Low Down ABC Paramount 267, Columbia CL 1469 (CD-R Voc-15)
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most Black Lion BLCD760904
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral The ABC Paramount Years Koch KOC-CD-7927
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral The Beautiful Sea - Songs Of Sun, Sand & Sea DRG 8474 (mp3)
Jackie Cain And Roy Kral The Glory of Love, Bits and Pieces, Sing Baby Sing - Tracks Not Reissued CD-R Voc-5 (ABC 120, ABC 163, Storyville 915)
Jackie McLean 4, 5 And 6 Prestige PRCD-30155-2
Jackie McLean A Fickle Sonance Blue Note TOCJ-4089
Jackie McLean Bluesnik Blue Note CDP 7 84067 2
Jackie McLean Capuchin Swing Blue Note TOCJ-4038
Jackie McLean Demon's Dance Blue Note 0946 3 62670 2 9 (mp3)
Jackie McLean Jackie McLean & Co. Prestige OJCCD-074-2
Jackie McLean Jackie's Bag Blue Note TOCJ-4051
Jackie McLean Let Freedom Ring Blue Note CDP 7 46527 2
Jackie McLean New And Old Gospel Blue Note (Jpn.) TOCJ 9237 (CD-R)
Jackie McLean New Soil Blue Note CDP 7 84013 2
Jackie McLean Swing, Swang, Swingin' Blue Note TOCJ-4024
Jackie McLean The Complete Blue Note 1964-1966 Sessions Mosaic MD4-150
Jackie McLean The Jackie McLean Quintet Roulette TOCJ-5977
Jackie McLean Tippin' The Scales Blue Note CDP 7 84427 2
Jackie McLean Vertigo Blue Note 7243 5 22669 2 0
Jackie McLean - Great Jazz Trio New Wine In Old Bottles Test Of Time 13 (CD-R)
Jackie McLean Quintet Lights Out Prestige OJCCD-426-2
Jackie Paris Love Songs EmArcy (Jpn.) PHCE-5020 (CD-R)
Jackie Paris Lucky To Be Me EmArcy (Jpn.) EJD-2 (CD-R)
Jacky Terrasson Jacky Terrasson Blue Note CDP 7243 8 29351 2 4
Jacques Pelzer Salute To The Band Box Igloo IGL 106 (CD-R)
Jaki Byard Out Front! Prestige OJCCD-1842-2
Jaki Byard The Jaki Byard Experience Prestige OJCCD-1913-2
James Carter Jurassic Classics DIW 886 (Sony/Columbia CK 67058) (CD-R)
James Carter The Real Quietstorm Atlantic 82472 (CD-R)
James L. Dean Ceora Cexton CR 8158 (mp3)
James Moody At The Jazz Workshop Chess 0003 GRD 815
James Moody Don't Look Away Now Prestige OJCCD-925-2
James Moody Hi Fi Party Prestige OJCCD-1780-2
James Moody Honey RCA Novus 3111-2-N
James Moody James Moody - With Strings Argo 648, 679 (CD-R JM-1)
James Moody James Moody And the Brass Figures Milestone OJCCD-1099-2
James Moody Moody's Mood For Love Chessmates GRD-823
James Moody Moody's Party Live At The Blue Note Telarc CD-83382
James Moody Return From Overbrook Chess GRD-810
James Moody - Al Cohn Too Heavy For Words Pausa PR-7029 (CD-R)
James Moody & Hank Jones Our Delight IPO 1013 (CD-R)
James Williams Magical Trio 2 Emarcy 834 368-2
James Williams Meet The Magical Trio Emarcy 838 653-2
James Williams Meets The Saxophone Masters Columbia - DIW CK 53430
James Zollar Soaring With Bird Naxos Jazz 86008-2
Jan Johansson 8 Bitar/Innertrio Heptagon HECD 005 (CD-R)
Jan Lundgren - Herb Geller Stockholm Get-Together Fresh Sound FSR 5007
Jan Stentz Profile Bam J 1002 (CD-R)
Jane Blackstone Natural Habitat NYC Motief 2002
Jane Fielding - Inez Jones Jazz Trio For Voice Piano And String Bass - Have You Met Inez Jones CD-R Voc-10 (Toshiba TOCJ 9491, Riverside RLP 12-819) (CD-R)
Jane Ira Bloom Sixteen Sunsets Out-Line OTL 141
Jane Jarvis Atlantic-Pacific Arbors ARCD 19189 (CD-R)
Jane Jarvis Sagmo's Song Faith 002
Jane Jarvis & Benny Powell Two Of A Kind Faith FM 1133 (CD-R)
Janet Lawson Quintet Dreams Can Be Omni Sound N1052 (CD-R)
Jay Clayton Live At Jazz Alley ITM Pacific 970065
Jay Collins Uncommon Threads Reservoir RSR CD 135
Jay Lawrence Thermal Strut OA2 22028
Jay Leonhart Life Out On The Road - A Jazz Journey Nesak 19801-4 (CD-R)
Jay Thomas Blues For McVouty Stash ST-CD-562 (mp3)
Jay Thomas Rapture Jazz Focus JFCD013 (mp3)
Jazz Crusaders The Jazz Crusaders: The Pacific Jazz Quintet Studio Sessions Mosaic MD6-230
Jazzmobile All-Stars Jazzmobile All-Stars Taylor-Made T1003 (mp3)
Jean Toots Thielemans Man Bites Harmonica Riverside OJCCD-1738-2
Jean Toots Thielemans The Soul Of Doctor Jazz WK 40550
Jean Toots Thielemans The Sound Columbia CL 658 (CD-R copy)
Jeanie Bryson Tonight I Need You So Telarc 83348 (CD-R)
Jeannie And Jimmy Cheatham Homeward Bound Concord CCD-4321 (CD-R)
Jeannie Cheatham - Jimmy Cheatham Gud Nuz Blues Concord Jazz CCD-4690
Jeff Zelnick A Little More Than The Blues J.A.Z. Session 325 (mp3)
Jeremy Pelt Close To My Heart MaxJazz MXJ 403
Jeri Southern Southern Breeze Fresh Sound FSR-CD 104 (CD-R)
Jerri Winters Somebody Loves Me - Winters Again CD-R Voc-6 (Bethlehem BCP-76, Charlie Parker PLP-808-S)
Jerry Bergonzi Lineage Red 123237 2 CD
Jerry Bergonzi Standard Gonz Blue Note CDP 7 96256 2
Jerry Van Rooyen - Rick Kiefer Dutch Jazz Collection - The Jerry Van Rooyen Jazz Orchestra Brilliant Jazz (Du.) 8053/2 (mp3)
Jerry Van Rooyen & Festival Big Band Explosive! Sonorama (Ger.) C 43 (mp3)
Jessica Williams Blue Fire Jazz Focus JFCD035 (mp3)
Jessica Williams Encounters Jazz Focus JFCD005
Jessica Williams Momentum Jazz Focus JFCD003
Jessica Williams The Next Step Hep CD 2054 (mp3)
Jessica Williams Update Clean Cuts CC 706 (CD-R)
Jiggs Whigham Brazilian Portrait DRS-Band 86 07 024 (CD-R)
Jiggs Whigham Hope Mons CD 1888 (mp3)
Jiggs Whigham The Jiggs Up Capri 74024-2
Jiggs Whigham The Third Stone Koala P4/IRS 941.324 (CD-R)
Jiggs Whigham - Carl Fontana Nice 'N' Easy TNC Jazz CD-1701
Jiggs Whigham - Gene Bertoncini Jiggs & Gene Azica AJD-72204 (mp3)
Jiggs Whigham & HR Big Band Strangers In The Night - The Music of Bert Kaempfert Polydor (Ger.) 06 025 171 389-7 (mp3)
Jim Cifelli New York Nonet - So You Say A-Records AL 73175 (mp3)
Jim Hall - Red Mitchell Jim Hall And Red Mitchell MHS 512387Y (mp3)
Jim Hall Trio Jazz Guitar Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46851 2 (PJ 1227 on CD-R)
Jim McNeely Boneyard Origin 82473
JIm Rotondi 1000 Rainbows Posi-Tone PR 8062 (CD-R)
Jim Rotondi Destination Up Sharp Nine 1022-2 (CD-R)
Jimmie Lunceford Lunceford Special - Jimmie Lunceford 1939-1940 Columbia Legacy CK 65647
Jimmy Cleveland Complete Recordings Lonehil Jazz LHJ10235_2 (CD-R)
Jimmy Cleveland Introducing Jimmy Cleveland And His All Stars Verve 314 543 752-2
Jimmy Cobb JImmy Cobb's Mob - Only For The Pure At Heart Fable 54264-2
Jimmy Forrest All The Gin Is Gone Delmark DD-404
Jimmy Forrest Black Forrest Delmark DD-427
Jimmy Forrest Heart Of The Forrest Muse MCD 5509
Jimmy Forrest Out Of The Forrest Prestige OJCCD-097-2
Jimmy Forrest Sit Down And Relax With Jimmy Forrest Prestige OJCCD-895-2
Jimmy Forrest Soul Street Prestige OJCCD-987-2
Jimmy Giuffre The Complete Capitol And Atlantic Recordings of Jimmy Giuffre Mosaic MD6-176
Jimmy Gourley The Left Bank Of New York Uptown UPCD 27.32
Jimmy Greene Introducing Jimmy Greene Criss Cross Jazz 1181 CD
Jimmy Hamilton Sweet But Hot Drive DE2-41204
Jimmy Hamilton Swing Low Sweet Clarinet Fresh Sound FSR-CD 211
Jimmy Heath Jimmy Heath And Brass - Swamp Seed Riverside OJCCD-1904-2
Jimmy Heath Little Man Big Band Verve 314 513 956-2
Jimmy Heath Love And Understanding Muse 5028 (CD-R)
Jimmy Heath On The Trail Riverside OJCCD-1854-2
Jimmy Heath Peer Pleasure Landmark LLP 51514 (CD-R)
Jimmy Heath Picture of Heath Prevue CD PR 2
Jimmy Heath Really Big Riverside OJCCD-1799-2
Jimmy Heath - Heath Brothers Brothers And Others Antilles AN-1016 (CD-R)
Jimmy Heath - Percy Heath - Albert Tootie Heath (Heath Brothers) As We Were Saying Concord Jazz CCD-4777-2
Jimmy Knepper I Dream Too Much Soul Note 1092 (CD-R)
Jimmy Knepper Idol Of The Flies Bethlehem BCP-6031 (CD-R)
Jimmy Knepper In L.A. Inner City 6047 (CD-R)
Jimmy Knepper Quintet Dream Dancing Criss Cross Jazz 1024 CD
Jimmy Lunceford The Last Sparks MCA 1321 (CD-R)
Jimmy McGriff Skywalk Milestone M-9126 (CD-R)
Jimmy Mundy AFRS Recordings With Lucky Thompson CD-R BB-14
Jimmy Ponder Down Here On The Ground Milestone M-9121 (CD-R)
Jimmy Ponder Mean Streets - No Bridges Muse MR 5324 (CD-R)
Jimmy Raney The Master Criss Cross Jazz 1009 (CD-R)
Jimmy Raney - Sonny Clark Together Xanadu XCD 1228
Jimmy Rowles Let's Get Acquainted With Jazz V.S.O.P. 11 CD (CD-R)
Jimmy Rowles Lilac Time Kokopelli 1297 (mp3)
Jimmy Rowles Paws That Refresh Choice CRS 1023 (CD-R)
Jimmy Rowles Stan Getz Presents: The Peacocks Columbia 468812 2
Jimmy Rowles Weather In A Jazz Vane V.S.O.P. 48 (CD-R)
Jimmy Smith A New Sound - A New Star - Jimmy Smith At The Organ Vols. 1-3 Blue Note CDP 7243 8 57191 2 7
Jimmy Smith At The Club Baby Grand, Vols. 1 & 2 Blue Note TOCJ 9152 & 9153 (CD-R copy)
Jimmy Smith Cool Blues Blue Note 7243 5 35587 2 7
Jimmy Smith Damn! Verve 314 527 631-2
Jimmy Smith Home Cookin' - Organ Grinder Swing Blue Note 7243 6 92421 2 5, Verve 314 543 831-2 (CD-R JS-1)
Jimmy Smith Houseparty Blue Note CDP 7 46546 2
Jimmy Smith I'm Movin' On Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32750 2 1
Jimmy Smith Open House - Plain Talk Blue Note CDP 7 84269 2
Jimmy Smith Prayer Meetin' Blue Note 7243 5 90846 2 6
Jimmy Smith Six Views Of The Blues Blue Note 7243 5 21435 2 8
Jimmy Smith Softly As A Summer Breeze Blue Note 7243 4 97505 2 4
Jimmy Smith The Complete February 1957 Blue Note Sessions Mosaic MD3-154
Jimmy Smith - Lou Donaldson Jimmy Smith Trio + L.D. Blue Note TOCJ 1610
Jimmy Smith - Wes Montgomery Further Adventures Of Jimmy And Wes Verve 314 519 802-2
Jimmy Witherspoon Singin' The Blues Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 94108 2 4
Jimmy Witherspoon - Jay McShann Goin' To Kansas City Blues RCA BMG 07863 51639-2
Jimmy Witherspoon - Panama Francis Sings The Blues With The Savoy Sultans Muse MR 5288 (CD-R)
Jimmy Woods Awakening Contemporary OJCCD-1859-2
Jimmy Woods Conflict Contemporary OJCCD-1954-2
Jo Jones Sextet Fresh Sound FSR CD-144
Jo Jones - Joe Newman Jo Jones Special - Joe Newman And His Band Vanguard (King) KICJ-184
Joan Stiles Love Call Zoho ZM 200405
Joanne Brackeen Havin' Fun Concord Jazz CJ-280 (CD-R)
JoAnne Brackeen Take A Chance Concorde Picante CCD-4602
Jodie Christian Front Line Delmark DE 490
Joe Albany Portrait Of A Legend Fresh Sound FSR-CD 317 (CD-R copy)
Joe Albany The Right Combination Riverside OJCCD-1749-2 (mp3)
Joe Alexander Blue Jubilee Fresh Sound FSR 1657
Joe Carroll Man With A Happy Sound Collectable COL-5797 (mp3)
Joe Farnsworth Beautiful Friendship Criss Cross 1166 CD
Joe Gordon Lookin' Good Contemporary OJCCD-1934-2
Joe Henderson Big Band Verve 314 533 451-2
Joe Henderson Double Rainbow - The Music Of Antonio Carlos Jobim Verve 314 527 222-2
Joe Henderson Four Verve 314 523 657-2
Joe Henderson In 'N' Out Blue Note CDP 7243 8 29156 2 1
Joe Henderson Inner Urge Blue Note CDP 7 84189 2
Joe Henderson Lush Life - The Music Of Billy Strayhorn Polygram Verve 314-511-779-2
Joe Henderson Mode For Joe Blue Note CDP 7 84227 2
Joe Henderson Our Thing Blue Note CDP 7 84152 2
Joe Henderson Page One Blue Note CDP 7 84140 2
Joe Henderson So Near, So Far (Musings For Miles) Verve 314 517 674-2
Joe Locke Beauty Burning Sirocco Jazz SJL 1008 (CD-R)
Joe Locke For The Love Of You E1 Music E1E-CD-2046
Joe Locke Force Of Four Origin 82511
Joe Locke Inner Space SteepleChase SCCD 31380 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Lay Down My Heart: Blues & Ballads, Vol. 1 Motema MTM 121
Joe Locke Live At The Deer Head Inn #4 - Quartet Deer Head Records 659691003212 (mp3)
Joe Locke Longing SteepleChase SCCD 31281 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Love Is A Pendulum Motema MTA-CD-173 (mp3)
Joe Locke Moment To Moment - The Music Of Henry Mancini Milestone MCD-9243-2
Joe Locke Present Tense SteepleChase SCCD 31257 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Rev-elation Sharp Nine 1033-2
Joe Locke Scenario Cadence CJR 1034 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Slander (And Other Love Songs) Milestone MCD-9284-2 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Sticks And Strings JazzEyes 003
Joe Locke Storytelling - State Of Soul Sirocco Jazz Limited SJL 1019 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Storytelling Featuring Mark Ledford Sirocco Jazz Limited SJL 1012 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Very Early SteepleChase SCCD 31364 (CD-R)
Joe Locke Wire Walker SteepleChase SCCD 31332
Joe Locke Wish Upon A Star Motema MTM 106
Joe Locke - Bob Sneider Film Noir Project - Fallen Angel Sons Of Sound SSPCD031
Joe Locke - Bob Sneider Film Noir Project - Nocturne For Ava Origin 82523
Joe Locke - Christos Rafalides Van Gogh By Numbers Wire Walker 1001
Joe Locke - Dado Moroni - Rosario Giuliani Stepping On Stars Egea/Umbria Jazz (It.) EUJ 1005 (AAC)
Joe Locke - David Hazeltine Mutual Admiration Society Sharp Nine 1015-2 (CD-R)
Joe Locke - David Hazeltine Mutual Admiration Society 2 Sharp Nine 1043-2
Joe Locke - Frank Kimbrough Saturn's Child OmniTone 11901 (CD-R)
Joe Locke - Frank Kimbrough The Willow OmniTone 12201 (CD-R)
Joe Locke - Frank Kimbrough Verrazano Moon OmniTone 12209
Joe Locke - Geoffrey Keezer Live In Seattle Origin 82464 (CD-R)
Joe Locke - Geoffrey Keezer (New Sound Quartet) Summer Knows Eighty-Eights VRCL 18821 (CD-R)
Joe Locke - Geoffrey Keezer (New Sound Quartet) Summertime Eighty-Eights VRCL 18826 (CD-R)
Joe Locke - Phil Markowitz Live Jazz In Front Of The Silver Screen Little 0001 (CD-R)
Joe Locke & 4 Walls of Freedom 4 Walls Of Freedom Sirocco Jazz SJL 1021 (CD-R)
Joe Locke & 4 Walls Of Freedom Dear Life Sirocco Jazz SJL 1025 (CD-R)
Joe Locke & Trio Da Paz Live At JazzBaltica MaxJazz MXJ 701 (CD-R)
Joe Lovano Tenor Legacy Blue Note CDP 7243 8 27014 2 2
Joe Lovano Nonet 52nd Street Themes Blue Note 7243 4 96667 2 6
Joe Mooney Lush Life Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8524
Joe Mooney The Happiness of - The Greatness Of Joe Mooney Koch Jazz KOC CD-7886
Joe Morris The Chronological Joe Morris: 1946-1949 Classics 5057
Joe Newman Good 'N' Groovy Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-185-2
Joe Newman The Complete RCA Victor Recordings - The Basie Days 1955-56 RCA Jazz Tribune No. 75 07863 6610-2
Joe Newman - Joe Wilder Hangin' Out Concord CCD-4262 (CD-R)
Joe Newman - Melba Liston The Count's Men - Melba Liston and Her Bones Fresh Sound FSR-CD 135, 408 (CD-R)
Joe Newman - Zoot Sims Locking Horns Fresh Sound FSR-CD 34
Joe Pass Joe Pass In Hamburg ACT (Ger.) 9100-2 (CD-R)
Joe Pass The Complete Pacific Jazz Joe Pass Quartet Sessions Mosaic MD5-207
Joe Puma Joe Puma Jazz: Quartet And Trio Jubilee JLP 1070 (CD-R)
Joe Puma Shining Hour Reservoir RSR CD 102
Joe Roland Joltin' Joe Savoy SV-0215
Joe Roland The Vibraphone Players of Bethlehem, Vol. 2 Bethlehem 30-30172
Joe Romano This Is The Moment Private Production
Joe Sullivan Joe Sullivan 1945-1953 Classics 1353 (CD-R)
Joe Turner - Count Basie Flip, Flop & Fly Pablo PACD-2310-937-2 (mp3)
Joe Wilder Alone With Just My Dreams Evening Star ES-101
Joe Wilder Wilder 'N Wilder Savoy SV-0131
Joe Wilder (Pete Brown, Hank Jones) Such A Beautiful Sound Fresh Sound FSR-CD 812 (mp3)
Joe Williams Nothin' But The Blues Delos DMS 4001 (CD-R)
Johannes Enders Kyoto Organic Music ORGM 9726 (CD-R)
Johannes Enders Kyoto Plays Mau Pin Quinton Q-0302-2 (CD-R)
John 'Terry' Tirabasso Look For Your Own Jombler 1 (CD-R)
John Baker Tenderly Beabopa BL 90002 (CD-R)
John Basile Time Will Reveal Underhill Jazz 003 (mp3)
John Blake Maiden Dance Gramavision GR 8309 (CD-R)
John Campbell Turning Point Contemporary CCD-14061-2
John Carter Castles Of Ghana Gramavision 18-8603-1 (R2 79423) (CD-R)
John Carter Shadows On A Wall Gramavision 79422 (CD-R)
John Coltrane A Love Supreme - Deluxe Edition Impulse 314 589 945-2
John Coltrane Coltrane Time Blue Note CDP 7 84461 2
John Coltrane Live In France 1965 Mosaic/Jazz Icons MDVD 2001
John Coltrane The Classic Quartet - Complete Impulse Studio Recordings Impulse IMPD-8-280
John Coltrane The Heavyweight Champion - John Coltrane - The Complete Atlantic Recordings Atlantic R2 71984
John Coltrane The Prestige Recordings Prestige 16 PCD-4405-2
John Coltrane The Ultimate Blue Train Blue Note CDP 7243 8 53428 0 6
John Coltrane - Johnny Hartman John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman Impulse GRD-157
John Dennis New Piano Expressions - Debut Rarities Volume 5 Debut OJCCD-1843-2
John Di Martino & Warren Vache
Impromptu Kilamanjaro Disques KD 10018
John Graas Jazz Lab 1 & 2 Lone Hill Jazz LHJ10148 (CD-R)
John Graas Jazz Studio 3 Decca DL 8104 (CD-R)
John Graas Jazz-Man-Tics Lonehill Jazz LHJ10149 (CD-R)
John Gross The John Gross Quartet Vee Jay International VJS 3063 (CD-R)
John Hart Standards - Green and Blue Hep (Eng.) 2090 (mp3)
John Hicks In Concert Theresa TRCD 123
John Hicks Some Other Time Theresa TR 115 (CD-R)
John Jenkins With Kenny Burrell Blue Note CDP 7243 8 52437 2 1
John Jenkins - Donald Byrd Jazz Eyes Savoy SV-0230
John Letman The Many Angles Of John Letman Bethlehem BCP 6053 (CD-R)
John Lewis Grand Encounter: 2 Degrees East - 3 Degrees West Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46859 2
John Lewis Improvised Meditations And Excursions Atlantic AMCY-1104
John Lewis Kansas City Breaks Finesse FW 38187 (CD-R)
John Lewis The Garden Of Delight - Delaunay's Dilemma EmArcy 834 478-2
John Lewis The John Lewis Piano Atlantic 1272 (CD-R)
John Marshall Frisky Organic Music ORGM 9738
John Patton Got A Good Thing Goin' Blue Note BLP 4229 (CD-R)
John Patton John Patton Mosaic Select MS-006 (7243 5 84072 2 8)
John Patton Let 'Em Roll Blue Note BLP 4239 (CD-R)
John Rae Opus De Jazz Vol. 2 Savoy SV-0179
John Scofield That's What I Say - John Scofield Plays The Music of Ray Charles Verve B0004360-02 (mp3)
John Spider Martin Absolutely Improv 7118 (CD-R)
John Spider Martin I'm A See Ya Edmar ELPS 1151 (CD-R)
John Stubblefield Prelude Storyville SLP-4011 (CD-R)
John Swana - Joe Magnarelli Philly - New York Junction Criss Cross 1150 CD
John Swana Quintet Introducing John Swana Criss Cross 1045 CD
John Towner Williams World On a String Bethlehem BCP 6025 (CD-R)
John Williams The Complete Trio Master Takes 1954-1955 Fresh Sound FSR-CD 405 (CD-R)
Johnny Coles Little Johnny C Blue Note TOCJ-4144
Johnny Coles New Morning Criss Cross 1005 (CD-R)
Johnny Coles The Warm Sound Koch Jazz 3-7804-2
Johnny Griffin Big Soul Band Riverside OJCCD-485-2
Johnny Griffin Bush Dance Galaxy GXY-5126 (CD-R)
Johnny Griffin Call It Whachawana Galaxy GXY-5146 (CD-R)
Johnny Griffin Change Of Pace Riverside OJCCD-1922-2
Johnny Griffin Dance Of Passion Antilles 314 512 604-2
Johnny Griffin Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me Riverside OJCCD-1908-2
Johnny Griffin Introducing Johnny Griffin Blue Note CDP 7 46536 2
Johnny Griffin Johnny Griffin Sextet Riverside OJCCD-1827-2
Johnny Griffin Live In France 1971 Mosaic/Jazz Icons MDVD 2004
Johnny Griffin Return Of The Griffin Galaxy OJCCD-1882-2 (CD-R)
Johnny Griffin The Congregation Blue Note CDP 0777 7 89383 2 3
Johnny Griffin The Man I Love Black Lion BLCD 760107
Johnny Griffin Vol. 2 - A Blowing Session Blue Note CDP 7 81559 2
Johnny Griffin Grab This Riverside OJCCD-1941-2
Johnny Griffin - Eddie Lockjaw Davis Battle Stations Prestige OJCCD-1085-2
Johnny Griffin - Eddie Lockjaw Davis Lookin' At Monk Jazzland OJCCD-1911-2
Johnny Griffin - Steve Grossman Johnny Griffin & Steve Grossman Quintet Dreyfus Jazz FDM 36615-2
Johnny Hartman All Of Me - The Debonair Mr. Hartman Bethlehem 30032
Johnny Hartman And I Thought About You Fresh Sound FSR-CD 35
Johnny Hartman For Trane Blue Note 7243 8 35346 2 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman I Just Dropped By To Say Hello Impulse IMPD 176
Johnny Hartman I Love Everybody Gambit (Sp.) 69205 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman Johnny Hartman Live In Concert Master Classics Digital Download (AAC)
Johnny Hartman Johnny Hartman Sings Just You Just Me Savoy Jazz SVY 17097 (mp3)
Johnny Hartman Live At Sometime Trio (Jpn.) PAP 9096 (mp3)
Johnny Hartman Once In Every Life Bee Hive BH 7012 (CD-R)
Johnny Hartman Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Definitive (Sp.) DRCD 11266 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman Songs From The Heart Bethlehem Archives R2 79773
Johnny Hartman Thank You For Everything Audiophile ACD 165 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman The Tokyo Albums Gambit 69216 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman The Voice That Is! GRP GRD 144 (mp3)
Johnny Hartman This One's For Tedi Audiophile ACD 181 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman Today Perception PLP 30 (mp3)
Johnny Hartman Unforgettable Impulse IMPD 152 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman You Came A Long Way From St. Louis Definitive (Sp.) DRCD 11267 (AAC)
Johnny Hartman (Dizzy Gillespie) Complete Regent Recordings Jazz Factory (Sp.) 22829 (mp3)
Johnny Hartman & George Coleman Live At Town Hall We Bu Productions DDL (AAC)
Johnny Hodges Masters Of Jazz Vol. 9 Storyville STCD 4109
Johnny Hodges The Complete Verve Johnny Hodges Small Group Sessions 1956-61 Mosaic MD6-200
Johnny Hodges Triple Play RCA Bluebird 5903-2-RB (CD-R)
Johnny Hodges - Billy Strayhorn Johnny Hodges With Billy Strayhorn And The Orchestra Verve 314 557 543-2
Johnny Holiday Holiday For Lovers V.S.O.P. 114 (mp3)
Johnny Lytle The Soulful Vibes of Johnny Lytle Jazzland OJCCD-1013-2
Johnny Mathis Johnny Mathis Columbia Legacy CK 64890 (mp3)
Johnny O'Neal In Good Hands Jazzebel JOT001
Johnny Richards Kiss Her Goodbye: New York City 1958-1959 Uptown UPCD 27.62
Johnny Smith Johnny Smith Verve 314 537 752-2
Johnny Smith Moonlight In Vermont Roulette CDP 7 97747 2
Jon Eardley From Hollywood To New York Prestige New Jazz OJCCD-1746-2
Jon Eardley The Jon Eardley Seven Prestige OJCCD-123-2
Jon Faddis Legacy Concord CCD-4291-2 (CD-R)
Jon Hendricks A Good Git-Together Pacific Jazz 0946 3 69812 2 2 (CD-R)
Jon Mayer Trio Round Up The Usual Suspects Pullen Music PULL-2240
Joshua Breakstone Evening Star Contemporary CCD-14040-2
Joshua Redman Wish Warner Bros. 9 45365-2
Joy Bryan Joy Bryan Sings V.S.O.P. 68 (CD-R)
Julian Cannonball Adderley And Strings - Jump For Joy Verve 314 528 699-2
Julian Cannonball Adderley Julian Cannonball Adderley Verve 422 830 381-2
Julian Cannonball Adderley Portrait Of Cannonball Riverside OJCCD-361-2
Julian Cannonball Adderley Presenting Cannonball Adderley Savoy SV-0108
Julian Cannonball Adderley Quintet In San Francisco Riverside OJCCD-035-2
Julie Divine Divine Inspiration JCD 0708-91 (mp3)
Julie Kelly We're On Our Way Pausa PR 7154 (CD-R)
Julius Watkins Sextet Volumes 1 & 2 Blue Note 7243 4 95749 2 2
June Christy A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening Jasmine JASMCD 2528 (CD-R)
June Christy Big Band Specials Capitol 7243 498319 2 6
June Christy Something Cool Capitol CDP 7 96329 2
Junior Cook Good Cookin' Muse MR 5159 (CD-R)
Junior Cook Junior's Cookin' Jazzland OJCCD-1002-2
Junior Mance - Martin Rivera The Tender Touch Of Nilva NQ 3405 (CD-R)
Jutta Hipp At The Hickory House, Vols. 1 & 2 Blue Note TOCJ 9105 & 9106 (CD-R copy)
Kai Winding Bop City - Small Groups 1949 - 1951 Cool & Blue CD110
Kai Winding The Trombone Sound Columbia CL 936 (Collectables COL-CD-6674) (CD-R)
Kai Winding - J.J. Johnson Nuf Said Bethlehem 20-40062
Katchie Cartwright Tales & Tongues Harriton Carved Wax HCW 111
Kathleen Landis Gershwin: Island To Island Nexsonics Productions Unnumbered (mp3)
Katrine Madsen Supernatural Love Stunt STUCD 06042 (mp3)
Kazumi Watanabe Village In Bubbles Columbia/Better Days YX-7587-ND (J-Room Jazz COCB 53295) (CD-R)
Keely Smith I Wish You Love Capitol T 914 (CD-R)
Kenny Barron Green Chimneys Criss Cross Jazz 1008 (CD-R)
Kenny Barron Other Places Verve Gitanes 314 519 699-2
Kenny Barron Sambao Verve Gitanes 314 514 472-2
Kenny Barron The Moment Reservoir RSR CD 121
Kenny Barron - Regina Carter Freefall Verve 314 549 706-2
Kenny Barron & Joe Locke But Beautiful SteepleChase SCCD 31295 (CD-R)
Kenny Barron & Mark Sherman Interplay Chesky JD 370 (mp3)
Kenny Burrell At The Five Spot Cafe Blue Note CDP 7 46538 2
Kenny Burrell Blue Lights Volume 1 Blue Note CDP 7 81596 2
Kenny Burrell Blue Lights Volume 2 Blue Note CDP 7 81597 2
Kenny Burrell Ellington Is Forever Vols. 1 and 2 CD-R KB-1 (Fantasy FCD-79005-2, FCD-79008-2)
Kenny Burrell Freedom Blue Note (Jpn.) GXK 8170 (CD-R)
Kenny Burrell Guitar Forms Verve 314 521 403-2
Kenny Burrell Introducing Kenny Burrell - The First Blue Note Sessions Blue Note 7243 5 24561 2 3
Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue Blue Note CDP 7 46399 2
Kenny Burrell - Grover Washington Jr. Togethering Blue Note BT 85106 (CD-R)
Kenny Burrell - Jimmy Smith Blue Bash Verve 314 557 453-2
Kenny Burrell Trio A Night At The Vanguard Argo 655 (CD-R)
Kenny Clarke 1962 Jazz Au Blue Note Fil a Film ? (DVD-R, mp3)
Kenny Clarke Bohemia After Dark Savoy SV-0107
Kenny Clarke Kenny Clarke Meets The Detroit Jazz Men Savoy SV-0243
Kenny Clarke Klook's Time - Americans Swinging In Paris EMI (Fr.) 7243 5 39652 2 8
Kenny Clarke Telefunken Blues Savoy SV-0106
Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Encore Vol. 9: Live At Ronnie Scott's MPS/BASF 2229728-4 (CD-R)
Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Now Hear Our Meanin' Collectables COL-CD-7497
Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band All Smiles MPS 29686 (CD-R)
Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band Handle With Care Koch Jazz KOC CD-8534
Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band In Concert Europe1 RTE 1501-2
Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland The Golden 8 Blue Note TOCJ 4092 (CD-R)
Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Big Band Our Kinda Strauss Rearward (It.) 106 (CD-R)
Kenny Dorham Afro-Cuban Blue Note CDP 7 46815 2
Kenny Dorham And The Jazz Prophets Vol. 1 Chessmates GRD-820
Kenny Dorham Blue Spring Riverside OJCCD-134-2
Kenny Dorham Jazz Contrasts Riverside RCD-30132-2 (CD-R)
Kenny Dorham Kenny Dorham Quintet Debut OJCCD-113-2 (mp3)
Kenny Dorham Matador/Inta Somethin' Blue Note CDP 7 84460 2
Kenny Dorham Osmosis Black Lion BLCD760146
Kenny Dorham Quiet Kenny Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-250-2
Kenny Dorham 'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia Blue Note CDP 7243 8 33576 2 8
Kenny Dorham The Flamboyan, Queens, NY, 1963 Uptown UPCD 27.60
Kenny Dorham This Is The Moment Riverside OJCCD-812-2
Kenny Dorham Trompeta Toccata Blue Note TOCJ-4181
Kenny Dorham Una Mas Blue Note TOCJ-4127
Kenny Dorham Whistle Stop Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28978 2 8
Kenny Dorham - Conte Candoli Bebop Revisited Vol. 5 Xanadu 205 (CD-R)
Kenny Drew Home Is Where The Soul Is Xanadu XCD 1239
Kenny Drew Talkin' And Walkin' Blue Note CDP 7 84439 2
Kenny Drew This Is New Riverside OJCCD-483-2
Kenny Drew Undercurrent Blue Note CDP 7 84059 2
Kenny Drew For Sure! Xanadu 167 (CD-R)
Kenny Drew Trio Riverside OJCCD-065-2
Kenny Drew Jr. A Look Inside Antilles 314 514 211-2
Kenny Drew Quintet Lite Flite SteepleChase SCCD 31077
Keno Duke Sense Of Values - Crest Of The Wave CD-R DR-2 (Strata-East SES-7416, Trident TRS-501)
Kent Glenn Good For The Garden Vee Jay International VJS 3067 (CD-R)
Kent Glenn Lawn Party Beabopa BL90001 (CD-R copy)
Kent Glenn - Richard Cooper Jazz From The Headlands Nose Records unnumbered (mp3)
Kent Glenn - Sharon Bercutt The Music Of Sharon Bercutt Saphu SCD-0020 (mp3)
King Pleasure - Annie Ross Sings Prestige OJCCD-217-2
Klaus Suonsaari Quintet Reflecting Times Storyville SLP 4125 (CD-R)
Klaus Weiss I Just Want To Celebrate MPS (Ger.) 44 21247-5/1-2 (mp3)
Klaus Weiss Lightnin' Jeton (Ger.) 119/1 (CD-R)
Kristin Korb Where You'll Find Me Double K Music KK5195 (mp3)
Lambert , Hendricks, And Ross Sing A Song Of Basie Verve 314 543 827-2
Lambert , Hendricks, And Ross The Hottest New Group In Jazz Columbia Legacy C2K 64933
Lambert , Hendricks, And Ross The Swingers Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46849 2
Lambert , Hendricks, And Ross - Count Basie Sing Along With Basie Roulette R-52018 (CD-R)
Lanny Morgan Pacific Standard Contemporary CCD-14084-2
Larry Coryell Shining Hour Muse MCD 5360
Larry Sonn The Sound Of Sonn Jasmine 1007 (CD-R)
Larry Young The Complete Blue Note Recordings Of Mosaic MD6-137
Laurie Allyn (Didi Pierce) Paradise V.S.O.P. 111 CD
Laurindo Almeida - Bud Shank Brazilliance Vol. 1 World Pacific CDP 7 96339 2
Lavern Baker 1955-1957 Classics 5186 (CD-R)
Lawrence Marable Tenorman Jazz West JWLP 8 (CD-R copy)
Lee Konitz Jazz At Storyville Black Lion BLCD 760901
Lee Konitz Live At The Half Note Verve 314 521 659-2
Lee Konitz Motion Verve 314 557 107-2
Lee Konitz The Lee Konitz Quintet - Affinity Chiaroscuro CR 166 (CD-R)
Lee Konitz With Tristano Marsh And Bauer Prestige OJCCD-186-2
Lee Konitz Nonet The Lee Konitz Nonet Chiaroscuro CR 186 (CD-R)
Lee Konitz Nonet The Lee Konitz Nonet Roulette SR 5006 (CD-R)
Lee Konitz Nonet Yes Yes Nonet SteepleChase SCCD 31119 (CD-R)
Lee Morgan Caramba Blue Note CDP 7243 8 53358 2 2
Lee Morgan Charisma Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59961 2 2
Lee Morgan Cornbread Blue Note CDP 7 84222 2
Lee Morgan Delightfulee Blue Note CDP 7 84243 2
Lee Morgan Dizzy Atmosphere Specialty OJCCD-1762-2
Lee Morgan Expoobident Vee Jay NJV2-901
Lee Morgan Here's Lee Morgan Vee Jay VJ-005
Lee Morgan Infinity Blue Note 7243 4 97504 2 5
Lee Morgan Introducing Lee Morgan Savoy SV-0116
Lee Morgan Leeway Blue Note TOCJ-4034
Lee Morgan Live At The Lighthouse Blue Note CDP 7243 8 35228 2 8
Lee Morgan Search For The New Land Blue Note CDP 7 84169 2
Lee Morgan Sonic Boom Blue Note 7243 5 90414 2 1
Lee Morgan Standards
Blue Note CDP 7243 8 23213 2 3
Lee Morgan Taru Blue Note 7243 5 22670 2 6
Lee Morgan The Complete Blue Note Fifties Sessions Mosaic MD4-162
Lee Morgan The Gigolo Blue Note CDP 7 84212 2
Lee Morgan The Procrastinator Blue Note CDP 7243 8 33579 2 5
Lee Morgan The Rajah Blue Note BST 84426 (CD-R)
Lee Morgan The Rumproller Blue Note CDP 0777 7 46428 2 8
Lee Morgan The Sidewinder Blue Note CDP 7 84157 2
Lee Morgan The Sixth Sense Blue Note 7243 5 22467 2 4
Lee Morgan Tom Cat Blue Note CDP 7 84446 2
Lee Morgan - Thad Jones Minor Strain Roulette CDP 7 94574 2
Lee Morgan Quintet Take Twelve Jazzland OJCCD-310-2
Lee Wiley A Night In Manhattan Sony WK 75010
Lee Wiley Sings The Songs Of George & Ira Gershwin & Cole Porter Audiophile ACD-1
Lee Wiley West Of The Moon Mosaic MCD-1008
Lee Wiley - Billy Butterfield A Touch Of The Blues RCA BMG BVCJ 7478 (74321 55453 2)
Lee Wiley - Ellis Larkins Duologue Black Lion BLCD760911
Lem Winchester Lem's Beat Prestige New Jazz OJCCD-1785-2
Lem Winchester - Benny Golson Winchester Special Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1719-2
Lena Horne Stormy Weather RCA Bluebird 90266 39112 (CD-R)
Lena Horne The Lady And Her Music - Live On Broadway Qwest 2 QW 3597 (CD-R)
Lena Horne We'll Be Together Again Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28974 2 2
Lena Horne - Gabor Szabo Leba And Gabor Skye SK-15 (CD-R)
Lennie Niehaus Vol. 1: The Quintets Contemporary OJCCD-1933-2
Lennie Niehaus Vol. 3 The Octet #2 Contemporary OJCCD-1767-2
Lennie Niehaus Vol. 4 - The Quintets & Strings Contemporary OJCCD-1858-2
Lennie Niehaus Zounds! Contemporary OJCCD-1892-2 (CD-R)
Lennie Tristano Live Chicago 1951 Uptown UPCD 27.78 & 27.79
Lennie Tristano - Lee Konitz - Warne Marsh The Complete Atlantic Recordings Of Mosaic MD6-174
Lennie Tristano - Warne Marsh Intuition Capitol CDP 7243 8 52771 2 2
Lennie Tristano Sextet Wow Jazz Records JR-9 CD (mp3)
Lenny McBrowne and the 4 Souls Complete Recordings Fresh Sound FSR-CD 614
Leo Parker Let Me Tell You 'Bout It Blue Note 0946 3 11490 2 3
Leo Parker Rollin' With Leo Blue Note TOCJ-4095 (CD-R)
Leo Wright Suddenly The Blues Koch Jazz KOC CD-8544
Leon Thomas Blues And The Soulful Truth Flying Dutchman FD 10155 (CD-R)
Leonard Feather West Coast Vs. East Coast: A Battle Of Jazz MGM E 3390 (CD-R)
Leonard Feather - Dick Hyman Hi Fi Suite MGM E 3494 (CD-R)
Leonard Feather - George Wallington Leonard Feather Presents Bop V.S.O.P. 12 CD
Leroy Vinnegar Sextet Leroy Walks
Contemporary OJCCD-160-2
Les McCann Plays The Truth Pacific Jazz PJ/ST 2 (CD-R)
Les Spann Gemini Jazzland OJCCD-1948-2
Lester Young Boston 1950 Uptown UPCD 27.71
Lester Young Historical Prez Everybodys 3002 (CD-R)
Lester Young In Washington, D.C., 1956, Volume 2 Pablo OJCCD-881-2
Lester Young Live From The Royal Roost Unique Jazz UNQ1047
Lester Young Pres At His Very Best Trip TLP-5509 (CD-R)
Lester Young The Complete Aladdin Recordings of Lester Young Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32787 2 5 (CD-R)
Lester Young The Complete Lester Young Studio Sessions On Verve Verve 314 547 087-2
Lester Young The Complete Savoy Recordings Savoy 17122
Lester Young The Kansas City Sessions Commodore CMD-402
Lester Young Trio Verve 314 521 650-2
Lew Tabackin Desert Lady Concord Jazz CCD-4411
Lew Tabackin I'll Be Seeing You Concord Jazz CCD-4528
Lionel Hampton 50th Anniversary Concert Half Note 4201-2
Lionel Hampton All Stars With Lucky Thompson CD-R LH-3
Lionel Hampton Flyin' Home Pickwick Quintessence QJ-25031
Lionel Hampton Hamp: The Legendary Decca Recordings Of Lionel Hampton Decca GRD-2-652
Lionel Hampton Lionel Hampton & Friends - Rare Recordings, Volume 1 Telarc CD-83318
Lionel Hampton Lionel Hampton And His All Stars - Complete Jazztone Recordings Fresh Sound FSR-CD 446 (CD-R)
Lionel Hampton Made In Japan Glad Hamp GHS 1023 (CD-R)
Lionel Hampton Newport Uproar! plus RCA Victor LSP-3891 (CD-R)
Lionel Hampton Oh Rock! Natasha Imports NI-4010
Lionel Hampton Orchestra 1948 Alamac QSR 2419 (CD-R)
Lionel Hampton The Complete Lionel Hampton Quartets And Quintets With Oscar Peterson On Verve Verve 314 559 797-2
Lionel Hampton The Complete Lionel Hampton Victor Sessions 1937-1941 Mosaic MD5-238
Lionel Hampton Vintage Hampton - Rare Recordings of Lionel Hampton With All Star Guests Telarc CD-83321
Lionel Hampton Big Band Cookin' In The Kitchen Glad Hamp GHCD1028
Lisa Pollard I See Your Face Before Me Concord Jazz CCD-4681 (mp3)
Little Jimmy Scott All The Way Sire/Warner Bros./Blue Horizon 9 26955-2
Little Jimmy Scott Everybody's Somebody's Fool Verve GRP GRD-669 (CD-R)
Loren Schoenberg Solid Ground Musicmasters CIJD 60186F
Lorin Cohen Home Origin 82693 (mp3)
Lou Blackburn The Complete Imperial Sessions Blue Note 0946 3 58294 2 6 (CD-R)
Lou Donaldson A Man With A Horn Blue Note 7243 5 21436 2 7
Lou Donaldson Blues Walk Blue Note CDP 7 46525 2
Lou Donaldson Good Gracious Blue Note TOCJ-4125
Lou Donaldson Gravy Train Blue Note CDP 7243 8 53357 2 3
Lou Donaldson Here 'Tis Blue Note TOCJ-4066
Lou Donaldson Light-Foot Blue Note TOCJ-4053
Lou Donaldson Lou Takes Off Blue Note TOCJ-1591
Lou Donaldson Lush Life Blue Note CDP 7 84254 2
Lou Donaldson Midnight Sun Blue Note LT-1028 (CD-R)
Lou Donaldson Play The Right Thing Milestone MCD-9190-2
Lou Donaldson Quartet/Quintet/Sextet Blue Note CDP 7 81537 2
Lou Donaldson Sunny Side Up Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32095 2 1
Lou Donaldson Sweet Papa Lou Muse MR 5247 (CD-R)
Lou Donaldson Swing And Soul Blue Note TOCJ-1566
Lou Donaldson The Natural Soul Blue Note 7243 5 42307 2
Lou Donaldson The Time Is Right Blue Note TOCJ-4025
Lou Donaldson Wailing With Lou Blue Note TOCJ-1545
Lou Donaldson - Three Sounds LD+3 Blue Note ST-84012 (CD-R)
Lou Levy Jazz In Four Colors RCA ND 74401
Lou Levy Plays Baby Grand Jazz Fresh Sound FSR-CD94
Lou Levy The Kid's Got Ears Jazzizz JIR4002 (CD-R)
Lou Levy The Lou Levy Trio - Jazz In Hollywood Series Fresh Sound FSR-CD 58
Louie Bellson Around The World In Percussion Roulette SR 65002 (CD-R)
Louie Bellson Live In Stereo June 28, 1959 At The Flamingo Hotel Jazz Hour JH 1026 (CD-R)
Louie Bellson The Brilliant Bellson Sound Verve MGV 2123 (CD-R)
Louis Armstrong Live In '59 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JILA
Louis Armstrong Louis And The Angels Verve 314 549 592-2 (CD-R)
Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy Columbia CK 64925
Louis Armstrong Rare And Unreleased Performances BOMC 21-6547 (CD-R)
Louis Armstrong The Complete Decca Studio Recordings Of The All Stars Mosaic MD6-146
Louis Armstrong The Complete Hot Five And Hot Seven Recordings Columbia Legacy C4K 63527
Louis Armstrong The Complete RCA Victor Recordings RCA Victor 09026-68682-2
Louis Armstrong Tracks From Louis Armstrong - Earl Hines 1928; Giants Of Jazz: Louis Armstrong CD-R LA-1 (Smithsonian Collection P2 12753 - Time-Life STL-J01)
Louis Armstrong - Duke Ellington The Complete Sessions Roulette CDP 7938442
Louis Armstrong - Oscar Peterson Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson Verve 314 539 060-2
Louis Bellson Breakthrough! Project 3 PR 5029 QD (Barclay 920261) (CD-R)
Louis Bellson Jazz Giants Jazz Heritage 513314Y
Louis Bellson Live At Joe Segal's Concord CCD-4350
Louis Bellson Louie Bellson And His Big Band View Video 2302
Louis Bellson Originals Stash ST-205 (CD-R)
Louis Bellson Skin Deep Verve 314 559 825-2
Louis Bellson & Billy Cobham Cobham Meets Bellson View Video 2303
Louis Bellson Big Band The London Gig Pablo OJCCD-965-2 )CD-R)
Louis Hayes Featuring Yusef Lateef And Nat Adderley Vee Jay NVJ2-906
Louis Hayes Variety Is The Spice Gryphon G-787 (CD-R)
Louis Hayes Quintet At Large Sharp Nine CD 1003-2
Louis Hayes Quintet Light And Lively SteepleChase SCCD 31245
Louis Jordan Jump Jive - The Very Best Of Louis Jordan Music Club MCCD 085
Louis Prima The Wildest! Capitol 7243 5 38696 2 5
Louis Smith Here Comes Louis Smith Blue Note CDP 7243 8 52438 2 0
Louis Smith Smithville Blue Note TOCJ-1594
Louis Smith Sextet Strike Up The Band SteepleChase SCCD 31294
Luciana Souza Brazilian Duos Sunnyside SSC 1100 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson A Lucky Songbook In Europe MPS 15231 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson Accent On Tenor Fresh Sound FSCD-2001
Lucky Thompson Americans Swinging In Paris - Nothing But The Soul EMI 7243 539651 2
Lucky Thompson Body & Soul Nessa 13 (CD-R copy)
Lucky Thompson Happy Days Prestige PRCD-24144-2
Lucky Thompson Illuminations Groove Merchant GM-4411 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson Jazz In Paris No. 28 - Lucky Thompson Modern Jazz Group Verve Gitanes 159 823-2 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson Jazz In Paris No. 73 - Lucky Thompson With Dave Pochonet All Stars Verve Gitanes 016 496-2 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson Lord Lord Am I Ever Gonna Know Candid CCD 79035
Lucky Thompson Lucky In Paris High Note HCD 7045
Lucky Thompson Lucky Moments Ocium OCM 0038
Lucky Thompson Lucky Sessions Vogue 74321115102 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson Lucky Strikes Prestige OJCCD-194-2
Lucky Thompson Lucky Thompson New York City 1964-65 Uptown UPCD 27.57 & 27.58
Lucky Thompson Lucky Thompson Plays For The Club C.A.D. 3.001 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson Switzerland 1968/69 Jazz Helvet JH 03 (CD-R copy)
Lucky Thompson The Beginning Years IAJRC CD 1001
Lucky Thompson Tricotism Impulse GRD-135 (CD-R)
Lucky Thompson - Gigi Gryce Street Scenes Vogue 74321154672
Lucky Thompson - Tommy Flanagan Lucky Meets Tommy And Friends Fresh Sound FSR-CD 199
Lucky Thompson & Barney Wilen Four Brothers Sonorama 87 (mp3)
Lucky Thompson and The Savannah Junkmen Jazz In Basel '69 Swiss Jazz SJLP 6309 (partial) (mp3)
Madame Pat Tandy Madame Pat Tandy Remembers Irene Reid BlueArk unnumbered
Madeline Eastman A Quiet Thing Mad-Kat MKCD 1012 (AAC)
Madeline Eastman Art Attack Mad-Kat MKCD 10005
Madeline Eastman Point Of Departure Mad Kat MKCD1002
Madeline Eastman The Speed Of Life Mad-Kat MKCD 1009
Mal Waldron Left Alone Bethlehem 20-3022-2
Mal Waldron Mal-1 Prestige OJCCD-611-2
Mal Waldron Music Minus One: For Pianists Only MMO 4007
Mal Waldron The Quest New Jazz OJCCD-082-2 (CD-R)
Mangione Brothers The Jazz Brothers Riverside OJCCD-997-2 (CD-R)
Manhattan Transfer Vocalese Atlantic 81266-1 (CD-R)
Manny Albam Manny Albam And The Jazz Greats Of Our Time, Vol.2 Coral CRL 57142 (CD-R)
Manny Albam - Herb Geller SDR Big Band Featuring Herb Geller SDR IRS 973.401 (CD-R)
Manny Oquendo Ahora Milestone MCD-9288-2 (mp3)
Mari Nakamoto Aphrodite Zen (J.) 1010 (mp3)
Mario Bauza Mario Bauza & His Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra - My Time Is Now Messidor 15824-2 (mp3)
Mark Colby Speaking Of Stan Hallway 9713
Mark Gross Riddle Of The Sphinx J Curve JCR 1011 (mp3)
Mark Murphy Satisfaction Guaranteed Muse MR 5215 (CD-R)
Mark Soskin Calypso & Jazz - Around The Corner Paddle Wheel KICJ 175 (CD-R)
Mark Whitfield 7th Ave. Stroll Verve 314 529 223-2
Mark Whitfield The Marksman Warner Bros 9 26321-2
Mark Whitfield True Blue Verve 314 523 591-2
Mark Winkler Sings Bobby Troup Rhombus RHO 7029 (mp3)
Marlon Jordan Quintet Learson's Return Columbia CK 46930
Martial Solal Trio & Big Band - The Vogue Recordings Volume 3 Vogue 74321 13111 2 (CD-R)
Marty Paich A Jazz Band Ball First Set V.S.O.P. 23 CD
Marty Paich Paich-ence: The Unique Orchestra Sound of Marty Paich - Coplete Studio Sessions As A Leader 1955-1956 Fresh Sound FSR 2217
Marty Paich The Picasso Of Big Band Jazz Candid CCD 79031 (CD-R)
Mary Ann McCall Detour To The Moon - Melancholy Baby CD-R Voc-3
Mary Stallings Live At The Village Vanguard MaxJazz MXJ 112
Mason Brothers (Brad Mason, Elliot Mason) Two Sides, One Story Archival Records 1583 (CD-R)
Mat Mathews The Modern Art Of Jazz Dawn DCD 110
Matt Dennis Dennis Anyone? RCA 74321 89832-2
Matt Wilson Arts And Crafts Palmetto PM 2069
Matt Wilson Smile Palmetto PM 2049
Matthew Gee Jazz By Gee Riverside OJCCD-1884-2
Mavis Rivers It's A Good Day Delos DMS 4002 (CD-R)
Mavis Rivers - Red Norvo We Remember Mildred Bailey Koch Jazz KOC CD-8551
Max Bennett Max Bennett Bethlehem TOCJ-62005 (CD-R)
Max Bennett Max Bennett Plays Bethlehem TOCJ-62006
Max Roach Max Chessmates GRD-825
Max Roach Quartet Featuring Hank Mobley Debut OJCCD-202-2
Max Roach The Complete Mercury Max Roach Plus Four Sessions Mosaic MD7-201
Max Roach We Insist! Freedom Now Suite Candid CCD 79002 (CD-R)
Maxine Sullivan Maxine Sullivan And Her Jazz All Stars - A Tribute To Andy Razaf DCC Jazz DJZ-610
Maynard Ferguson Band Ain't Draggin' - 1950-1954 Fresh Sound FSR-CD 2204 (mp3)
Maynard Ferguson Birdland Dream Band Bluebird (Fr.) 09026 63873 2 (CD-R)
Maynard Ferguson Birdland Dream Band, Volume 2 RCA Victor (Fr.) 82876 55566 2 (CD-R)
Maynard Ferguson Dream Band Orchestra '56 - Live At Peacock Lane Fresh Sound FSCD-1016
Maynard Ferguson Hollywood Jam Sessions Fresh Sound FSR-CD 383 (CD-R)
Maynard Ferguson I Have But Two Horns Fresh Sound FSR 2209 (CD-R)
Maynard Ferguson Live At Peacock Lane, Hollywood, January 6, 1957 Jazz Hour JH 1030 (CD-R)
Maynard Ferguson The Birdland Dream Band RCA Bluebird 6455-2-RB
Maynard Ferguson The Complete Roulette Recordings Of The Maynard Ferguson Orchestra Mosaic MD10-156
Maynard Ferguson - Chris Connor Two's Company Fresh Sound FSR-CD 30
McCoy Tyner Double Trios Denon 33CY-1128
McCoy Tyner McCoy Tyner Mosaic Select MS-025 (0946 3 59023 2 7)
McCoy Tyner Tender Moments Blue Note 7243 5 96509 2 0
McCoy Tyner The Real McCoy Blue Note CDP 7 46512 2
McCoy Tyner Time For Tyner Blue Note CDP 7 84307 2
Meg Myles Just Meg And Me Liberty LRP 3041 (CD-R)
Mel Brown Live: An Evening With The Mel Brown Quartet Saphu SCD-0023
Mel Lewis 20 Years At The Village Vanguard Atlantic 81655-1 (CD-R)
Mel Lewis Naturally Telarc DG-10044 (CD-R)
Mel Lewis Soft Lights Hot Music Musicmasters CIJD 60172F
Mel Lewis Sextet The Lost Art Musicmasters CIJD 60222F
Mel Martin Plays Benny Carter Enja ENJ-9041 2
Mel Powell The Best Things In Life Vanguard 79602-2
Mel Torme And Friends Finesse W2X 37484 (CD-R)
Mel Torme Live At The Maisonette Atlantic SD 18129 (Rhino R2-71859) (CD-R)
Mel Torme Sings Fred Astaire Bethlehem 20-30082
Mel Torme Swings Shubert Alley Verve 821 581-2
Mel Torme - Buddy Rich Together Again For The First Time Gryphon G-784 (CD-R)
Michael Blake The World Awakes: A Tribute To Eli "Lucky" Thompson Stunt STUCD 07092
Michael Cochrane Impressions Landmark LCD-1548-2 (mp3)
Michael Franks Burchfield Nines - Tiger In The Rain CD-R Voc-7 (Warner Brothers BSK 3167, 3294)
Michael Logan Night Out Muse MCD 5458 (mp3)
Michael O'Neill Still Dancin' Jazzmo JR002 (CD-R)
Michal Urbaniak Jam At Sandy's Jam 5004 (CD-R)
Michele Rosewoman The Source Soul Note SN 1072 (CD-R)
Michele Rosewoman Trio Occasion To Rise Evidence ECD 22042-2
Mickey Tucker Triplicity Xanadu 128 (CD-R)
Mike Arena Little Big Band Luann LA-1020 (CD-R)
Mike Cuozzo With The Costa-Burke Trio Fresh Sound FSR CD 102 (mp3)
Mike Kaplan Nonet How's That Semi-Sweet SM -12
Mike LeDonne Waltz For An Urbanite Criss Cross Jazz 1111 CD
Mike LeDonne Sextet Soulmates Criss Cross Jazz 1074 CD
Mike LeDonne Trio Common Ground Criss Cross Jazz 1058
Mike Pope Cold Truth, Warm Heart Nineteen-Eight 1981027 (AAC)
Mike Wofford Plays The Music Of Jerome Kern Vol. 2 Discovery DS-816 (CD-R)
Milan Pilar (Catch Up II) Birth Of The Second Life Calig (Ger.) CAL 30615 (mp3)
Mildred Bailey Sings - Me And The Blues Savoy SV-0200
Miles Davis Birdland 1951 Blue Note 7243 5 41779 2 7
Miles Davis Blue Moods Debut OJCCD-043-2
Miles Davis Chronicle - The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige PCD-012-2
Miles Davis In A Silent Way Columbia Legacy CK 86556 (CD-R)
Miles Davis In Person Friday and Saturday Nights At The Blackhawk, Complete Columbia Legacy C4K 87106 (C2K 87100, C2K 87097)
Miles Davis Live In Portland, OR 1966 CD-R
Miles Davis Seven Steps: The Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles Davis 1963-1964 Columbia Legacy C7K 90840
Miles Davis The Complete Birth Of The Cool Capitol CDP 7243 4 94550 2 3
Miles Davis The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings Of The Miles Davis Quintet 1965-1968 Columbia Legacy C6K 67398
Miles Davis The Complete Studio Recordings of Miles Davis - Gil Evans Columbia CXK 67397
Miles Davis The Miles Davis Quintet - The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions Prestige PRCD4-4444-2 Disc 4 (CD-R)
Miles Davis Volume 1 Blue Note CDP 7 81501 2
Miles Davis Volume 2 Blue Note CDP 7 81502 2
Miles Davis - Hi-Hat All Stars Hi-Hat All Stars Guest Artist: Miles Davis Fresh Sound FSR-CD 13
Miles Davis - John Coltrane Live in Stockholm 1960 Dragon DRLP 90/91 (CD-R)
Miles Davis - John Coltrane Miles Davis & John Coltrane - The Complete Columbia Recordings 1955 - 1961 Columbia C6K 65833
Milestone Jazz Stars In Concert Milestone M-55006 (VD-R)
Milt Hinton East Coast Jazz/5 Bethlehem Archives R2 74325
Milt Jackson Bag's Opus Blue Note CDP 7 84458 2
Milt Jackson Ballads And Blues/Bags And Flutes Collectables COL-CD-6257
Milt Jackson Burnin' In The Woodhouse Qwest 9 45918-2
Milt Jackson In A New Setting Verve 314 538 620-2
Milt Jackson Milt Jackson Quartet Prestige OJCCD-001-2
Milt Jackson Roll 'Em Bags - Meet Milt Jackson Savoy MG 12061, 12042 (CD-R MJ-1)
Milt Jackson The Jazz Skyline Savoy SV-0173 (CD-R)
Milt Jackson The Prophet Speaks
Qwest 9 45591-2
Milt Jackson Wizard Of The Vibes Blue Note 7243 5 32140 2 9
Milt Jackson A London Bridge Pablo PACD-2310-932-2
Milt Jackson Bebop East-West 7 90991-2
Milt Jackson In London - Memories Of Thelonious Pablo OJCCD-851-2 (CD-R)
Milt Jackson Jackson'sville Savoy SV-0175
Milt Jackson Plenty, Plenty Soul Atlantic Jazz 1269-2
Milt Jackson Statements Impulse GRD 130
Milt Jackson That's The Way It Is Impulse AS-9189 (CD-R)
Milt Jackson - Clayton - Hamilton Orchestra Explosive - Milt Jackson Meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra Qwest 9 47286-2
Milt Jackson - Coleman Hawkins Bean Bags Atlantic 1316 (CD-R)
Milt Jackson - Count Basie + The Big Band Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Pablo OJCCD-740-2. OJCCD-741-2 (CD-R BB-5)
Milt Jackson - J.J. Johnson - Ray Brown Jackson, Johnson, Brown & Company Pablo OJCCD-907-2 (CD-R)
Milt Jackson - Modern Jazz Quartet Milt Jackson Quintet - Modern Jazz Quartet Prestige OJCCD-125-2
Milt Jackson - Ray Brown It Don't Mean A Thing If You Can't Pat Your Foot To It Pablo (Jpn.) J33J 20047
Milt Jackson Sextet Invitation Riverside OJCCD-260-2
Milton Banana Sambas De Bossa RCA (BMG) 74321 13764 2 (M60.025) (mp3)
Mingus Big Band Live In Time Dreyfus Jazz FDM 36583-2
Miri Ben-Ari Sahara Half Note 4202 2
MJT + 3 Message From Walton Street Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8558
MJT + 3 MJT + 3 Vee Jay VJ-002
MJT + 3 Walter Perkins' MJT + 3 - Make Everybody Happy Vee Jay VJ-009
Moacir Santos Saudade Blue Note BN-LA260-G (CD-R)
Modern Jazz Quartet Blues At Carnegie Hall Philips 30JD-10096
Modern Jazz Quartet Collaboration Atlantic 1429 (CD-R)
Modern Jazz Quartet Concorde Prestige OJCCD-002-2
Modern Jazz Quartet Django Prestige OJCCD-057-2
Modern Jazz Quartet Fontessa - At Music Inn Volume 2: Guest Artist Sonny Rollins Atlantic 7567-81329-2, 1299-2 (CD-R MJQ-1)
Modern Jazz Quartet The Complete Last Concert Atlantic 7 81976-2
Modern Jazz Quartet The Modern Jazz Quartet Atlantic 1265 (CD-R)
Modern Jazz Sextet Modern Jazz Sextet Verve POCJ-1842
Mongo Santamaria Free Spirit Tropical Budda TBLP 002 (CD-R)
Monty Alexander - Ray Brown - Herb Ellis Straight Ahead - Trio Concord Jazz CCD2-2167-2 (CD-R)
Monty Alexander Trio Full Steam Ahead Concord Jazz CJ-287-C (CD-R)
Morgana King With A Taste Of Honey - Stretchin' Out Mainstream 56015, Muse MR 5166 (CD-R Voc-8)
Mr. Tram Associates (Barbara Lea, Dick Sudhalter, Daryl Sherman, Loren Schoenberg) Getting Some Fun Out Of Life Audiophile DAPCD 241 (mp3)
Mulgrew Miller And Wingspan The Sequel MaxJazz MXJ 204
Mundell Lowe A Grand Night For Swinging Riverside OJCCD-1940-2
Mundell Lowe Porgy & Bess RCA BMG 74321 36405 2
Mundell Lowe The Mundell Lowe Quartet - The Mundell Lowe Quintet CD-R ML-1 (Riverside RLP 12-204 (OJCCD-1773-2), RCA Victor LJM-3002)
Nabil Totah Double Bass Consolidated Artists 103 (CD-R)
Nancy Marano - Eddie Monteiro The Real Thing Perfect Sound PSCD-1205
Nancy Wilson - Cannonball Adderley Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley Capitol CDP 0777 7 81204 2 1
Nat Adderley A Little New York Midtown Music Galaxy OJCCD-1008-2
Nat Adderley Autobiography Atlantic SD 1439 (CD-R)
Nat Adderley Introducing Nat Adderley Verve 314 543 828-2
Nat Adderley Little Big Horn Riverside OJCCD-1001-2
Nat Adderley That's Nat Adderley Savoy MG-12021 (CD-R)
Nat Adderley That's Right Riverside OJCCD-791-2
Nat Adderley Quintet Good Company Challenge CHR 70009
Nat Adderley Sextet Much Brass Riverside OJCCD-848-2
Nat King Cole Jazz Encounters Capitol CDP 7 96693 2
Nat King Cole Live At The Circle Room Capitol 7243 5 21859 2 4
Nat King Cole Penthouse Serenade Capitol CDP 7243 4 94504 2 4
Nat King Cole The Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat King Cole Trio Mosaic MD18-138 (incomplete) (CD-R)
Nat King Cole Welcome To The Club Capitol T 1724 (CD-R)
Nat King Cole At The Sands Capitol 7243 5 38694 2 7
Nat King Cole - George Shearing Nat King Cole Sings - George Shearing Plays Capitol 7243 5 25250 2 7
Nathan Davis Two Originals - Happy Girl & The Hip Walk MPS 539 082-2
NDR BigBand Bravissimo ACT (Ger.) 9232-2 (CD-R)
NDR BigBand Bravissimo II ACT (Ger.) 9259-2 (CD-R)
NDR BigBand Ellingtonia ACT 9233-2 (CD-R)
Ned Otter So Little Time Two And Four TF002CD
Neil McNamara Rainy Night Bonobo 4084 (mp3)
New Stories (Marc Seales - Doug Miller - John Bishop) Hope Is In The Air Origin 82434
New York Jazz Quartet In Chicago Bee Hive BH 7013 (CD-R)
New York Jazz Quartet Oasis Enja 3083 (CD-R)
Nicholas Payton From This Moment Verve 314 527 073-2
Nicholas Payton Gumbo Nouveau Verve 314 531 199-2 (CD-R)
Nicholas Payton Payton's Place Verve 314 557 327-2
Nick Brignola It's Time Reservoir RSR CD 123
Nick Brignola Like Old Times Reservoir RSR CD 133
Nick Brignola Live At Sweet Basil - First Set Reservoir RSR CD 125
Nick Brignola On A Different Level Reservoir RSR CD 112
Nick Travis Quintet The Panic Is On RCA BMG 74321398802
Nicki Denner Moliendo Cafe Private Production (mp3)
Niki Harris & Wycliffe Gordon I'm Glad There Is You Blues Back 013
Nils Gessinger Ducks 'N' Cookies GRP 98302 (CD-R)
Nils Lindberg Big Band Galore Bluebell (Swd.) BELL 176 (mp3)
Nils Lindberg Saxes Galore Bluebell (Swd.) BELL 105 (mp3)
Nils Lindberg & Herb Geller How 'Bout It Bluebell (Swd.) BELL 197 (mp3)
Norman Mapp Jazz Ain't Nothin' But Soul Fresh Sound FSR-CD 693
Oliver Nelson Black, Brown & Beautiful Flying Dutchman FDS-116 (CD-R)
Oliver Nelson Live From Los Angeles Impulse A-9153 (CD-R copy)
Oliver Nelson More Blues And The Abstract Truth Impulse IMPD-212
Oliver Nelson Oliver Nelson: The Argo, Verve and Impulse Big Band Studio Sessions Mosaic MD6-233
Oliver Nelson Screamin' The Blues Prestige New Jazz OJCCD-080-2
Oliver Nelson Taking Care Of Business Prestige / New Jazz OJCCD-1784-2
Oliver Nelson The Blues And The Abstract Truth Impulse IMPD-154
Onzy Matthews Onzy Matthews Mosaic Select MS-029
Orchestra U.S.A., Sextet of Mack The Knife And Other Berlin Theatre Songs Of Kurt Weill Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8588
Ornette Coleman Change Of The Century - This Is Our Music Atlantic 7567 81341-2, 7567 80767-2 (CD-R OC-1)
Ornette Coleman Something Else - The Music of Ornette Coleman Contemporary OJCCD-163-2
Ornette Coleman The New Music Of - Tomorrow Is The Question Contemporary OJCCD-342-2
Ornette Coleman The Shape Of Jazz To Come Atlantic 1317-2
Ornette Coleman Trio At The Golden Circle Volume 1 Blue Note 7243 5 35518 2 7 (mp3)
Ornette Coleman Trio At The Golden Circle Volume 2 Blue Note 7243 5 35519 2 6 (mp3)
Oscar Brown Jr. Sin & Soul Columbia CK 64994 (mp3)
Oscar Moore The Oscar Moore Quartet With Carl Perkins V.S.O.P. 34/22 CD (CD-R copy)
Oscar Peterson Easy Does It BOMC 61-7546 (CD-R)
Oscar Peterson Night Train: The Oscar Peterson Trio Verve 314 521 440-2
Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson Plays Count Basie Clef MGC-708 (CD-R)
Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson Plays The George Gershwin Song Book Verve 314 529 698-2 (CD-R)
Oscar Peterson The Jazz Soul Of - Affinity Verve 314 533 100-2
Oscar Peterson - Milt Jackson Very Tall Verve 314 559 830-2 (CD-R)
Oscar Peterson Trio Bursting Out With The All Star Big Band! Verve 314 529 699-2
Oscar Peterson Trio - Herb Ellis Hello Herbie MPS POCJ-1863
Oscar Pettiford Another One Bethlehem Archives R2 75910
Oscar Pettiford Basically Duke - The Legendary Oscar Pettiford Featuring Attila Zoller Bethlehem BCP 1019, Black Lion BLP 30185 (CD-R OP-1)
Oscar Pettiford Birdland Band - Jazz Off The Air Vol. 6 Spotlite SPJ 153 (CD-R)
Oscar Pettiford Deep Passion Impulse GRD-143
Oscar Pettiford First Bass - Rare Recordings & Concert Dates 1953-60 IAJRC CD 1010
Oscar Pettiford Montmartre Blues Black Lion BLCD 760124 (CD-R)
Oscar Pettiford Sessions 1958-60: Unreleased Radio Tapes Jazzline (Ger.) JL 20 827 (CD-R)
Oscar Pettiford Sextet Vogue (RCA - BMG) 74321 40945 2
Oscar Pettiford The New Sextet Debut OJCCD-1926-2
Oscar Pettiford - Barry Galbraith The Manhattan Jazz Septette - Guitar And The Wind Lonehill Jazz LHJ10262 (CD-R)
Oscar Pettiford - Vinnie Burke Bass By Pettiford / Burke Bethlehem Archives R2 75820
Osie Johnson A Bit Of The Blues RCA BMG 74321609832 (mp3)
Osie Johnson Osie's Oasis Period OJCCD-1916-2 (CD-R)
OTB (Out Of The Blue) Inside Track Blue Note BT 85128 (CD-R)
P.J. Perry P.J. Perry Trio Perry PJP-005, Justin Time JTR 8481-2 (CD-R)
Panama Francis Savoy Sultans Vol. II Classic Jazz CJ 150 (CD-R)
Paquito D'Rivera Live At Keystone Corner Columbia FC 38899 (CD-R)
Paquito D'Rivera Why Not Columbia FC 39584 (CD-R)
Paradigm Shift (Gerry Youngman, Melvin Henderson, Ted Poor) Shifting Times Nagel Hayer 2053 (CD-R)
Paris Reunion Band French Cooking Gazell GJ 1002 (CD-R)
Pasadena Roof Orchestra The Show Must Go On Transatlantic (Ger.) 0064.010 (mp3)
Pat Britt Jazzman Vee Jay International VJS 3070 (CD-R)
Pat Britt Let's Play JustJazz 1062 (mp3)
Pat Thomas Jazz Patterns & Desafinado Strand SL/SLS 1015 & MGM E/SE 4103 (CD-R)
Patty Weaver Patty Weaver Sings As Time Goes By RE/SE 1000 (mp3)
Paul Bley Introducing Paul Bley Debut OJCCD-201-2
Paul Chambers Bass On Top Blue Note CDP 7 46533 2
Paul Chambers Chamber's Music - A Jazz Delegation From The East Blue Note CDP 7 84437 2
Paul Chambers Quintet Blue Note TOCJ-1564
Paul Chambers Sextet Whims Of Chambers Blue Note TOCJ-1534
Paul Desmond The Complete Paul Desmond RCA Victor Recordings Featuring Jim Hall RCA Victor 09026-68687-2
Paul Gonsalves And His All Stars Riviera 521.149 (CD-R)
Paul Gonsalves Gettin' Together Jazzland OJCCD-203-2 (CD-R)
Paul Quinichette On The Sunny Side Prestige OJCCD-076-2
Paul Quinichette The Vice Pres Verve 314 543 750-2
Paul Quinichette - Gene Roland Septet The Kid From Denver Biograph BCD 136 ADD
Paul Salomone Quickstep Paul Salomone PSQ97
Paul Smith Liquid Sounds Capitol T493 (CD-R)
Paul Tardif Points Of Departure Millisound MS100
Pee Wee Russell Ask Me Now Impulse 024 755 742-2 (CD-R)
Pee Wee Russell Jazz Original Commodore CMD-404
Peggy Lee Black Coffee & Sea Shells MCA Universal MCLD19363
Peggy Lee In Love Again Capitol T1969 (CD-R)
Peggy Lee Sugar 'N' Spice Capitol 7243 5 25249 2 1
Peggy Lee Things Are Swingin' Blue Note Capitol Jazz 7243 5 97071 2 9 (CD-R)
Peggy Lee - Benny Goodman The Complete Recordings 1941- 1947 Columbia Legacy C2K 65686
Peggy Lee - George Shearing Beauty And The Beat! Capitol 7243 5 42308 2 0
Peggy Lee - June Christy The Complete Peggy Lee & June Christy Capitol Transcription Sessions Mosaic MD5-184
Pepper Adams Encounter Prestige OJCCD-892-2
Pepper Adams My One And Only Love West Wind 2053 CD
Pepper Adams Pepper Adams Live JustJazz JJCD 1004 (CD-R)
Pepper Adams Pepper Adams Plays Charlie Mingus Fresh Sound FSR-CD 341
Pepper Adams Reflectory Muse MR 5182 (CD-R)
Pepper Adams The Adams Effect Uptown UPCD 27.31
Pepper Adams The Cool Sound Of Pepper Adams Savoy SV-0198
Pepper Adams Quintet Critics' Choice Mighty Quinn MQP1103
Perry Robinson Nightmare Island - Live At The Leverkusener Jazztage West Wind 2026 CD (mp3)
Perry Robinson 4 Funk Dumpling Savoy SV-0255
Perry Robinson, Badal Roy Raga Roni Geetika unnumbered (mp3)
Pete Candoli - Conte Candoli Fascinating Rhythm Fresh Sound FSR-CD 311
Pete Christlieb - Bill Ramsay - Milt Kleeb Red Kelly's Heroes CARS CP-0010
Pete Christlieb - Bob Cooper Live-Mosaic Capri 74026-2
Pete Jolly Duo - Trio - Quartet RCA (BMG) 74321424532
Pete Jolly Jolly Jumps In RCA BMG 74321125822
Pete La Roca Basra Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32091 2 5
Peter Herbolzheimer Jazz Gala Concert Koala (Ger.) 970320 (CD-R)
Peter Herbolzheimer Jazz Gala Concert '77 Telefunken (Ger.) 4.28438 (mp3)
Peter Herbolzheimer Jazz Gala Concert '79 Bellaphon (Ger.) BID 156501 (CD-R)
Peter Herbolzheimer (Certain Lions and Tigers) Soul Condor Polydor (Ger.) 2344 002 (mp3)
Peter Herbolzheimer (Galactic Light Orchestra) Time Travellers Galaxis Polydor (Ger.) 2310 362 (CD-R)
Peter Herbolzheimer (Rhythm Combination & Brass) Hip Walk Polydor (Ger.) 2371 704 (mp3)
Peter Herbolzheimer (Rhythm Combination & Brass) My Kind Of Sunshine MPS (Ger.) 21 21331-5 (CD-R)
Peter Herbolzheimer (Rhythm Combination & Brass) Touchdown Polydor (Ger.) 2371 836 (mp3)
Peter Herbolzheimer (Rhythm Combination & Brass) Waitaminute MPS (Ger.) 21 21751-5 (mp3)
Peter Herbolzheimer (Rhythm Combination & Brass) Wide Open MPS (Ger.) 21 21948-8 (mp3)
Pharoah Sanders Shukuru Theresa TR121 (CD-R)
Phil Moore & Ivie Anderson Recordings With Lucky Thompson 1946-1947 CD-R VA-25
Phil Urso - Carl Saunders Salute Chet Baker Jazzed Media JM 1001
Phil Wilson & NDR BigBand Pal Joey Suite Capri 74051-2 (CD-R)
Phil Wilson & NDR BigBand The Wizard Of Oz Suite Capri 74040-2 (CD-R)
Phil Woods Early Quintets Prestige OJCCD-1865-2
Phil Woods Musique Du Bois Muse 5037 (CD-R)
Phil Woods Pairing Off Prestige 7046 (CD-R)
Phil Woods Phil Talks With Quill Epic LN 3521 (CD-R)
Phil Woods Sugan Prestige OJCCD-1841-2
Phil Woods The New Album RCA BGLI-1391 (CD-R)
Phil Woods - Gene Quill Sextet Phil And Quill RCA ND 74405
Phil Woods & Gene Quill Phil & Quill With Prestige Prestige OJCCD-215-2 (CD-R)
Phil Woods Quintet Gratitude Denon 33CY-1316
Phil Wright Feeling Right Blue Lady PDP 1040
Philly Joe Jones Blues For Dracula Riverside OJCCD-230-2
Philly Joe Jones Drum Songs Milestone MCD-47094-2 (CD-R)
Philly Joe Jones Philly Mignon Galaxy OJCCD-1935-2 (CD-R)
Philly Joe Jones - Dameronia Look, Stop and Listen Uptown UPCD 27.59
Philly Joe Jones - Dameronia To Tadd With Love Uptown UP 27.11 (CD-R)
Phineas Newborn Jr. A World Of Piano Contemporary OJCCD-175-2
Phineas Newborn Jr. Here Is Phineas Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8505
Phineas Newborn Jr. Look Out - Phineas Is Back! Pablo OJCCD-866-2
Phineas Newborn Trio Back Home Contemporary C5-7648 (CD-R)
Poncho Sanchez Soul Sauce - Memories Of Cal Tjader Concord Picante CCD-4662 (mp3)
Pony Poindexter Pony's Express Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8591
Pratt Brothers (Dean Pratt, Michael Pratt) Groovy Encounters Amosaya AM 2532 (CD-R)
Prestige All-Stars Earthy Prestige OJC-1707 (CD-R)
Prestige Blues Swingers Outskirts Of Town Prestige OJCCD-1717-2
Prestige Jazz Quartet The Prestige Jazz Quartet Prestige OJCCD-1937-2
Putter Smith Lost & Found Vee Jay International VJS 3069 (CD-R)
Queen Latifah (Dana Owens) The Dana Owens Album Creative Battery 0003435-02 (mp3)
Quincy Jones Go West Man Chessmates GRD-828
Quincy Jones Gula Matari A&M 0820-2 (CD-R)
Quincy Jones Live In '60 TDK/Jazz Icons DVWW-JIQJ
Quincy Jones The Quincy Jones ABC/Mercury Big Band Jazz Sessions Mosaic MD5-237
Quincy Jones Walking In Space Verve 314 543 499-2 (CD-R)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Domino Mercury 826 988-2
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Early Roots Bethlehem Archives R2 76688
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Introducing Roland Kirk Chess CHD-91551
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Kirk's Work Prestige OJCCD-459-2
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Left And Right Atlantic SD 1518 (mp3)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Live In France 1972 Mosaic/Jazz Icons MDVD 2006
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Rip, Rig And Panic; Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith Emarcy 832 164-2
Rahsaan Roland Kirk We Free Kings Mercury 826 455-2 (CD-R)
Ralph Lalama Momentum Criss Cross 1063 CD
Ralph Lalama & Manhattan All Stars Feelin' and Dealin' Criss Cross Jazz 1046
Ralph Moore Furthermore Landmark LCD-1526-2
Ralph Moore Images Landmark LCD-1520-2
Ralph Moore Who It Is You Are Savoy CV-75778
Ralph Pena Master Of The Bass V.S.O.P. 97 CD
Ralph Sharon Around The World In Jazz Fresh Sound FSR-CD 114 (CD-R copy)
Ralph Sharon Easy Jazz London LL 1488 (CD-R)
Randy Sandke Cliffhanger Nagel Heyer 2037
Randy Weston Earth Birth Verve 314 537 088-2
Randy Weston Get Happy With The Randy Weston Trio Riverside OJCCD-1870-2
Randy Weston How High The Moon Biograph BCD 147
Randy Weston Randy Weston Mosaic Select MS-004 (7243 5 82413 2 7)
Randy Weston Randy Weston Live In St. Lucia Image Entertainment 2982
Randy Weston Solo, Duo & Trio Milestone MCD-47085-2
Randy Weston Spirit The Power Of Music Sunnyside SSC 3015 (mp3)
Randy Weston The Spirits of Our Ancestors Verve 314 511 857-2 (CD-R)
Randy Weston The Storyteller motema Music 51 (CD-R)
Ray Anthony Houseparty Hop Capitol H292 (CD-R)
Ray Brown Bass Hit! Verve 314 559 829-2 (CD-R)
Ray Brown - Milt Jackson Much In Common Verve 314 533 259-2
Ray Brown - Monty Alexander - Russell Malone Ray Brown - Monty Alexander - Russell Malone; Producer's Choice Telarc CD 83562
Ray Brown Trio Bam Bam Bam Concord CCD-4375
Ray Brown Trio With Ralph Moore Moore Makes 4 Concord Jazz CCD-4477
Ray Bryant Live At Basin Street East Collectables COL-5755
Ray Bryant Ray Bryant Plays Roulette TOCJ-5980
Ray Bryant Trio All Blues Pablo OJCCD-863-2 (CD-R)
Ray Charles Genius + Soul = Jazz - My Kind Of Jazz Rhino R2 72814
Ray Charles Rock And Roll Atlantic 20P2-2381
Ray Charles - Milt Jackson Soul Brothers - Soul Meeting Atlantic 7 81951-2
Ray Crawford Smooth Groove Candid CCD 79028
Ray Draper Tuba Sounds Prestige OJCCD-1936-2
Ray Drummond Camera In A Bag Criss Cross Jazz 1040
Ray Vega Boperation Concord Jazz CCD-4867-2 (mp3)
Rebecca Kilgore Moments Like This Moonburn MB0001 (mp3)
Red Allen - Coleman Hawkins Allen And Hawkins 1933 Smithsonian Collection R022 P15470 (CD-R)
Red Garland Crossings Galaxy OJCCD-472-2 (CD-R)
Red Garland It's A Blue World Prestige OJCCD-1028-2
Red Garland Red Garland's Piano Prestige OJCCD-073-2
Red Garland Red's Good Groove Jazzland OJCCD-1064-2
Red Garland Stepping Out Galaxy GXY-5129 (CD-R)
Red Garland Swingin' On The Korner Elemental Music 5990426 (AAC)
Red Holloway And Company Concord Jazz CJ-322-C (CD-R)
Red Holloway Coast To Coast Milestone MCD-9335-2
Red Holloway In The Red HighNote HCD 7022
Red Holloway - Clark Terry Sextet Locksmith Blues Concord Jazz CCD-4390
Red Holloway - Jack McDuff Cookin' Together Prestige PR 7325 (CD-R)
Red Mitchell Presenting Red Mitchell Contemporary OJCCD-158-2
Red Mitchell - Harold Land Quintet Hear Ye! Atlantic 1376-2
Red Mitchell Quintet Red Mitchell Bethlehem Archives R2 75823
Red Norvo Move! Savoy SV-0168 (CD-R RN-1)
Red Norvo The Discovery/Savoy Sessions - Master Takes CD-R RN-1
Red Rodney Fiery Savoy SV-0148
Red Rodney The 3 R's Muse MR 5290 (CD-R)
Red Rodney The Red Rodney Quintets Fantasy FCD-24758-2
Red Rodney Then And Now Chesky JD79
Rein de Graaff Blue Lights: The Music Of Gigi Gryce Blue Jack BJJR 042
Rene Thomas Guitar Groove Jazzland OJCCD-1725-2
Reuel Lubag - Jon Wikan Reuel Lubag - Jon Wikan Jazz Trio CD 91-A (mp3)
Rex Middleton Rex Middleton's Hi-Fi's Verve MGV 2035 (CD-R)
Rhoda Scott & Thad Jones - Mel Lewis Big Band Rhoda Scott A New York Barclay (Fr.) 813.590-2 (mp3)
Rich Thompson Eventually Mark MJS-57629 (mp3)
Rich Willey Gone With The Piggies CAP 962
Rich Willey - Boptism Lattitude Adjustment Private Production (CD-R)
Rich Willey - Boptism New York Debut BOP-01955
Richard Groove Holmes After Hours Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 8 37986 2 9
Richard Groove Holmes Groove - Richard Groove Holmes With Ben Webster Pacific Jazz CDP 7 94473 2
Richard Groove Holmes Misty Prestige OJCCD-724-2
Richard Groove Holmes & Gene Ammons Groovin' With Jug Pacific Jazz CDP 7 92930 2 (CD-R)
Richard Hollyday Moment's Notice Shiah SR 114 (CD-R)
Richard Williams New Horn In Town Candid CD 9003
Richard Wyands As Long As There's Music Savant SCD 2031
Richard Wyands Half And Half Criss Cross 1185 CD
Richard Wyands Reunited Criss Cross Jazz 1105
Richie Kamuca Richie Kamuca Quartet Mode LP 102 (V.S.O.P. 17CD) (CD-R)
Rickey Woodard Night Mist Fresh Sound FSR-CD 190
Rickey Woodard The Silver Strut Concord Jazz CCD-4716
Rickey Woodard The Tokyo Express Candid CCD 79527
Rickey Woodard Yazoo Concord Jazz CCD-4629
Ricky Ford Flying Colors Muse MR 5227 (CD-R)
Ricky Ford Manhattan Blues Candid CCD 79036
Rob McConnell Live At The 1990 Concord Jazz Festival - First Set Concord Jazz CCD-4451 (CD-R)
Rob McConnell Rob McConnell Tentet Justin Time 150-2 (CD-R)
Rob McConnell And The Boss Brass Again - Vol. 2 Pausa PCD-7149
Robert Bootsie Barnes Boppin' Round The Center Harvest BB58121
Robert Trowers Point Of View Concord Jazz CCD-4656 (mp3)
Robert Watson & Horizon Quintet Gumbo Amigo AMLP 851 (CD-R)
Roberta Gambarini Easy To Love Groovin' High Kindred Rhythm 1122 (CD-R)
Roberto Magris One Night In With Hope And More, Vol. 1 J-Mood 003
Roberto Magris - Herb Geller Il Bello Del Jazz Soul Note 121395-2 (CD-R)
Rod Levitt Forty-Second Street RCA Victor LPM 3615 (CD-R)
Rod Levitt Insight - Solid Ground RCA LPM-3372, LPM-3448 (CD-R RL-1)
Rod Levitt The Dynamic Sound Patterns Of The Rod Levitt Orchestra Riverside OJCCD-1955-2
Roland Hanna Easy To Love Koch KOC-CD-8529
Roland Hanna Plays The Music Of Alec Wilder Inner City IC 1072 (CD-R)
Rolf Ericson & The American Stars 1956 Dragon DRCD 255
Rolf Kuhn Big Band Connection Miramar 09006 23060-2 (CD-R)
Rolf Kuhn Cucu Ear MPS (Ger.) 0068.259 (mp3)
Rolf Kuhn Rolf Kuhn - Picture CD Blue Flame (Ger.) 40162 (mp3)
Rolf Kuhn Rolf Kuhn And His Sound Of Jazz Fresh Sound FSR-CD 326 (CD-R)
Ron Affif Ron Affif Quartet RA-8 (CD-R)
Ron Carter All Blues CTI 6037 )CD-R)
Ron Carter Jazz, My Romance Blue Note B4-30492 (CD-R)
Ron Carter Stardust Blue Note 7243 5 37813 2 3
Ron Carter - Cedar Walton Heart& Soul Timeless SJP 158 (CD-R)
Ron Eschete Mo' Strings Attached The Jazz Alliance TJA-10020 (mp3)
Ronnell Bright All About Ronnell Bright Flight BF 1212 (mp3)
Ronnie Cuber Cubism Fresh Sound FSR-CD 5033 (CD-R)
Ronnie Cuber N.Y. Cats SteepleChase SCCD 31394
Ronnie Mathews Legacy Bee Hive BH 7011 (CD-R)
Rosemary Clooney Show Tunes Concord CCD-4364
Roy Eldridge Rockin' Chair Verve UCV 2686 (CD-R)
Roy Eldridge Swingin' On The Town Verve 314 559 828-2
Roy Eldridge Verve Studio Sessions 1953-1957 CD-R RE-1 (copy of part of Mosaic MD7-222)
Roy Eldridge - Dizzy Gillespie Roy And Diz Verve 314 521 647-2
Roy Hargrove Diamond In The Rough RCA Novus 3082-2-N
Roy Hargrove Quintet With The Tenors Of Our Time Verve 314 523 019-2
Roy Haynes Cracklin' Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-818-2
Roy Haynes Cymbalism New Jazz OJCCD-1079-2
Roy Haynes Out Of The Afternoon Impulse IMPD-180
Roy Haynes People Pacific Jazz (Jpn.) K18P-9265 (CD-R)
Roy Haynes Trio Just Us Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-879-2
RTV Zagreb Big Band Golden Hours Jugoton LSY 68095 (CD-R)
Ruby Braff And His New England Songhounds Vol. One Concord Jazz CCD-4478
Ruby Braff I Hear Music Arbors ARCD 19244 (mp3)
Ruby Braff Watch What Happens Arbors ARCD 19259 (CD-R)
Rudolph Johnson The Second Coming Black Jazz BJQD 11 (CD-R)
Rufus Reid Trio Seven Minds Sunnyside SSC 1010 (CD-R)
Russ Freeman - Richard Twardzik Trio Pacific Jazz CDP 7 46861 2 (CD-R)
Russell Garcia Los Angeles River Fresh Sound FSR 2203 (CD-R)
Rusty Dedrick A Jazz Journey Monmouth MLP 6502 (CD-R)
Ruth Young This Is Always Nagel Heyer 2051 (CD-R)
Ryan Cohan Another Look motema Music 45 (CD-R)
Ryan Truesdell Centennial: Newly Discovered Works Of Gil Evans Artist Share 0114 (mp3)
Saheb Sarbib Quintet It Couldn't Happen Without You Soul Note SN 1098 (CD-R)
Sal Mosca - Warne Marsh Quartet Volume 1 Zinnia 103CD (mp3)
Sal Nistico Heavyweights Milestone MCD-47096-2
Sal Nistico Sal Nistico live JustJazz JJCD 1003 (CD-R)
Sal Salvador Frivolous Sal - Tribute To The Greats Bethlehem TOCJ-62022, TOCJ-62023 (CD-R SS-2)
Sal Salvador Quintet/Quartet - Kenton Presents Blue Note 7243 4 96548 2 2
Sam Jones Down Home - Sam Jones & Co. Riverside OJCCD-1864-2
Sam Jones Something New Interplay IP-7726 (CD-R)
Sam Most Quartet + 2 - Plays Bird, Bud, Monk & Miles Debut DLP 11; Bethlehem BCP 75 (CD-R SM-1)
Sam Most Sextet - Musically Yours Vanguard VRS 8014, Bethlehem (Jpn.) TOCJ 62098 (CD-R SM-2)
Sam Most The Amazing Mr. Sam Most Bethlehem BCP 78 (CD-R)
Sam Noto Act One - Noto-Riety Xanadu 127, 168 (CD-R)
Sam Noto Entrance Xanadu 103 (CD-R)
Sam Noto Live At The Renaissance SLR 91766-1
Sam Rivers The Complete Blue Note Sessions Mosaic MD3-167
Sammy Davis, Jr. - Laurindo Almeida Sammy Davis, Jr. Sings Laurindo Almeida Plays DCC Compact Classics DJZ-627
Sammy Price - Lucky Thompson Jazz In Paris No. 37 - Paris Blues Verve Gitanes 013 038-2 (CD-R)
Sammy Sherman A Jazz Original Live At Chan's Arbors ARCD 19302 (mp3)
Sarah Vaughan A Time In My Life Mainstream MRL 340 (CD-R)
Sarah Vaughan Echoes Of An Era - The Sarah Vaughan Years Roulette RE-103 (CD-R)
Sarah Vaughan How Long Has This Been Going On Pablo PACD-2310-821-2 (CD-R)
Sarah Vaughan In The Land Of Hi-Fi Emarcy 826 454-2
Sarah Vaughan Misty Mercury 846 488-2 (CD-R)
Sarah Vaughan Mix Voc-9: Sings George Gershwin Vol. 2 - Brazilian Romance Verve 314 557 567-2 (part); Columbia Legacy MK 42519 (CD-R)l
Sarah Vaughan No Count Sarah Verve 824 057-2 (CD-R)
Sarah Vaughan Swingin' Easy EmArcy 314 514 072-2
Sarah Vaughan The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Recordings Mosaic MD8-214
Sasha Dobson The Darkling Thrush Smalls Records SRCD-0005
Sathima Bea Benjamin Memories And Dreams Ekapa 003 (CD-R)
Sauter - Finegan Orchestra Inside The Sound Jasmine JASCD 459
Sauter - Finegan Orchestra NBC Bandstand Live Feb. 1957 Collector's Choice CCM-032-2
Scott Burns Passages Origin 82465
Scott Hamilton After Hours Concord Jazz CCD-4755-2
Scott Hamilton Radio City Concord Jazz CCD-4428
Seldon Powell Sextet Featuring Jimmy Cleveland Fresh Sound FSR-CD93
Serge Chaloff Boston 1950 Uptown UPCD 27.38
Serge Chaloff The Complete Sessions Mosaic MD4-147
Sheila Jordan Portrait Of Sheila Blue Note CDP 7 89002 2
Sheila Jordan The Crossing Blackhawk BKH 50501 (CD-R)
Sheila Jordan - Harvie Swartz Old Time Feeling Palo Alto PA 8038-N (CD-R)
Shelly Manne 2-3-4 Impulse GRD-149
Shelly Manne Boss Sounds - Shelly Manne And His Men At Shelly's Manne Hole Koch Jazz KOC CD-8539
Shelly Manne Jazz Gunn - Daktari Collectables COL-CD-6834
Shelly Manne Manne - That's Gershwin Discovery DS-909 (CD-R)
Shelly Manne Perk Up Concord CCD-4021 (CD-R)
Shelly Manne Shelly Manne & His Men Play Peter Gunn Contemporary OJCCD-946-2
Shelly Manne The Navy Swings! Studio West 109 CD
Shelly Manne - Bill Russo Deep People Savoy SV-0186
Shelly Manne & His Friends Modern Jazz Performances Of Songs From My Fair Lady Contemporary CCD-7527-2
Shelly Manne & His Men At The Blackhawk Vol. 1 Contemporary OJCCD-65-2
Shelly Manne & His Men At The Blackhawk Vol. 2 Contemporary OJCCD-657-2
Shelly Manne & His Men At The Blackhawk Vol. 3 Contemporary OJCCD-658-2
Shelly Manne & His Men At The Blackhawk Vol. 4 Contemporary OJCCD-659-2
Shelly Manne & His Men At The Blackhawk Vol. 5 Contemporary OJCCD-660-2
Shelly Manne & His Men Vol. 4 - Swinging Sounds Contemporary OJCCD-267-2
Shelly Manne & His Men Volume 1 - The West Coast Sound Contemporary OJCCD-152-2
Shirley Horn Here's To Life Verve 06024 9884038 2 (mp3)
Shirley Horn You Won't Forget Me Verve 847 482-2
Shirley Scott Soul Searching Prestige PRLP 7173 (CD-R)
Shorty Rogers Afro-Cuban Influence RCA Victor LPM 1763 (CD-R)
Shorty Rogers Big Band Volume 1 Time Is TI 9804 (CD-R)
Shorty Rogers Courts The Count RCA BMG 74321 32337 2
Shorty Rogers Orchestra And Giants - Cool And Crazy - The Big Shorty Rogers Express RCA BMG 74321610582
Shorty Rogers Quintet With Guest Vocalist Jeri Southern Studio West (V.S.O.P.) 101CD
Shorty Rogers The Complete Atlantic And EMI Jazz Recordings Of Mosaic MD4-125
Shorty Rogers The Wizard Of Oz And Other Harold Arlen Songs RCA BMG (Sp.) 74321 45379 2 (CD-R)
Shorty Rogers Shorty Rogers And His Giants RCA BMG 74321609892
Shorty Rogers - Art Pepper Popo Xanadu XCD 1223
Shorty Rogers - Bud Shank and the Lighthouse All Stars America The Beautiful Candid CCD 79510
Shorty Rogers And His Giants A Portrait Of Shorty RCA (BMG) 7 4321 21822 2
Shorty Rogers And His Giants Plays Richard Rogers RCA BMG 74321433882
Shorty Rogers Quintet Wherever The Five Winds Blow RCA ND 74399
Sidney Bechet The Fabulous Sidney Bechet Blue Note 7243 5 30607 2 5
Sir Charles Thompson Sextet Sextet And Band Vanguard KICJ 183
Slide Hampton Drum Suite Mosaic MCD-1007
Slide Hampton Slide Hampton And The World Of Trombones - Spirit Of The Horn MCG Jazz MCGJ 1011
Slide Hampton And The Jazz Masters Dedicated To Diz Telarc CD-83323
Slide Hampton Octet Sister Salvation Collectables COL-CD-6173
Slide Hampton Octet Slide! Fresh Sound FSR-CD 206
Slide Hampton Quintet Roots Criss Cross 1015 (CD-R)
Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra Big Band Treasures Live Smithsonian RJ0044 (mp3)
Sonny Berman Woodchopper's Holiday 1946 Cool & Blue CD-111
Sonny Clark Cool Struttin' Blue Note CDP 7 46513 2
Sonny Clark Dial S For Sonny Blue Note TOCJ-1570
Sonny Clark Leapin' And Lopin' Blue Note CDP 7 84091 2
Sonny Clark My Conception Blue Note 7243 5 22674 2 2
Sonny Clark Sonny's Crib Blue Note TOCJ-1576
Sonny Clark Trio Blue Note CDP 7 46547 2
Sonny Clark Trio Blues In The Night Blue Note TOCJ-1618
Sonny Clark Trio Sonny Clark Trio Bainbridge BCD 1044
Sonny Clark Trio The 45 Sessions Blue Note TOCJ-1617
Sonny Criss Crisscraft Muse MCD 6015
Sonny Criss I'll Catch The Sun Prestige OJCCD-811-2
Sonny Criss Portrait Of Sonny Criss Prestige OJCCD-655-2
Sonny Criss Rockin' In Rhythm Prestige OJCCD-1022-2
Sonny Criss The Beat Goes On Prestige OJCCD-1051-2
Sonny Criss The Complete Imperial Sessions Blue Note 7243 5 24564 2 0
Sonny Criss This Is Criss Prestige OJCCD-430-2
Sonny Criss Up Up And Away Prestige OJCCD-982-2 (CD-R)
Sonny Grey Sonny Grey En Directo Sayton (Sp.) SAY 1005 S (CD-R)
Sonny Red (Sylvester Kyner, Jr.) Breezing Jazzland JLP 932S (CD-R)
Sonny Red (Sylvester Kyner, Jr.) Red Blue & Green Milestone MCD-47086-2
Sonny Red Kyner (Sylvester Kyner, Jr.) Out Of The Blue Blue Note TOCJ-4032
Sonny Rollins A Night At The Village Vanguard Blue Note 7243 4 99795 2 9
Sonny Rollins Alfie Impulse IMPD-224
Sonny Rollins And The Big Brass Verve 314 557 545-2
Sonny Rollins Here's To The People Milestone MCD-9194-2
Sonny Rollins Newk's Time Blue Note CDP 7 84001 2
Sonny Rollins Sonny Rollins + 3 Milestone MCD-9250-2
Sonny Rollins Sonny Rollins On Impulse Impulse IMPD-223 (CD-R)
Sonny Rollins The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige 7PCD-4407-2
Sonny Rollins The Complete Sonny Rollins RCA Victor Recordings RCA Victor 09026-68675-2
Sonny Rollins The Freelance Years - The Complete Riverside & Contemporary Recordings Riverside 5RCD-4427-2
Sonny Rollins Volume 1 Blue Note CDP 7 81542 2
Sonny Rollins Volume 2 Blue Note CDP 7 81558 2
Sonny Rollins Quintet - Thad Jones Quintet & Sextet Jazz Archives No. 4 Zeta (EPM Jazz Archives) 157042
Sonny Rollins Trio St. Thomas - In Stockholm 1959 Dragon DRCD 229
Sonny Stitt 12! 32 Jazz 32176
Sonny Stitt And The Top Brass - Plays Bird Atlantic 1395, SD 1418 (CD-R SS-1)
Sonny Stitt Constellation Cobblestone 9021 (CD-R)
Sonny Stitt Featuring Howard McGhee Jazz Life CD 2473242
Sonny Stitt & Friends How High The Moon Chess 0005 GRD-817
Sonny Stitt I Remember Bird - With Strings, A Tribute To Duke Ellington Collectables COL-CD-7258
Sonny Stitt New York Jazz Verve 314 517 050-2
Sonny Stitt Personal Appearance Verve B0002028-02
Sonny Stitt Sits In With The Oscar Peterson Trio Verve 849 396-2
Sonny Stitt Sonny Stitt And His West Coast Friends Atlas AC35-1
Sonny Stitt Stitt's Bits - The Bebop Recordings 1949-1952 Prestige PRCD3-30043-2
Sonny Stitt The Complete Roost Sonny Stitt Studio Sessions Mosaic MD9-208
Sonny Stitt The Last Stitt Sessions Vol. 1, 2 Muse MCD 6003
Sonny Stitt Tune Up Muse MCD 5334
Sonny Stitt In Style Muse MCD 5228
Sonny Stitt Live At The Hi-Hat Volume 1 Roulette CDP 0777 7 98582 2 4
Sonny Stitt Live At The Hi-Hat Volume 2 Roulette CDP 7243 8 37200 2 6
Sonny Stitt - Booker Ervin - Don Patterson Soul People Prestige PRCD-24127-2
Sonny Stitt - Jack McDuff Stitt Meets Brother Jack Prestige OJCCD-703-2
Sonny Stitt - Paul Gonsalves Salt And Pepper Impulse IMPD-210
Sonny Til And The Orioles Sonny Til And The Orioles Live In Chicago 1951 Uptown UPCD 27.77
Sphere Four In One Elektra Musician 60166-1 (CD-R)
Spike Robinson - Al Cohn Quintet Henry B. Meets Alvin G. - Once In A Wild Capri 1061787
Stan Getz Anniversary EmArcy 838 769-2
Stan Getz Clef & Norgran Studio Albums - Soft Swing Verve/Hip-O Select B0014657-02 - POCJ 2721 (CD-R SG-3)
Stan Getz East Of The Sun - The West Coast Sessions Verve 314 531 935-2
Stan Getz Focus Verve 314 521 419-2 (CD-R)
Stan Getz Quartets Prestige OJCCD-121-2
Stan Getz Serenity Emarcy 838770-2
Stan Getz Stan Getz - 1948, 1951, 1954 CD-R SG-1
Stan Getz Sweet Rain Verve V6-8693 (CD-R)
Stan Getz The Complete 1952-1954 Small Group Sessions Vol. 1-3 Blue Moon BMCD 1034, 1035, 1036 (CD-R)
Stan Getz The Complete Savoy Recordings Savoy SVY 17121
Stan Getz The Roost Quartets Roulette CDP 7 96052 2
Stan Getz - Bill Evans Stan Getz & Bill Evans Verve 833 802-2
Stan Getz - Bob Brookmeyer Stan Getz - Bob Brookmeyer Recorded Fall 1961 Verve 314 549 369-2
Stan Getz - Charlie Byrd - Luiz Bonfa Jazz Samba - Jazz Samba Encore Verve 314 521 413-2, 823 613-2 (CD-R SG-2)
Stan Getz - Chet Baker Quintessence Volume 1 Concord CCD-4807-2
Stan Getz - Chet Baker Stan Meets Chet Verve 837 436-2
Stan Getz - J. J. Johnson At The Opera House Verve 831 272-2
Stan Getz - Joao Gilberto Getz/Gilberto Verve 314 521 414-2
Stan Getz - Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Change Of Scenes Verve 314 557 095-2
Stan Getz - Lighthouse All Stars Stan Getz And The Lighthouse All Stars Giants Steps GSCR 022
Stan Getz - Lionel Hampton Hamp And Getz Verve 831 672-2
Stan Getz - Zoot Sims - Al Cohn The Brothers Prestige OJCCD-008-2
Stan Getz Quintet With Jimmy Raney The Complete Recordings Of Mosaic MD3-131
Stan Kenton Cuban Fire Capitol CDP 7 96260 2
Stan Kenton Easy Go Capitol 7243 5 24553 2 4
Stan Kenton Kenton In Hi-Fi Capitol CDP 7 98451 2
Stan Kenton New Concepts Of Artistry In Rhythm Capitol CDP 7 92865 2
Stan Kenton The Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Holman And Russo Charts Mosaic MD4-136
Stan Kenton The Complete Capitol Studio Recordings Of Stan Kenton 1943-47 Mosaic MD7-163
Stan Kenton The Innovations Orchestra Capitol CDP 7243 8 59965 2 8
Stan Kenton - Bob Graettinger Stan Kenton Plays Bob Graettinger: City Of Glass Capitol 7243 8 32084 2 5 (mp3)
Stan Levey Grand Stan Bethlehem TOCJ-62028
Stan Levey Stanley The Steamer Affinity CD AFF768
Stanley Turrentine Always Something There Blue Note BST 84298 (CD-R)
Stanley Turrentine Dearly Beloved Blue Note 15363 2 (CD-R)
Stanley Turrentine Joyride Blue Note CDP 7 46100 2
Stanley Turrentine Look Out! Blue Note CDP 7 46543 2
Stanley Turrentine More Than A Mood Musicmasters 01612-65079-2
Stanley Turrentine Never Let Me Go Blue Note CDP 7 84129 2
Stanley Turrentine Rough 'N' Tumble Blue Note 7243 5 24552 2 5
Stanley Turrentine Stan The Man Turrentine Time S2086 (Bainbridge BCD-1038) (CD-R)
Stanley Turrentine Sugar Epic EPC 4505732
Stanley Turrentine The Blue Note Stanley Turrentine Quintet/Sextet Sessions Mosaic MD5-212
Stanley Turrentine The Look Of Love Blue Note BST 84286 (CD-R)
Stanley Turrentine The Return Of The Prodigal Son Blue Note 5099 9 5 17462 2 3 (CD-R)
Stanley Turrentine The Spoiler Blue Note CDP 7243 8 53359 2 1
Stanley Turrentine Up At Minton's Volumes 1 and 2 Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28885 2 9
Stanley Turrentine Wonderland Blue Note CDP 7 46762 2
Stanley Turrentine Z.T.'s Blues Blue Note CDP 7 84424 2
Stanley Turrentine A Bluish Bag Blue Note 0946 3 85193 2 4 (CD-R)
Stanley Turrentine Common Touch Blue Note 7243 8 54719 2 6
Stanley Turrentine Easy Walker Blue Note CDP 7243 8 29908 2 6
Stanley Turrentine Hustlin' Blue Note 7243 5 40036 2 2
Stanley Turrentine That's Where It's At Blue Note 0946 3 11494 2 9
Stanley Turrentine - Three Sounds Blue Hour - The Complete Sessions Blue Note 7243 5 24586 2 2
Stephane Grapelli A Two-Fer Muse MR 5287 (CD-R)
Stephane Grapelli Satin Doll Vanguard VSD 81/82 (CD-R)
Stephanie Haynes Dawn At Dana Point Holt HRCD-3305
Stephanie Nakasian Comin' Alive V.S.O.P. 73CD
Stephanie Nakasian Invitation To An Escapade Chase Music Group (CMG) CMD-8060
Stephanie Nakasian Lullaby In Rhythm - A Tribute To June Christy V.S.O.P. 110 CD
Steve Allen Soulful Brass #2 Flying Dutchman FDS 101 (CD-R)
Steve Brown Child's Play Cafe CD-738 (mp3)
Steve Kuhn Love Walked In Sunnyside SSC 1109
Steve Kuhn Porgy Evidence ECD 22200-2
Steve Nelson Communications Criss Cross Jazz 1034
Steve Wilson Blues For Marcus Criss Cross Jazz 1073 CD
Stu Williamson Stu Williamson Plays Bethlehem (Jpn.) TOCJ 9612 (CD-R)
Stuff Smith The Complete Verve Stuff Smith Sessions Mosaic MD4-186
Sun Ra Sun Song Delmark DD-411
Sun Ra The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra Savoy SV-0213
Superblue Superblue Blue Note B4 91731 (CD-R)
Superblue Superblue 2 Blue Note CDP 7 92997 2
Supersax Supersax Plays Bird Capitol ST 11177 (CD-R)
Susannah McCorkle From Broken Hearts To Blue Skies Concord Jazz CCD-4857-2
Susannah McCorkle Let's Face The Music Concord Jazz CCD-4759-2
Sylvia Syms - Kenny Burrell Sylvia Is! Prestige PRLP-7439 (CD-R)
Sylvia Vrethammar - Georgie Fame In Goodmansland Sonet (Swd.) SNTF 908 (CD-R)
T. K. Blue (Talib Kibwe) Another Blue Arkadia Jazz 70351
T. K. Blue (Talib Kibwe) Eyes Of The Elders Arkadia Jazz 70352
T. K. Blue (Talib Kibwe) Latin Bird motema Music 57 (CD-R)
T. S. Monk Changing Of The Guard Blue Note CDP 0777 7 890505 2 8 (mp3)
T. S. Monk Monk On Monk N2K Encoded Music N2KE-10017 (mp3)
Tadd Dameron Fontainebleau Prestige OJCCD-055-2
Tadd Dameron The Magic Touch Riverside OJCCD-143-2 (CD-R)
Tal Farlow Autumn in New York - The Guitar Artistry Of Tal Farlow Verve POCJ-2591 (CD-R copy)
Tal Farlow Jazz Masters 41 Verve 314 527 365-2
Tal Farlow The Interpretations Of Tal Farlow Norgran POCJ-2753
Tal Farlow The Swinging Guitar Of Tal Farlow Verve 314 559 515-2
Tal Farlow The Tal Farlow Album Norgran POCJ-2752
Tal Farlow This Is Tal Farlow Verve 314 537 746-2
Tal Farlow Verve Sessions Norgran, Verve (CD-R Tal -1)
Tania Maria Come With Me Concord CCD-4200-2 (CD-R)
Tania Maria Made In New York Manhattan ST 53000 (CD-R)
Tania Maria The Lady From Brazil Manhattan 4X7 53045 (CD-R)
Tania Maria Viva Brazil Concord Picante CCD-4873-2
Tardo Hammer Hammer Time Sharp Nine CD 1014-2
Ted Dunbar Opening Remarks Xanadu 155 (CD-R)
Ted Rosenthal Trio Rosenthology Concord Jazz CCD-4702
Teddie King Bidin' My Time RCA BMG 74321144652 (mp3)
Teddy Charles Collaboration West Prestige OJCCD-122-2
Teddy Charles Evolution Prestige OJCCD-1731-2
Teddy Charles Live At The Verona Jazz Festival 1988 Soul Note 121 183-2
Teddy Charles New Directions Prestige OJCCD-1927-2
Teddy Charles Russia Goes Jazz United Artists UAL 3365 (CD-R)
Teddy Charles Three For Duke (3 For Duke) Jubilee JLP 1047 (CD-R)
Teddy Charles The Tentet Atlantic Jazz 7 90983-2
Teddy Charles Word From Bird Koch Jazz KOC CD-8542
Teddy Charles - Mal Waldron - Idrees Sulieman - John Jenkins Coolin' Prestige OJCCD-1866-2
Teddy Charles - Metronome All Stars Vibe-Rant - Metronome All Stars 1956 CD-R TC-3 (Elektra 136, Verve MGV-8030)
Teddy Charles & Walter Wolff Teddy Charles & Walter Wolff Trio Live O.A.P. (Du.) 904 (CD-R)
Teddy Charles Septet On Campus! Ivy League Jazz Concert Fresh Sound FSR-CD 43
Teddy Charles Sextet Salute To Hamp Bethlehem Archives R2 79848
Teddy Edwards Heart & Soul Contemporary OJCCD-177-2
Teddy Edwards It's About Time Pacific Jazz PJ/ST 6 (CD-R)
Teddy Edwards Midnight Creeper HighNote HCD 7011
Teddy Edwards Nothin' But The Truth Prestige OJCCD-813-2
Teddy Edwards Steady With Teddy Cool & Blue CD 115
Teddy Edwards Sunset Eyes Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 94848 2 5
Teddy Edwards Teddy's Ready! Contemporary OJCCD-748-2
Teddy Edwards The Inimitable Teddy Edwards Xanadu 134 (CD-R)
Teddy Edwards - Howard McGhee Together Again Contemporary OJCCD-424-2
Teddy Edwards Octet Back To Avalon Contemporary CCD-14074-2
Teddy Wilson The Complete Verve Recordings Of Teddy Wilson Mosaic MD5-173
Tenor Triangle - Melvin Rhyne Trio Aztec Blues Criss Cross 1143 CD
Teo Macero - Prestige Jazz Quartet Teo Macero With The Prestige Jazz Quartet Prestige OJCCD-1715-2
Terell Stafford Fields Of Gold Nagel Heyer 2005
Terell Stafford New Beginnings MaxJazz MXJ 402
Terell Stafford This Side Of Strayhorn MaxJazz 408 (CD-R)
Terence Blanchard The Billie Holiday Songbook Columbia CK 57793 (CD-R)
Terence Blanchard - Donald Harrison Crystal Stair Columbia FC 40830 (CD-R)
Teri Thornton Devil May Care Riverside OJCCD-1017-2
Terra Brasil Mestizo (Mestico) Malandro MAL 71008 (mp3)
Terry Gibbs Bopstacle Course Xanadu XCD 1238
Terry Gibbs Dream Band Contemporary CCD-7647-2
Terry Gibbs Dream Band One More Time - Vol. 6 Contemporary CCD-7658-2
Terry Gibbs Dream Band Volume 2 - The Sundown Sessions Contemporary CCD-7652-2
Terry Gibbs Dream Band Volume 5 - The Big Cat Contemporary CCD-7657-2
Terry Gibbs Feelin' Good: Live In Studio Mack Avenue MAC 1022
Terry Gibbs It's Time We Met + Big Band Live Mainstream S6048 (CD-R)
Terry Gibbs Terry Gibbs Emarcy UCCM-9114
Terry Gibbs Terry Gibbs Dream Band Vol. 4 - Main Stem Contemporary CCD-7656-2
Terry Gibbs Terry Gibbs Plays the Duke EmArcy MG 36128 (CD-R)
Terry Gibbs - Bill Harris Woodchopper's Ball - Take It From Me CD-R TG-1 (Premier PM 2006, Impulse A-58)
Terry Gibbs - Buddy DeFranco Jazz Party - First Time Together Palo Alto Jazz PA 8011 (CD-R)
Terry Gibbs - Buddy DeFranco - Herb Ellis Sextet Memories Of You - A Tribute To Benny Goodman Contemporary CCD-14066-2
Terry Gibbs Dream Band Flying Home - Dream Band Volume 3 Contemporary CCD-7654-2
Terry Pollard Terry Pollard Bethlehem BCP 1015 (CD-R)
Tessa Souter Beyond The Blue Motema 87 (mp3)
Tete Montoliu Catalonian Nights Vol. 1 SteepleChase SCCD 31148 (CD-R)
Tete Montoliu Tootie's Tempo SteepleChase SCCD-31108
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Thad Jones - Pepper Adams Quintet Mean What You Say Milestone OJCCD-464-2
The Four Brothers Together Again RCA 07863 51096-2
The Modernaires Here Come The Modernaires Coral CRL 57140 (CD-R)
The Players Association (Chris Hills) Turn The Music Up! Vanguard VSD 79421 (CD-R)
The Respect Sextet The Full Respect Roister Records 01 (mp3)
The Six The Six Bethlehem BCP 28 (CD-R)
The Six The View From Jazzbo's Head Bethlehem BCP-57 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Babe's Blues Blue Note 7 84434-2 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Black Orchid Blue Note 8 21289-2 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Bottoms Up Blue Note BLP 4014 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Coldwater Flat Blue Note BST 84285 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Feelin' Good Blue Note BLP 4072 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Good Deal Blue Note BLP 4020 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Here We Come Blue Note BLP 4088 (CD-R)
The Three Sounds Hey There Blue Note BLP 4102 (CD-R)
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Thilo Von Westernhagen Pleasureland Lifestyle LSCD 3102 (mp3)
Thomas Marriott Flexicon Origin 82526 (mp3, AAC)
Thomas Marriott Individuation Origin 82442 (CD-R)
Tim Garland Rising Tide Sirocco Jazz SJL 1022 (CD-R)
Tim Garland Storms/Nocturnes Sirocco Jazz SJL 1017 (CD-R)
Tim Horner The Head Of The Circle Origin 82650 (mp3)
Timeless All Stars Timeless Heart Timeless SJP 182 (CD-R)
Tina Brooks Back To The Tracks Blue Note TOCJ-4052
Tina Brooks Minor Move Blue Note 7243 5 22671 2 5
Tina Brooks The Waiting Game Blue Note 7243 5 40536 2 7
Tina Brooks True Blue Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28975 2 1
Tito Puente El Rey Concord CCD-4250-2 (CD-R)
Tito Puente Tito's Idea RMM RMD 81571
Todd Coolman Lexicon Double-Time DTRCD-104
Tom Harrell Upswing Chesky JD 103
Tom Harrell Quintet Moon Alley Criss Cross 1018 (CD-R)
Tom Talbert Bix Duke Fats Interpreted By Thomas Talbert Sea Breeze CDB 3013 (EMG Discover Jazz CD 1100, Atlantic LP 1250) CD-R
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Tom Talbert Things As They Are Sea Breeze CDSB-2038
Tom Talbert This Is Living Chartmaker - Pipe Dream PDP 14480
Tom Talbert To A Lady EMG Discover Jazz 1000
Tom Williams Straight Street Criss Cross Jazz 1091
Tommy Flanagan Beyond The Bluebird Timeless CD SJP 350
Tommy Flanagan In Memory Of John Coltrane - Giant Steps Enja 4022 (CD-R)
Tommy Flanagan Jazz Poet Timeless CD SJP 301
Tommy Flanagan Lady Be Good - For Ella Verve 314 521 617-2
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Tommy Turrentine Tommy Turrentine Bainbridge BCD 1047
Tommy Vig The Uninhibited Music Of Award Winning Tommy Vig - 1971 Just For The Record unnumbered (mp3)
Tommy Vig Welcome To Hungary Klasszikus Jazz Records unnumbered
Tony Bennett - Bobby Darin Tony Bennett Duets: An American Classic, Duets II - Bobby Darin Sings Doctor Doolittle - Bobby Darin Story - The Great American Composers: Sammy Cahn Digital Playlist Voc-17 (mp3)
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Toshiko Akiyoshi Ten Gallon Shuffle Ascent ASC-1004 (CD-R)
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Trombones Incorporated Power Packed Trombones - No Tricks, No Gimmicks Warner Bros. 1272, Beam International TI 881 (CD-R TB-3)
Tubby Hayes Tubby The Tenor Epic LA 16023/ BA 17023 (CD-R)
Turtle Island String Quartet Metropolis Windham Hill Jazz WD-0114 (mp3)
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Various Artists Body And Soul - Five Decades of Jazz Era Song Columbia Special Products C3 10046 (CD-R)
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Various Artists Do-It-Yourself - The Music of Cole Porter Music Minus One Vol. 5 (J 59) (CD-R)
Various Artists Dream Session: The All Stars Play Miles Davis Classics Milestone MCD-9264-2 (CD-R)
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Various Artists Early Recordings of Lucky Thompson Volume 2 CD-R VA-27
Various Artists Early Recordings of Lucky Thompson Volume 3 CD-R VA-28
Various Artists Early Recordings of Lucky Thompson Volume 4 CD-R VA-29
Various Artists Gene Quill Miscellaneous CD-R VA-24
Various Artists Giants Of Jazz Concord George Wein Collection GW-3004 (CD-R)
Various Artists Gigi Gryce Rarities CD-R GG-2
Various Artists Hyde Park After Dark Bee Hive BH 7014 (CD-R)
Various Artists I Remember Bebop Columbia C2 35381 (CD-R)
Various Artists Internationaler Wettbewerb Fur Modernen: Wien 1966 Amadeo (Austria) AVRS 9213 (CD-R)
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Various Artists Jazz All Stars Live In Hi-Fi 1950s FM Broadcasts Jazz Hour 3010 (CD-R)
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Various Artists Joe Locke Mix 2 CD-R VA-19
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Various Artists Olio Prestige OJCCD-1004-2
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Various Artists Organic Vibe Menus and Music Productions (CD-R)
Various Artists Piano Playhouse V.S.O.P. 31CD (CD-R)
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Various Artists The Complete Commodore Jazz Recordings, Vol. II Mosaic MR23-128 (mp3)
Various Artists The Complete Commodore Jazz Recordings, Vol. III Mosaic MR20-134 (mp3)
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Various Artists Willie Smith Sextet & Junior Jazz At The Auditorium CD-R VA-30
Various Artists Winner's Circle Bethlehem BCP 6024 (CD-R)
Various Artists - Statesman Of Jazz A Multitude Of Stars Arbors SOJCD 202 (mp3)
Various Artists - Young Lions The Young Lions Vee Jay VJ-001
Various Artists (B.P. Club All Stars) B.P. Club After Midnight Jazette 012 (CD-R)
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Various Artists (Barbara Dennerlein, Randy Johnston, Joe Locke) Joe Locke Mix 5 Custom Digital Playlist VA-60 (AAC, mp3)
Various Artists (Benny Goodman, Bob Graettinger, Bull Moose Jackson, Claude Thornhill, Jerry Vaughan, Leith Stevens, Shorty Rogers, Woody Herman) Miscellaneous Recordings With Herb Geller 2 CD-R VA-52
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Various Artists (Bill Harris, Buddy DeFranco, Sam Most) Tracks From Norgran & Bethlehem 1952, 1953, 1957 CD-R VA-2
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Various Artists (Butch Stone, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Howard Rumsey, Shorty Rogers, Chet Baker, Leith Stevens) An Expression From Rogers - The Rare And Unissued Shorty Rogers Lighthouse LAJI 004 (CD-R)
Various Artists (Charlie Christian, Coleman Hawkins, Oscar Pettiford, Joe Puma) Tracks With Oscar Pettiford 1939-1957 CD-R VA-46
Various Artists (Charlie Mariano - Nat Pierce - Dick Collins) Charlie Mariano And His Jazz Group - The Nat Pierce - Dick Collins Nonet CD-R VA-14 (Imperial IM 3006, 3007, Fantasy OJC-118)
Various Artists (Conte Candoli - Dizzy Gillespie - Howard McGhee - Red Rodney) Modern Trumpet Leaders IAJRC 25 (CD-R)
Various Artists (Dan Terry, Francy Boland, George Gruntz, Howard Rumsey, Kenny Clarke, Louis van Dijk, Shorty Rogers, Jerry Tilitz, Ib Glindemann) Miscellaneous Recordings With Herb Geller 5 CD-R VA-55
Various Artists (Dan Terry, Herbie Harper, Art Farmer, Peter Herbolzheimer) Miscellaneous Recordings With Herb Geller 4 CD-R VA-54
Various Artists (Dave Pell - Shorty Rogers) West Coast Jazz: Dave Pell Octet Plays Irving Berlin & Shorty Rogers The Wild One CD-R VA-7 (Trend TL 1003, Fresh Sound FSR-CD, RCA Bluebird 5917-2-RB)
Various Artists (Dexter Gordon, Ernie Wilkins) Tracks From Long Tall Dexter; The Trumpet Album CD-R VA-15 (Savoy Jazz SJL 2211, 2237)
Various Artists (Dinah Washington, Bette McLaurin, Johnnie Ray, Lavern Baker, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ella Mae Morse, Adele Francis) Vocalists 1945-1957 CD-R Voc-4
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Various Artists (Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Berman, Fats Navarro) Gillespie/Berman/Navarro On Dial: All Known Existing Takes Spotlite SPJ-CD 132 (CD-R)
Various Artists (Don Lanphere - Leo Parker - Al Haig) Prestige First Sessions Volume 1 Prestige PCD-24114-2
Various Artists (Earl Bostic, Bubber Johnson, Chuck Willis, Eric Kloss, Harold Vick) Teddy Charles As Sideman - Miscellaneous Recordings CD-R VA-5
Various Artists (Earl Hines, Billy Eckstine, Benny Goodman, Count Basie) Wardell Gray And The Big Bands (Tracks From) Official 3029 (CD-R)
Various Artists (Earl Hines, Erroll Garner, Johnny Hartman) Johnny Hartman Miscellaneous 1 Custom Digital Playlist VA-57
Various Artists (Earle Spencer, Claude Thornhill, Jerry Wald, Tony Fruscella, Shorty Rogers, Jack Kane) Miscellaneous Recordings With Herb Geller 1 CD-R VA-51
Various Artists (Eddie Bert - Donald Byrd - John Mehegan) Encore - Montage Savoy MG 12019, MG-12029 (CD-R TB-2)
Various Artists (Eddie Bert, Vido Musso, Eddie Safranski, Kai Winding) Musician Of The Year - Loaded Savoy MG-12015, 12074 (CD-R VA-18)
Various Artists (Estelle Edson, Rabon Tarrant, Johnny Criner, Bob Hayward, Rickey Jordan, Danny Cobbs) Early Recordings of Lucky Thompson Volume 5 CD-R VA-67 (mp3)
Various Artists (Gene Roland, Gunther Schuller, Don Elliott) Swingin' Friends - Brandeis Jazz Festival Brunswick BL (7) 54114, Gambit 69214 (CD-R VA-48)
Various Artists (George Shearing - Cal Tjader) Black Satin - Soul Sauce CD-R Lat-1 (Capitol T 858, Verve V6-8614)
Various Artists (George Wallington - Roosevelt Wardell) Piano Trio Rarities (The Workshop Of George Wallington - The Revelation) CD-R P-1 (Norgran MGN 24, Riverside RLP 350)
Various Artists (Georgie Auld, Al Cohn) Saxophone Giants: Georgie Auld - Al Cohn CD-R VA-16 (JAM 5006, Inner City IC 7022, Classics 1371)
Various Artists (Georgie Auld, Illinois Jacquet, John Lewis) Saxophone Giants - Georgie Auld, Illinois Jacquet, Lucky Thompson CD-R VA-12
Various Artists (Georgie Auld, Kai Winding, Flip Phillips, Bill Harris) Live From Birdland 1951 CD-R VA-8
Various Artists (Grover Washington, Jr., Jimmy Masters, Andrea Celeste, Eddie Palmieri, Lenny Sendersky, Tony Romano) Joe Locke Mix 6 Custom Playlist VA-61 (mp3, AAC)
Various Artists (Hank Mobley, Sahib Shihab, Sal Nistico) Hard Bop Sax (Hank Mobley Quartet, Jazz Sahib, Heavyweights) CD-R VA-4 (Blue Note TOCJ-9201, Savoy SJC 409, Jazzland JLP 66)
Various Artists (Herbie Harper, Stu Williamson) Herbie Harper - Stu Williamson CD-R VA-45 (Bethlehem BCP 1025, TOCJ 9612)
Various Artists (Herbie Mann, Earl Washington, Tom Talbert) Mix No. 20 CD-R VA-20
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Various Artists (Jimmy Cleveland, Woody Herman, Duke Ellington, Mingus Big Band, Red Rodney) Various Artists Mix 47 CD-R VA-47
Various Artists (Jimmy Heath, T.K. Blue [Talib Kibwe], Kenny Burrell) Benny Powell As Sideman CD-R VA-43
Various Artists (Joe Albany - Al Haig) Joe Albany Plays George Gershwin and Burton Lane - Al Haig Plays Dizzy Gillespie CD-R P-2; Musica MUS.3025; part of Columbia C2 35381
Various Artists (Joe Carroll - Bobby Troup) Joe Carroll - Bobby Troup! CD-R Voc-1 (Epic LN 3272, Capitol H484, Contemporary C 2504)
Various Artists (Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Thad Jones-Mel Lewis, Renee Rosnes) Joe Henderson - The Blue Note Years, Disc 4 (partial) Blue Note B2 89287-2 (mp3)
Various Artists (King Curtis, Hank Crawford, Sweet Inspirations) Sweet Soul, The Sweet Inspirations, Mr. Blues Plays Lady Soul Atco SD 33-247, Atlantic SD 8155, 1523 (CD-R VA-49)
Various Artists (Lester Young, Wardell Gray, John Hardee, Paul Quinichette) Saxophone Giants - Lester Young, Wardell Gray, John Hardee, Paul Quinichette CD-R VA-13
Various Artists (Lionel Hampton, Henri Renaud, Carl Perkins, Herbie Nichols) Rare Recordings CD-R VA-3
Various Artists (Louis Bellson - Kenny Clarke) Two Great Drummers: The Louis Bellson Quintet - Klook's Clique CD-R DR-1 (Norgran MGN 1011, Savoy MG 12065 )
Various Artists (Lucky Millinder, Russell Jacquet, Earle Spencer, Benny Carter, Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Wilbert Baranco, Jimmy Mundy, Ike Carpenter) Lucky Thompson With Big Bands 1944-1947 CD-R BB-8
Various Artists (Lucky Millinder, Thelonious Monk, Lucky Thompson, Gigi Gryce, Grover Washington Jr., Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Wily Bo Walker Miscellaneous Mix 1 CD-R VA-50
Various Artists (Lucky Thompson, Charlie Ventura, Charlie Mariano, Pete Brown, Benny Carter) Saxophone Giants CD-R VA-1 (RCA 3046, Fantasy 3-10, Bethlehem 1011, United Artists 4073)
Various Artists (Manny Albam, Tony Scott, Don Elliott, Paul Horn) Down Beat Jazz Concert Dot DLP 9003, 3188 (CD-R)
Various Artists (Nick Levinovsky, Randy Brecker, Paul Bollenback, Russell Malone, Darrell Grant, Thomas Marriott) Joe Locke Mix 3 1992-2006 CD-R VA-36
Various Artists (Oscar Moore, Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow) Swing Guitars Columbia (Eng.) 33CX 11051 (Norgran MGN 1033) (CD-R)
Various Artists (Red Rodney - Neal Hefti) The Essential Keynote Collection 3 Mercury 830 922-2 (CD-R copy)
Various Artists (Sonny Criss, Terry Morel, Calvin Jackson, Rayna Clay) Sessions Live: Sonny Criss, Calvin Jackson Calliope CAL 3024
Various Artists (Stafford James, Jim Schapperoew, Stephen Roane) Frank Strozier - Miscellaneous Recordings 1978-1983 CD-R VA-11
Various Artists (Teddy Charles, Bill Russo, Teo Macero, Manny Albam) Something New Something Blue Fresh Sound FSR-CD 381
Various Artists (Teddy Charles, Bill Russo, Teo Macero) Something New Something Blue - Swinging Guys and Dolls CD-R TC-2 (Columbia CL 1388, CL 1426)
Various Artists (Thilo Von Westernhagen, Friederich Gulda, Los Cumbancheros) Miscellaneous Recordings With Herb Geller 7 iTunes mp3 Playlist
Various Artists (Tony Lakatos, Leonard Hochman, Ray LeVier, Dominick Farinacci) Joe Locke Mix 4 1991-2008 CD-R VA-37
Various Artists (Woody Herman - Charlie Barnet - June Christy - Johnny Guarnieri) Battle Royal Sounds Of Yester Year DSOY689
Various Artists (Woody Herman, Georgie Auld, Juilan Fauth, Larry Goldings, Peter Delano, Luico Hopper, Teddy Charles, Joe Locke, Martin Mull, Harry Belafonte, Peter Herbolzheimer) Miscellaneous Tracks From Discographies Custom Digital Playlist VA-58 (mp3, AAC)
Various Artists (Wynonie Harris, Lavern Baker, Nat Wright, Dianne Reeves, Jimmy Scott, Mathilde Santing) Vocalists 1949-2004 CD-R Voc-13
Various Artists (Zoot Sims, Jimmy Heath, Theo Croker) Zoots Sims (1979, Jimmy Heath (2004), Theo Croker (2008) with Benny Powell As Sideman CD-R VA-39
Various Artists: Sal Nistico - Kenny Barron - Anthony Jackson - Buddy Rich Sal Nistico - Kenny Barron - Anthony Jackson - Buddy Rich Europa Jazz EJ-1044 (CD-R)
Various Artsist (Arne Domnerus, Stan Getz, Thore Swanerud, James Moody, Zoot Sims, Lars Gullin) Made In Sweden Volume 1, 1949-1951 Magnetic MRCD 106
Various Artsist (Arne Domnerus, Stan Getz, Thore Swanerud, James Moody, Zoot Sims, Lars Gullin) Made In Sweden Volume 2, 1951-1952 Magnetic MRCD 113
Vermont Jazz Ensemble All Of Us Burlingtown BLT-1005C
Vic Dickenson Quintet Ding Dong Storyville STCD 8229
Vic Juris Blue Horizon Zoho Music ZM 200409 (mp3)
Victor Feldman The Arrival Of Victor Feldman Contemporary OJCCD-268-2
Victor Feldman Vic Feldman On Vibes Mode LP 120 (V.S.O.P. 13CD) (CD-R)
Vince Ercolamento Delightful Eyes Private Production (mp3)
Vince Guaraldi Greatest Hits Fantasy FCD-7706-2
Vince Guaraldi - Bola Sete From All Sides Fantasy OJCCD-989-2
Vince Wallace Live! At The Studio Cafe AMP 002 (CD-R)
Vince Wallace Vince Wallace Plays Vince Wallace AMP 001 (CD-R)
Vincent Herring Uptown Shuffle Smoke Sessions Records SSR 1403 (AAC)
Virgil Gonsalves - Steve White Jazz In Hollywood Nocturne OJCCD-1889-2 (mp3)
Vito Price Swingin' The Loop Fresh Sound FSR-CD 110 (mp3)
Wade Legge - Gerald Wiggins Wade Legge Piano - Gerry Wiggins Trio CD-R P-4 (Blue Note 5031, Discovery DL 2003)
Walt Weiskopf Anytown Criss Cross Jazz 1169 (CD-R)
Walter Benton - Julian Priester Out Of This World Milestone MCD-47087-2
Walter Bishop Jr. Hot House Muse MR 5183 (CD-R)
Walter Bishop Jr. Summertime Fresh Sound FSR-CD 11
Walter Davis Jr. Davis Cup Blue Note TOCJ-4018
Walter Davis Jr. Illumination Pony Canyon/Jazz City D28Y 0199 (CD-R)
Walter Norris Stepping On Cracks Progressive PRO 7039 (CD-R)
Walter Norris Trio Love Every Moment Concord Jazz CCD-4534
Wardell Gray Memorial Volume One Prestige OJCCD-050-2
Wardell Gray Memorial Volume Two Prestige OJCCD-051-2
Wardell Gray Tracks From Easy Swing Swingtime STD 1032 (CD-R)
Wardell Gray Quintet Live At The Haig 1952 Fresh Sound FSR CD 157
Warren Vache Midtown Jazz Concord Jazz CCD-4203 (CD-R)
Warren Vache Talk To Me Baby Muse MCD 5547
Waymon Reed 46th And 8th Artists House AH 10 (CD-R)
Wayne Escoffery Hopes And Dreams Savant SCD 2090 (CD-R)
Wayne Escoffery Veneration Savant SCD 2081 (CD-R)
Wayne Shorter Adam's Apple Blue Note CDP 7 46403 2
Wayne Shorter Etcetera Blue Note CDP 7243 8 33581 2 0
Wayne Shorter Introducing Wayne Shorter Vee Jay VJ-007
Wayne Shorter Juju Blue Note CDP 7243 8 37644 2 6
Wayne Shorter Night Dreamer Blue Note CDP 7 84173 2
Wayne Shorter Schizophrenia Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32096 2 0
Wayne Shorter Second Genesis Vee Jay VJ-016
Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil Blue Note 7243 4 99001 2 7
Wayne Shorter The All Seeing Eye Blue Note CDP 7243 8 29100 2 2
Wayne Shorter The Soothsayer Blue Note CDP 7 84443 2
Wayne Shorter Wayning Moments Plus Vee Jay NVJ2-900
Wes Montgomery Far Wes Pacific Jazz CDP 7 94475 2
Wes Montgomery The Complete Riverside Recordings Of Riverside 12RCD-4408-2
Widespread Jazz Orchestra Paris Blues Columbia FC 40034 (CD-R)
Wilbur Harden - John Coltrane Mainstream 1958 - The East Coast Scene Savoy SV-0121
Wilbur Harden - John Coltrane Tanganyika Strut Savoy SV-0125
Will Calhoun Live At The Blue Note Half Note 4912 (mp3)
Willis Jackson Nothing Butt Muse MR 5294 (CD-R)
Woody Herman Big New Herd At The Monterey Jazz Festival Koch Jazz KOC-CD-8508
Woody Herman Early Autumn RCA Bluebird 61062-2
Woody Herman Mosaic Select - Woody Herman Mosaic MS-031
Woody Herman Rhapsody In Wood First Heard (Eng.) FH 29 (mp3)
Woody Herman Songs For Hip Lovers Verve 314 559 872-2 (mp3)
Woody Herman The Complete Capitol Recordings Of Woody Herman Mosaic MD6-196
Woody Herman The Complete Columbia Recordings Of Woody Herman And His Orchestra & Woodchoppers (1945-1947) Mosaic MD7-223
Woody Herman The Great Soloists (Rarest Woody Herman) Group Seven 1771 (CD-R)
Woody Herman The Herd Rides Again In Stereo Evidence ECD 22010-2
Woody Herman The Three Herds - Road Father CD-R BB-4 (Columbia CL 592, Century CRDD-1080)
Woody Herman Woody's Winners Mosaic MCD-1013
Woody Shaw Little Red's Fantasy Savoy Jazz 17230
Woody Shaw The Complete CBS Studio Recordings Of Woody Shaw Mosaic MD3-142 (CD-R)
Woody Shaw The Complete Muse Sessions Mosaic MD7-255
Wycliffe Gordon Standards Only Nagel Heyer 2071
Wynton Kelly Blues On Purpose Xanadu XCD 1224
Wynton Kelly Kelly Blue Riverside OJCCD-033-2
Wynton Kelly Piano Interpretations Blue Note CDP 7 84456 2
Wynton Kelly - Paul Chambers The Complete Vee Jay Paul Chambers - Wynton Kelly Sessions 1959-61 Mosaic MD6-205
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